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  1. john1950

    AEC Matador parts

    Not as rare as the Forum member looking for a QL Tipper tailgate. CAV/Simms Control boxes are getting difficult to find.
  2. john1950

    another Diamond T 980 restoration

    You have to get lucky sometime. It is showroom condition, great job.
  3. john1950

    GMC 6x6 some questions

    Split and banjo axles have a different hub design to accommodate different halfshaft designs, there is a different design hub also for the non driven 6x4 variant. To fit twin wheels on the front they simply used the twin nut arrangement of the rear wheels the same as a Ford Sussex design.
  4. john1950

    Water pump

    Thank you for the information. Going back in the dark box.
  5. john1950

    RAF vehicle camouflage

    I will throw in 1927 Crossley
  6. john1950

    GMC 6x6 some questions

    If you look at Austin K2 parts for sale in the Clasiffied section, there is a picture of an Austin front I beam axle, it is the same style as a GMC 6x4.
  7. john1950

    Fuel filler

    Yes thank you.You should have a reply. Regards John
  8. After a lot of looking I found what I was looking for, but there is only one if that is any good to you.
  9. john1950

    GMC 6x6 some questions

    You can even see the rest of the wheels. I wonder where the picture was taken?
  10. john1950

    GMC 6x6 some questions

    If you go to GMC CCKW Wickapedia there is a picture of a restored air portable and some others also information.
  11. john1950

    Water pump

    Trying to identify this water pump any help appriciated. Part number on body FV600357 and on the mounting plateFV383515
  12. john1950

    GMC 6x6 some questions

    I forgot all about the dumb axle of the 6x4. I think the 6x4 had a higher gross weight than the 6x6 because it was not expected to do long distances or be used as much off road. In peace time it was the sought after truck for the burgeoning road transport industry.
  13. john1950

    British Army Robot Wars

    History is littered with instances of inferior forces tenaciously applied and well led carrying the day. Do not despair.
  14. john1950

    GMC 6x6 some questions

    Every day is a day at school, Questions are good, keeps the gray matter working Basicaly there is a centre beam section either split type or banjo, or in some cases bath tub with a differential that has steering /constant velocity joint housing, hub carrier bolted to each end. Then at the rear a track rod tying both housings together for the vehicle steering. These are basic drive axles with leaf springs suspension, not independant suspension design or walking beam. Axle torque is managed either by the design of the leaf springs or by the use of torque rods, mostly on the rear axles. Sorry I do not have a front drive axle to photograph.
  15. john1950

    another Diamond T 980 restoration

    If you want to fit a water filter inhibiter in the system RR C range of engines suffer from liner corrosion. Especially if standing a lot I used to keep antifreeze in all year round. It is stilll my favourate engine exhaust note.