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  1. Arrow breakers were made in Blyth, also the trailers were.
  2. A lot of the parts are Bedford RL if I remember rightly oddly all of the wheel stations used are NS Front. I think they have a cult following.
  3. Just keep this thread going please, so much to learn from little snipets of a photograph.
  4. Unfortunatly any answers will be just pure speculation unless someone comes up with a more detailed image. If as seems likely the trailer is a prototype or early production 50 ton it would not have been released for civilion use. I am going to hang my hat on a still service transporter, coming from the Barlow storage area.
  5. I am just putting some points of interest forward, I think the composition of the original photo is pretty well decided or agreed to differ. Wally your recall and access to numbers is remarkable.
  6. There are some photos of Tank transporters on various sites on the internet, including an M9 trailer with an M4 Sherman on, behind a White 666. That has a covered dog house like a Diamond T. An american recovery team blew some rear tyres on an M9 recovering a King Tiger towards Spa railway station, eventually completing the trip with a captured Gotha heavy transport trailer that appears to have solid tyres. There is also a picture of a tank loaded 4 axle 50 ton headed by what looks like a DT.
  7. Many years ago there was a Guy 4x4 used collecting sea coal, my father knew the owner and one day stopped him on Woodhorn Road Ashington the bolts around the axle had come loose and the crown wheel was showing. This is the only Guy Ant I had ever heard of in Northumberland. That was in the 1950s.
  8. I would lean towards Dodge because of the high position of the driving/headlight
  9. I think the Panzer is on a German trailer an Sd.Ah.116.
  10. It is a sad day today with the anouncement of the death of that much loved enduring icon Dame Vera Lynn. Condolences to her family and thanks for her life.
  11. Foden 2 strokes do have a lovely sound from a distance. There used to be a concrete company about 3 miles away and you could hear them start about 07.30. Many moons ago.
  12. That Rogers trailer would be shipped direct to North Africa from America.
  13. It was the Deltic design triangle and crankshaft rotation gearing that was the British inovation, I cannot remember the name of the Napier engineer. When a few years ago Class 66 Motive power was in short supply, A Deltic was on short term hire locally hauling freight. Stopping outside of where I live for the gates to be opened for it. If the wind was from the East I could still smell it 2 hours later as it gave its signiture cloud of smoke on pulling away. Most of the time it was only using one engine when on two the increase in sound and smoke was quite noticeable.
  14. As far as I remember, Napier Deltic engines were developed from a German design. Although the British inovation was having one crankshaft counter rotate to dampen the vibration that was the main flaw in the original design. I think output was in the 3300 bhp region of this comparitivly light compact engine, a feature being the complicated geartrain to couple the cranks together. Deltic engines were used in Ham class minesweepers as well as APUs and Locomotives. As for unusual down under there is a RR K60 and a Ts3 that used to be shown running at some summer shows on Tasmania. There is/was also a Napier Deltic engine on the island as well, that had not run for many years. There used to be an active 2 stroke society as well. I think the stories of there journeys would be interesting.
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