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  1. Another couple of photos
  2. East Kirby may be a good place to start, They are very friendly and if you have a millitary truck.
  3. Are you going to take the timber tractor as well?
  4. JLR. Have dumped the working Farmer and anyone who needs a versatile utillity vehcle. Anyone the original vehicle was designed for.
  5. If you click on to it you can put your likes on easily. If you have a Tilly then you go to an Austin K2. RLs came to late for WW2. I think a QL needs the hub lifting plates and the gas table. A QL pulling hard in 2nd with its somehow endearing whine. Or the sight and sound of a Flathead V8 in a WOT6 leaving a Mullberry loaded with stores.
  6. When you look at a Martian it is a complex vehicle for its day. Long Straight 8, Walking beam rear bogie. Braking system!
  7. I could not decide if the on on the right of the picture had a bonnet, I was wrong on both counts. Still two Scammells, Not what I used to say when I worked on a Michelloti cabed Routman 8 legger or a Himalayan 6 legged dump truck.
  8. I guess in the last picture it is between two Scammels, a Pioneer and a Commander.
  9. A good list missing the little Bedford MW series. Be carefull jumping out of a C47 or you will hit the tail.
  10. M3 Half track, in my opinion comes in the same catigory.
  11. Any way it is an Iconic vehicle in the best meaning of the phrase.
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