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  1. At this time of year when vehicles are being laid up for the winter. Has anyone experience of fuel stabillizes? It is claimed they keep fuel fresh for up to two years, with so much ethenol in fuel now it may be a small cost with a big pay off.
  2. john1950

    Straightening out bend in cast alluminium

    Any blows It usually just goes crack, limited success heating and squeezing with G clamp and blocks of wood. Makes your eyes water more than the cracking.
  3. john1950

    Spitfire found in Norwegian peat bog

    I do not think it matters how much of the aeroplane flies again. It is a link to a brave young man and will ensure he and others like him are never forgotten.
  4. john1950

    Foden front mount exhaust

    Front mounted silencers were pretty standard fit for the petroleum industry. After sitting over the voice of a Cummins Big Cam for a day you wished it anywhere else.
  5. john1950

    Foden front mount exhaust

    Eminox or one of the aftermarket suppliers would make one. Exhaust is supposed to exit away from pedestrians
  6. john1950

    new home required

    Any idea of price plant and airfields, also engine tech.
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  8. john1950

    Bits from the dark box

    C.V.R.T. Wheels. one has elongated holes.
  9. john1950

    Bits from the dark box

    Mounting bracket no 5340997829476' Seat restraint. Securon pn. 710. Any good to anyone? Make an offer.
  10. john1950

    Combat dealers is back :(

    I will put up with it and more to get the moments like Freddie at the Menin Gate or Ian packing a parachute. Look through the froth.
  11. john1950

    WW2 checkerplate strip

    Is that pyramid tread for steps
  12. john1950

    New old stock injector identification

    Looks more like a Lister or that ilk.Older Perkins were short. Leyland, Gardiner, and Rolls Royce are longer
  13. There are several reasons for the air gap in the silencer. One is to stop it possibly glowing in the dark another is to stop anyone burning themselfs by touching it, another is to cut silencer vibration and emited noise. Then you have a skin that will sustain damage and not detract from the silencer operation.
  14. Hello, I have a pending payment on paypal saying you have not accepted yet? It was on Oct 4th for two gaskets. Regards John.

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    2. marvinthemartian


      Close John, it's 


      I'll get the gaskets dug out



    3. marvinthemartian


      Hi John, money through. What's your address?



    4. john1950


      Hi Simon, R.John Maughan Mawburn House Cambois Blyth NE24 1RB Northumberland. Thank you. Regards John.

  15. Sounds like a big cam Cummins powerplant probably made in Darlington . With a bulletproof Fuller ranger hung on the rear once you learn to change gear clutchless you will enjoy the drive. Need ear defenders though especially if the exhaust comes out at the front..
  16. john1950

    Saxon armoured car .

    Saxons seem to have been built using some common parts with a Bedford KM. Spares should be fairly easily obtained for the Cummins engine they seem to be a popular engine to shoehorn between many different types of chassis rails.
  17. Hello sorry to have taken so long. I cannot even find the one I photographed at the miniute, but I will keep looking.
  18. Could I take 2 please, How do you want paying? Regards John.

    1. marvinthemartian


      Hi John, two gaskets or fuel tank caps? Paypal to friends or family is easiest. My email is:




  19. john1950

    leyland drops engine oil capacity

    Do not feel that way, I will be hidden in another list. At the worst just go with a best guess and check it with the dipstick as you refill the old Roller.
  20. john1950

    Combat dealers is back :(

    It was worth watching just to see the parachute being packed by a man that can. Tool roll all in order and clean.
  21. john1950

    1939 Leyland Hippo

    That makes at least 3 for sale at the minute. All really nice trucks
  22. I think I only have that part, I will have to go into the Dark Box to see how many I have.
  23. With older vehicles replacing weathered parts is just a fact of life. You can tell if most things are sound with an empty system a pair of safety glasses a small hammer and just little taps and the sound says a lot.
  24. john1950

    RAF Militant.....or not?

    Yes, I claim old age brain fade.