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  1. Not as polished now should be better.
  2. Proves AEC engineers knew what they were doing in the engine build dept. You could lift the air pressure 5 to 10 psi. Its probably low after all of these years. Would a continental type beam changer be legal on the Maxter?
  3. Does it have slack adjusters that you can move the clevice on the brake chamber rod to a different hole to increase length and leverage.
  4. Petrol and diesel versions are totaly different animals. One is a long 4 stroke straight 8, and the other is a compact opposed piston 2 stroke that can be lifted out and ground run with umbilical connections to the 432.. Then you have the latter incarnation with a straight 6 Cummins.
  5. There is a two stroke forum, some time ago one of the HMV forum members from Tazmania with a 432 power pack wrote that he posted on there.
  6. Have you any pictures of the brake units?
  7. Most Bedford diesels smoke on start up, any fuel injection repair company should be able to test the parts. Check the Air filter element is clean first.
  8. There was an advert on this forum in vehicles posted is Sept last year by bigwill.
  9. I think that 432 is still available at the paint ball company near Durham that closed down.
  10. A good topic just keep going here
  11. First one is a CMP probably a Chev second one possibly a Marmon Herrington or Commer. Great photos.
  12. Not as rare as the Forum member looking for a QL Tipper tailgate. CAV/Simms Control boxes are getting difficult to find.
  13. You have to get lucky sometime. It is showroom condition, great job.
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