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  1. Thanks I've given that a try.
  2. Recently brought back a few in varying degrees of state from the area surrounding an emergency forward refueling airbase. I want to refurb these along with some ammo boxes. Some cans have the remnants of Green/brown and some are/were definitely a Sand colour. I'm assuming the cans are the same as the ammo boxes and a Service Brown, but what was the colour on the sand ones? Am I right in saying that 43 cans may have been destined for Italy/Sicily and painted Sand, only to be diverted to NW Europe. Seems odd to have Sand on OD vehicles, although I know the Germans painted a lot of kit there that colour. So are the light ones BS361 and the dark ones BS499? Thanks
  3. How fast does it turn over? GPWs are apparently renown for having bad earths as the frame mount for the earth is connected by rivets. I'd run an earth lead directly to the starter on the block - see if that makes a difference. That fixed mine.
  4. My great uncle was a driver of one of these from Normandy to Berlin - in a specialised version called a Sonic. He landed on Juno and waded ashore in it on D+5 and was part of the 3rd Scout Car Company that were all equipped with Whites. He confirmed that they all had the roller removed as well you might find these useful. http://ww2talk.com/index.php?threads/sonic-warfare-in-normandy.37446/page-2
  5. Just wondering what my options are. fairly new to this game and need my Jeep taken from Southampton to Kent when it clears customs. Whats my best bet with this, just rent a trailer and head off, get a delivery company involved, or any MV owners fancy earning a few quid to get it to me? Any ideas or suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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