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  1. john1950

    Wanted: Rolls Royce super charger

    Compression Rotio C4-C6-C8 N.A. 16 to 1./ Falcon(SF65) N.A. 17 to 1./ C4-C6-C8. Supercharged 14 to 1./ C4-C6- C8 Turbocharged 2 valve head 14 to 1./ C4-C6-C8 4 valve head 15 to 1.
  2. john1950

    RR B80 oil pressure/starter motor

    Using a 24v on a 12v system will give you a very poor motor performance, and it will overheat sooner than work. Have you a photo of the 12v unit? If it is working O.K. on the bench is there another solonoid in the circuit, or a poor earth?
  3. john1950

    Diesel IN CVRT worth it or not

    Main thing with the Jaguar engine is to keep it running at the right temperature. Do not let sediment build up in the system, it tends to settle at the rear of the block. J60 is basicaly a derated 4.2 XK engine with 24volt electrics, so parts are easy to obtain. Fuel injection is an easy option but the more power the more heat and you start the worry of transmission problems. I would guess that about 10% up would not hurt as it will not be running the extended periods that it did in service. Another thing to remember is keep the engine breather filter clear as they do not like positive crankcase pressure it makes them smokey. With the use of an endascope you can look in down behind the front timing cover to check the lower chain tensioner and make sure it is in place.
  4. john1950

    Leyland DAF 45 150

    Glad you have got something sorted. What type of Rolls engines did you work on? I found if you kept them cool they just went on and on.
  5. I think it is Laminated for windscreens and Toughened for the rest.
  6. john1950

    Leyland DAF 45 150

    I know it is no help, but it is not good practice working on your own under a truck. Gearboxes are heavy awkward lumps. What will be your escape route if something goes wrong, is there no one who could go with you just to pass spanners and just be there incase you have a problem.
  7. john1950

    Anneal a diesel pipe

    Go for it. When clearing a concrete pump pipe a piece of foam is used and pushed through with water. You could blow it through first, then push a piece of foam through with a piece of wire wool in front, using either fluid or air pressure power to clear the internal scale into a bucket.
  8. john1950

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    As with everything on this rebuild a wise decision logically arrived at. It may be a disapointment for the team not to reach their self imposed deadline, but for me watching it has been a fantastic journey. I applaud your efforts.
  9. john1950

    Dewald chain drive truck

    That is quite a truck
  10. john1950

    Blocking up Vehicles.

    I have to work under my Freelander so need it up off the ground. This is the first time It has failed to get my home and it has 169000 miles on the clock.
  11. john1950


    I remember an advert years ago for a Big Ben Sandmaster with a pipe trailer, working in the desert on oil production.
  12. john1950

    Identity sought please

    Any chance of a photograph!
  13. john1950

    the mysterous lost 7th Gear

    Was the Torque converter lock up disenabled on some trucks for some operational reason? This would have the effect of losing a gear, or rather the 6 intermediate gear ranges. When the vehicle moved up to 6th the T/C would not lock up so losing direct drive, or as you would say 7th
  14. john1950

    the mysterous lost 7th Gear

    As long as you are getting all 6 gears and the torque converter lock up is working thats the lot. There was some discussion a few years ago on this site about gear changing. If you go to Drops 8x6 auto box.