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  1. Dennis lives on! I have just noticed my local council has put some new 19 reg Dennis bin wagons on the road.
  2. Is there a publication that identifies vehicle types from a DMC code. I am looking for 7DN and 7H5KY.
  3. DROPS replacement intermediate Cross member
  4. DROPS Transfer box Cross member modification kit
  5. Its a win as long as it holds oil.
  6. Dutch individuals and companys are very good at customising vehicles. Great photos.
  7. There are some new CET track pins in there.
  8. I think the oil should be OMD 90. A 10/30 Diesel engine oil. EP 90 will take some cleaning out and has probably ruined the filter at least.
  9. Welcome, Its is always good to have another member. Driving instructor and modeller a man with patience.
  10. Its a long time ago I looked after 3 of them OTY 506 R was one of them,s reg number. Dennis and Seddon used the Perkins power unit also there were some International bonneted tractor units with a similar drivetrain. Some of the gearboxes were Turners. I cannot remember if the Dodge and Commer used a Roots Group g/box
  11. Dodge/ Renault Commando vehicles had Perkins T6354 with 5 a speed O/drive gearbox, Commer Maxiloads had the same gearbox. They also fitted an Eaton 2 speed rear axle.
  12. I am having the same problem getting Poclain hyd fitting and now dismantle the old hoses before going to get new ones made.
  13. I can get them to Hexham if you give me an address and time. I will pm you with my phone number.
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