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  1. Shaping up to be an incredible event. Ministry of Munitions No.3, Brush 16303 of 1917 battery loco, loaded last night ready for the long trip up from the Sussex coast to Staffordshire. Just hoping the weather is not too hot!
  2. The 10.25inch gauge Surrey Border & Camberley Railway ran in this area and had many spectacular features befitting the ideals of the wealthy individuals who funded it. Google around and you can find maps, etc., which might help. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=surrey+border+and+camberley+railway+wiki&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjC7-bGqezYAhVKAsAKHfykCdsQsAQINw&biw=1242&bih=579
  3. You can usually get cheapish sandblast guns from ebay but remember they do need quite high free air volume and 50psi pressure and above. If your compressor can run a paint gun then you'll be off to a good start. Many blast media are available, some vicious and some very gentle. Tinwork though has a habit of exhibiting tinworm after blasting. I live on the coast and have used sieved dried beach sand on motorcycle frames with success. Face masks are very necessary. Have a go - trial and error for a minimal outlay will give you a good idea of how it can help you. And don't forget to have primer handy as ferrous components will start to oxidise straight off - nice dry warm sunny day is best. Need to get primer on within about 20 minutes.
  4. Target trolley at around 3.05. Other interesting military-related motive power too.
  5. No. This: Built by Brush of Loughborough in 1917 for Ministry of Munitions. So hopefully it qualifies as military otherwise I might get chucked off this forum!
  6. Probably be seeing how 2x 24V 200ah (ie 8 12v 100ah batteries) does as the control system is parallel/series/series with weak field, so 48V max. This is half the original design but should suffice and give a reasonable run time. Controller is rated at 44 amps. Testing has so far involved 2 12v spare batteries which has proved promising. Luckily I have competent persons to oversee what I'm doing or thinking of doing! I'm very appreciative of the help and guidance I've received on this forum.
  7. Thanks for that advice - that's why I seek enlightenment! 'Proving' resistor is only 1/4 watt, so have ordered a pack of 1 watt ones to come on a slow boat from China.
  8. Many thanks Iain. I had to use 2x 2k resistors in series as they are the nearest to hand, and although I realise there is a % error it's near enough. It works. And I also appreciate Clive's post about checking zero when the meter is vertical - I've already discovered what happens when you keep turning the slotted button on the front too far! I use a digital meter to confirm the volts at, say, 5.0, then adjust the button to that. Then power off/on and recheck. Thankfully it's not critical as it will be used to monitor voltage drop to prevent - hopefully - overdischarge of a 60V battery.
  9. Just acquired the voltmeter shown. Works fine and accurate on the lower scale but I need to use it up to 60V DC. So can anyone suggest what size resistor needs to be used? The internal resistance is 400 ohms as marked. No idea what it has come from but is appropriate for what I have in mind. Many thanks for any help. P1050428 by Peter Smith, on Flickr P1050429 by Peter Smith, on Flickr
  10. Sadly their price makes it unviable. So still looking and maybe will have to re-engineer to roller chain.
  11. Thanks. Already in contact with them as they were suggested by someone on another forum. Just awaiting a price .... But happy to explore other leads, particularly from surplus dealers.
  12. Sadly they were unable to help. Following up one other lead but any further suggestions welcome.
  13. Many thanks - I've emailed them with my needs, so will hope for a positive response.
  14. Thanks - aware of them but need to try to source reclaimed or surplus chain first as the cost of silent chain seems to be vastly higher per pitch than roller chain. A helpful chap on here has given me a 'sympathetic' possible contact and I'm waiting for a response. But when push comes to shove I may have to bite the bullet and try the manufacturers as you suggest for new chain and see what the costs are. I could re-engineer the chain drive to become roller chain, but the effort and expense is probably not warranted on an item that will see infrequent light demonstration operation only.
  15. I am looking for some 1" and 3/4" pitch silent chain, both 1.5" wide with centre guide. The designations are SC806 and SC606 respectively. Approx 10ft of the 1" and 20ft of the 3/4" pitch although shorter lengths would be considered. Needed for a WW1 battery locomotive restoration as that I have is incomplete and totally sh*gg*d.
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