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  1. john1950

    Help Required with a Bed!...

    Do not give up to soon If I am going near Ed. I will PM to see if It still requires collecting.
  2. What a great piece of kit.
  3. john1950

    Help Required with a Bed!...

    I can do Northumberland to Linconshire, I do get to Livingstone sometimes. I could probably get it to a friends near Kettering. If passy the parcel is any good.
  4. john1950

    My Flying Control Jeep

    As ever a well rounded comprehensive report, very interesting. Thank you.
  5. john1950

    Help Required with a Bed!...

    What time scale do you have? Can it be taken apart?
  6. john1950

    Bedford QL brakes

    Build it up get it to lock, then undo the brake pipe on the side that is causing problems. To see if you have pressure being held in the brake line. Being carefull to catch the fluid and mind your eyes.
  7. john1950

    50 ton dyson

    I have no doubt you will come up with a plan.
  8. john1950


    I have become the owner of a dismantled rear axle from a DUKW. I do not have a vehicle but I have a box to put it in.
  9. john1950


    Thats the spice of life. Big G.
  10. john1950

    50 ton dyson

    A great project, good luck.
  11. john1950

    Hi all

    Welcome. you are starting an emotional journey. As is the post on HMS Van Dyke another hospital ship. There is a thread in the Naval section of this Forum about HMHS Amarapoora. There are several postings.
  12. john1950

    Morris Commercial C8 website,

    A great site.
  13. john1950

    Albion BY5 F.B.E

    Great progress.
  14. john1950

    RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    When my father transfered from the Army desert salvage, to the RAF air sea rescue. They did not have many spares, he knew where some Napier Lion engines were buried in the desert and they went and dug them up.Using them in the boats. It could have been an area used and vacated by 40 ASP. I also remember him saying he had watched an amunition dump being blown up to deny the stocks to the enemy, He watched the shock wave travel accross the desert floor. I have got singed eybrows just watching the video about Hot Forging, working in those conditiond day after day.
  15. john1950

    RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    I was not dreaming then. I am off to the machine shop now to see how they made bomb casings
  16. john1950

    Rumour at Duxford

    Spending all of this money. I hope it was worth destroying a hanger to make a film
  17. john1950

    RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    If I remember correctly there was a post on here to identify a railway engine, a sign on there I think read 40 ASP.
  18. john1950

    RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    It is many years since I had anything to do with a Lathe, It always seemed to take me a long time to make anything usually a 3 or 4 inch dia pin.
  19. john1950

    RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    It looks different close up. You can see the curve. I wonder how much time it took to machine something like that.
  20. john1950

    RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    Could it be a shell possibly Navy.
  21. john1950

    Fordson WOT 6

    Last one that I drove had no roof or doors. They were a well engineered truck but that enclosed rear propshaft.
  22. john1950

    RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    No one has meantioned that lump of ordinance in the foreground. In the second picture the side window is smaller and have a quarter light I think, there is no bonnet motife, and the running boards are different. With the lack of add ons this side it may be left hand drive. What do you think?
  23. john1950

    Tank mounted guns ????

    I do not know the part of the world that you inhabit, In the U.K. you would have to serve in the military to have access to anything like that.
  24. john1950

    RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    Ford, Chevrolet, DeSoto, Plymouth and Dodge plus some others produced a similar family of vehicles. Some chassis were supplied to Australia and bodied by Holden. Because this appears to have externally mounted head lights I am going to go with Chevrolet.
  25. john1950

    RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    I bow to your superior knowledge. Split windscreen like Albion but large hub ends to house epicyclic gearing.