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  1. john1950


    Where are they off to?
  2. john1950

    3.5 CCk Onan generator

    Same start line looking for an electrical fault. Is the generator brush type or slip ring,are the brushes in good order, is the switch gear using the correct field coils? Be carefull with the internal dust as period generators and electric motors used asbestos wrapping on the internal wiring.
  3. john1950

    3.5 CCk Onan generator

    Just a quick clean and check all of the electrical conections, Carefully put your hand near or on the starter motor to see if there is any heat comming through the casing. If there is that could be an indication of an internal problem
  4. john1950

    Track sections

    I have a few 432 track sections looking for a new home.
  5. john1950

    Caunter-camouflaged gem at the YWE

    This vehicle looks a fantastic restoration, a credit to the people involved.
  6. There is a one for sale on Millweb at the moment. It has had a lot of work done on the braking system so the owner Graham Collins may have some usefull information, there is a contact number listed.
  7. You could try Bygone Bedford, P.A.Blanchard. or Green Machine Surplus. They are in the U.K.
  8. Years ago trucks were designed with front and rear wheels with different offsets and you did not mix them, unless it was a get me home situation. Modern trucks by and large have the same offsets all around. You can re-engineer modern wheels to fit older trucks but you are back to spending money.
  9. john1950

    Good day to you all.

    Just the right kind of attitude Welcome
  10. john1950


    Postie brought me a parcel from Rex Ward. I now have a nut and washer, thanks.
  11. I have not got any info today as I have been working on a Volvo Ackerman EC300 making light brackets and then digging out tree stumps with a little JCB 360.
  12. Sorry I meant of the bits to try to identify a manufacturer, I have been trying to find an ex Arrow- Target employee. They could be just a standard Sankey. Arrows did the design and fabrication, bought in running gear and hitch. If the light units were not specified Rubbolight they were probably made by Magnatech another local company
  13. Have you a photo to try to identify
  14. john1950

    Help, Bedford OY servo problems

    I remember that happening on more than once when travelling in his Matador towing a trailer cyclists would grab the back of the trailer as we went past and get a tow up the hill. I used to sit on the engine cover and look out of the back sliding window. A rolling road is a good judge if it is not wet.
  15. john1950

    Help, Bedford OY servo problems

    I have driven several, the last one was a good old vehicle, went through several incarnations. It had an S type rear axle at one stage and then a Thornycroft it was always heavy I will post a picture one day. My father was always altering it. Every time the brakes got better, wider back shoes were a bonus. Got a lot of equipment out that was stuck. Vehicles of that era were probably much of a muchness Times were slower then. I suppose compared to a WOT6 with there cables they could be classed as good.