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  1. Salty roads is the bigest enemy of braking furniture. If you can hear them leaking you have to o/haul or replace. 120 is not considered high presure on todays trucks. Anything under presure be carefull with though, Any pictures. I have only been working on and cursing 360s lately.
  2. john1950

    BBMF visit, wrong side of the fence.

    Ther are rumoured to be the remains of a Typhoon under a sports field nr. Ashington in Northumberland.
  3. john1950


    Enjoy your trip.
  4. I did not realise it was an aluminium housing. Looks like a good fix.
  5. john1950

    Wanted Ally land rover panels

    Take a wander down to your local vehicle recycaling yard and you will find some bits to practice with. Postage of body pannels is expensive.
  6. john1950


    There is always a first time, and it is going to be after Brexit.
  7. john1950

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    If the sump is very thin, you may have a problem with vibration and the screws when the engine is running. Why not put another patch on the inside and bolt through.
  8. You could try threading the outside of the casing, then use a round pipe fitting trimed to length, it does not look as ugly as a nut. you could use some liquid metal on the threads as you assemble it that would make a solid repair. Or make and shrink a small collar on the outside, with the banjo bolt in place. keep moving the bolt as the collar cools. You will be able to aquire or make a longer banjo bolt to go deeper into the threaded hole. Or dismantle it altogether and braize up the cracks
  9. john1950

    leyland drops gearbox problems

    What kind of gearbox problems?
  10. A very rare desirable vehicle. Another to add to the wish list.
  11. Rolls Royce Eagle and Gardiner spares are getting harder to find, Cummins are a little easier. David Brown gearbox parts due to the small production numbers are getting really hard now. General clutch parts, slave cylinders etc. are pretty easy. There was a firm years ago at Watford who purchased most of the Scammel spares inventory and they had new David Brown gearboxes on the shelf. I know of at least one Eagle and gearbox so they are about. If you do by the truck most ERFs were a pleasure to drive, but you will become a hoarder and protective towards parts.
  12. john1950

    Hurricane, movie

    Computer generated just does not cut it. No matter what the story line is. Real people with all of their flaws please.
  13. john1950

    BBMF visit, wrong side of the fence.

    An engine is being rebuilt by the Wheatcroft Collection.
  14. john1950

    Scammell pioneer radiator

    A Museum I think in Belgium, the Stichting Museum has a Pioneer bonnet, radiator and a small winch for sale.
  15. john1950

    Wanted - 24V Temperature Probe

    This is a 1050s and 60s engine range. Old shed syndrome for spares , I saw an advert for some new engines for sale on Milweb a few years ago but have not been able to find the advert again. A lot of the electrics were Simms or CAV, later Butec possibly. There were two versions, a light weight non ferrous construction and the ferrous normal version. Morphed into the SF65 range. Which was supperceded by the Eagle range of engines.