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  1. Having watched the program last night from the Royal Albert Hall and this mornings from the Cenotaph. I was struck once again by the thought of the number of people who selflessly give up there time to help others to be there, and to organize these events. There is also the enormous loss of tallent to the world caused by the events being commemorated. I bow my head in reflection and appreciation.
  2. You know what they say, An army marches on its stomach.
  3. What does it do to the electric metre and bill
  4. If the vehicle is operating under normal light load conditions GL1 oils without EP adatives are quite adequate,for use in manual gearboxes and spiral beval differentials. Synthetic GL4 and 5 oils would be used in sustained high load high speed operations,
  5. I agree it is a matter of proportion, but someone else may read the post and think it is OK to dump an IBC full down the drain. Great work on the trucks they will look factory fresh when you are finished.
  6. I do not think the drain is a good place to dispose of the resulting brew. As it will contain dilute hydrocarbons from any paint oil and grease, as well as metal oxides and lead in the sludge. It is technically the residue from an industrial process and should be anallised before disposal.
  7. I drove a QL years ago that had a hinge in the near side chassis rail above the rear axle. So that the rear section on the near side could be folded forward, I was told that it was an air portable truck.
  8. Just go to browse and look in the different sections pick the most appropriate.
  9. Hong Kong Navy base was probably Nabcatcher.
  10. Another couple of photos
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