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  1. One bear (Wojtek) made a good shell carrier at Monte Cassino, and other battles.
  2. A lot were built by Leyland so there must be someone in your part of the world with knowledge. Anyone at Bovington? On a lighter note maybe Paddington would know as I think some went to Peru.
  3. I am guilty of overthinking, suspension should not affect the track tension when the vehicle is sitting on the ground. They do not appear to have a lot of adjustment as taking links out was a regular job especially on early tracks. Slackening that adjuster rod should give you some track slack.
  4. An email to the German tank museum may shed some light. Its a 1950s design so should be mechanical.
  5. If you pull the idler back the coil springs on the suspension will take up the slack, will they have to be locked first? There is nothing easy when you are dealing with Tracks.
  6. Track tension seems to be coil spring so be very carefull. 64 bolts and all of the fluid and electrical connections have to come apart to let the rear come off. There were 3 different kinds of transmission fitted.
  7. When I lost T the last cat who just turned up on the doorstep and stayed about 15 years I said no more. He was a Norwegen Forrest cat. But after a few weeks I went to the shelter and he has now been here about 4 years. He is usually not for away if I am working. If I am at the keyboard he comes and lies on it as Big T used to. I sometimes have to take the laptop to the menders as it locks itself after his visit.
  8. After a nights soak in light oil and diesel splashed around it turns with no clunks. Just two of the tappets were reluctant to follow the the cambshaft. Thomas had got himself into the top of my shed and was rattling things around.
  9. I have at last started on the Morris engine and have got further than I thought without breaking anything but the china on the plugs.
  10. That truck may be best in a specialist auction. I will see if I can come up with anyone. Could you post some recent pictures.
  11. Those vaccume operated fuel pumps are prone to the diaphram that works the rack perishing, giving vague throttle control and uneven tick over. When they stand for a long time condensation builds up in the lower part of the chamber and rots it through.
  12. Sorry not for myself, people do collect wreckers on this forum and others. Owners like One of the biggest recovery companies in th U.K. has a collection of Cranes and wreckers. Buyers will want to know exactly what it is if possible.
  13. I would many people would be interested, it depends on the price and information on what it is.
  14. Just the newness wearing off, or to much T cut.
  15. If the 4D was running it would shake most of the rust and any loose metal off.
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