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  1. I was only going of a very old memory in the grey matter.
  2. On RR Merlin it is a one piece head and cylinder block. Same as later Leyland 500 fixed head diesel engine. Unlike Packard Merlin engines.
  3. If you want to edit your content there is an edit click next to quote at the bottom of the item. I just click that then click to put a cursor in the area I want to edit with a left click, then just add content or delete.
  4. A couple of pictures I have no history on. Except that Campania D48 and Nairana D05 were near sisters converted from merchant hulls under construction. Post war Campania was used as a Festival of Britain ship and the Atomic bomb test of Australia, later broken up at Hughes Bolkow Battleship Wharf on the river Blyth. Nairana was transfered to the Royal Dutch Navy post war then converted to a merchantman and eventually scrapped at Faslane.
  5. It was moved from Beverly to Fort Paull. I would think Elvington is the obvious destination, but transport cost may be prohibitive.
  6. This is a Pre production Cat 966F I shared the driving on. Here working the Coal stockpile at Stobswood OCCS in Northumberland.
  7. That is a really usefull piece of kit. Do any survive?
  8. Great collection of photos. That would have been quite an endevour to get that rig out of France.
  9. In the first picture my father is reducing the sheer clay face erosion had left at the mouth of the river Wansbeck. An area used as a clay tip for excavations building Blyth Power Station. Sea coal washed up on all of the beaches mainly south of Cresswell, A lot of Bedford QLs Ford WOT6s Commer Superpois etc gave stirling service retrieving the bounty. There was a coal washing plant on the sea shore at Seaham washing the colliery waste tipped onto the beach.
  10. Taken in the 1960s at Druridge Bay I think the serial number is XP404. Flying SAR out of RAF Acklington. A concrete block house can just be made out in the background to the left. Making its way onto the beach as the dunes erode.
  11. First one is a VR 180. 2nd one is a Vigor 1000 series with a slewing clutch problem. 3rd one is a high front Vigor 3000 series with a main clutch problem and a Hough 90 rigid loader. 4th one is the Vigor going out to work. Last one is a hard working IH 65c still with the payloader badge.
  12. I have a few different Vickers Vigor manuals all well used but I think they should be availlable to read, Maybe in a Museum. Most of my Vigor/Vikon photographs are with a friend near Kettering who is coppying them.I have some brass cannon and ships bridge layouts made by a now passed local model maker George Chapman in the Blyth battery exibit. I will start a civvy thread instead of putting pictures on this Military one.
  13. First picture shows one of its achillies heels the final drive transfer gear. It was uprated but to no avail the bearings still collapsed. Great paintings I have not seen them before, even a rare front mounted winch, and different scrappers. A nod to Yorkshires "Mouseman" perhaps. A few went to Africa on the Ground Nut scheme. I have not seen the military manual.
  14. A few pages from the civilian operators guide dated 1958. Depicts early closed front tractor.
  15. Sorry I got my letters mixed. Most had C6SFL 101 series engines with the Roots blower running at twice engine speed, around + 8psi manifold pressure. there were very few built with the other engine types. Rolls Royce C range oil engines were designed to be assembled omni directional using the same parts. This was mainly for the marine environment. To give Left and Right hand propeller options. Also some were built with Aluminium blocks. I think I have also seen Fowler tractors with both the C6 and Leyland 0.600/680 options.
  16. There several developments of the Vickers Tractor starting with the Shervick, then the in house designed and for the time high speed VR180 developing through the Vigor range, closed front to later high open front. These had mainly C6SFL engines but also C6TFL and Cummins. Both used either dry clutch or torque convertor drive. Giving 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse. Early ones had manual slewing clutch and brake with later ones going on to hydraulic powered servo assistance. Also produced was the smaller Vicon range and a development larger tractor with a C8FLT engine. All had Christie type suspension.
  17. I have no personal experience of Allis Chalmers, but two used to work not far away and they seemed hardy working with very little maintainance and never greased, judging by the squeaks when they were working. Working on plant and driving could be classed as a clinical ailment, but there are no pills or cure.
  18. You operated in a different world, We just went in for a 7am start If driving a Cat 944 or Hough 65c had about 1100 tons to load onto varying sizes of vehicles by last load 16.15, Later if on nights on a Cat 966D 12 hour nights would be 4500 to 5000 tonnes a shift. With no one shooting at us or trying to set us on fire. I could not imagine swaping places.
  19. Brings back a few memories seing a photo of one. I remember the demonstrator driver saying you could drive it on full throttle as it had a soft shift shuttle control transmission. So my younger brother jumped on and off he went on a load and carry operation, when he came back the demo man said "I dont know how you kept your foot on the throttle It did not drop any revs when you were digging or changing direction" As he wandered of to get back on his TS14 he said over his shoulder "its got a hand throttle" I have also seen that loaded with all 4 wheels off the ground bounding down the haul road.
  20. That looks like an I.Harvester 65c (Hough) Later Dresser. Also licence built by Komatsu as Wa90. I did not like driving with the cab on the front section of the pivot. Thay had a prefabricated boom early ones were prone to cracking.
  21. I wonder how different they were to drive, and how the petrol coped with pulling the gun. I have found the original post from 2013, It was Nick Abbott, he was making good progress.
  22. I just wondered if any Petrol engined Matadors are still around.
  23. A couple of seat parts pos 432. one part number FV499360. some air filters several available. FV 527304. Open to offers.
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