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    It is still in the box.
  2. Alexander held the AEC Matador in high regard, on the North African campain.
  3. Sorry I did not realise it had the overhead cam engine.
  4. Quite a few differences, Pistons, compression ratio, carb, barrels, crank case length, super charger impeller, power output, to name just a few.
  5. Great to see the pictures, tyres are an on going problem especially on tube type. That Leyland 0.600 is a good engine, It is easy to check and keep right the fuel pump timming using the built in TDC, INJ, plunger on the bell housing. Always remembering to retract it after use. It pays to keep an eye on the cylinder head nuts for torque and a manual check on the smaller outer ones as they do break the studs.
  6. There are pictures of a Millitant steering colum in pieces on this Forum. One of the members had a problem with the worm climbing the wheel when he turned a corner, I cannot remember which member though. May have been the Millitant in Ireland
  7. I wonder if they were heading for the Dam in Derbyshire.
  8. There are some in use with defence forces worldwide, so they need spares and are prepared to pay what we would consider a hefty price. Some companys put a price on items just to get a reaction. It is what a customer is prepared to pay that matters.
  9. Washing the jeep to much makes it shrink. Or leaving it out in the rain.
  10. Thanks for that Iveco make some suspension parts.
  11. An exhaust bellows and clamp. NSN Clamp 2815998261883, bellows C/4249.
  12. A starter cable lower neg. NSN 6150997987223. CV 9062. RC 45313/L
  13. I have a suspension control arm off I think a Warrior.
  14. Sorry I read cc60 tyres
  15. I think it originaly had 10.50.16 wheels and tyres. 10.00x 20 is a bigger diameter set up, approx 9 inches. I would think they will foul the bodywork.
  16. What a pity to have to sell it. That vehicle is a credit to you and your family you have given it a new lease of life.
  17. No problem let us know if it does or does not work.
  18. Have you tried a Copper washer or Dowty seal between cylinder and connection
  19. I believe one of the storage facilities was Wooky Hole. For the Dams Mines as well. Munitions workers are another band of unsung heroes,working and losing there lives behind the scenes. You only have to look at the Staffordshire explosion.
  20. Tall Boy 12000 lb length 21feet 6inches dia 3feet 2inches tail length approx 11 feet explosive content 5200lbs Grand Slam 22000 lb length 26 feet 6 inches dia 3 feet 10 inches tail length 13 feet 6 inches explosive content 9160 lb After being filled with explosive they took up to 4 weeks to cool before use. I remember years ago seeing pictures of parts of Tall Boys being manufactured by Vickers on Tyneside.
  21. Tyres especially large tyres build up heat internally, because of the way they are made. there is a natural heat build up in the tyre wall because of movement of the cords and carcase materials within the rubber compound as the tyre rotates and flexes. That is why older tyres with more layers of cords run hotter than more modern constructed tyres. Cross ply, bias belted and radial construction are made for different but overlapping purposes. Steer tyres heat up for several reasons, running at the wrong pressure, overloaded, exceeding the tonne mile per hour rating of the tyre, or running out of track. Older crossply tyes that have been standing in one spot for a some time settle to that shape and need to warm up to become round again usually giving a rough ride for a few miles. Old mechanics storing vehicles for the winter always put them up on blocks.
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