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  1. 43-KG-84 is painted on the frame, so it must be a transport frame for the power pack in a Warrior. Box looks purpose made for the frame, fits in tight and has timber to hold it in place. Now all I need is a power pack to go with it. Some hope. Thanks again.
  2. Bone up on the idiosyincrasys of Dodge brakes
  3. Thanks Wally It has painted on it 43-KG-84 as well the other number was on the box.
  4. Trying to decypher DMC 4ETSA. I think it starts (excavator tracked)
  5. A carrying frame for a power pack vehicle reg 35 kh 81. Also an overload test rig. Needed a home.
  6. I have found a vehicle reg on one of the boxes 74-kk-49
  7. Sounds more like ignition timing. I just used to set them by ear. mark the distributor position, undo the pinch bolt and move it slowly one way and then the other stop when it sounds right. you can also set it to the marks but a quick way to check it is the simplest and you get the results as it is running. If it sound as if it is fighting the starter while you are starting it, it is to far advanced. Could be a problem with the vaccume pipe for the advance and retard if it has a one fitted it could have a leak. I would then be looking into the carburettor for blocked jets and gung. Its been a long time since I worked on Bedford petrol engines I think about 50 years.
  8. Plug leads need to be in sequence 1-5-3-6-2-4. I cannot remember which way the rotor arm turns. but if you turn the crankshaft with the distributor cap off you will see if it goes clockwise or anti clockwise. Then you can work out where to start with number one. Give the points a clean while you are in there.
  9. As long as nobody got hurt, and not to much damage sustained. Its good to see them being used.
  10. Epic journey in reality and imagination, thanks for posting. Great editing.
  11. I thought Guys latest offering was facinating such varied content. I would think it was much harder to get a motor bike out of a Dakota than a Hercules.
  12. When I went I stayed on the Caravan/ Camping site at St Aubin-su-mare. just a short walk to a landing beach. With a great home bakery in the town. Good access to surrounding places of interest. Stayed for over a week did not go into any of the meuseum buildings there is so much to see. I would love to go again. Locals were great, take good shoes/boots for walking.
  13. It depends on the type of Sulphur used in the oil, as one type (active Sulphur) reacts with the copper and brass in the bush of worm wheel. At higher temperatures the reaction is greater.
  14. I do not have a vehicle, I just thought I would get it into good condition and put it in a box for use sometime. Thanks for looking for parts.
  15. Bedford QL transfer box, It has been a long time since I have been near one of these. Age, missuse and lack of oil have taken there toll, but with luck I can improve things. I got this far with a pair of pliers a can of penetrating spray, two spanners one lump hammer and a long chisel.
  16. I am supposed to be getting rid of stuff, but these needed a home. They are smaller than I remember.
  17. Dennis lives on! I have just noticed my local council has put some new 19 reg Dennis bin wagons on the road.
  18. Is there a publication that identifies vehicle types from a DMC code. I am looking for 7DN and 7H5KY.
  19. DROPS replacement intermediate Cross member
  20. DROPS Transfer box Cross member modification kit
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