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  1. I seem to recall reading somewhere that 8 cylinder radial engine’s where used in torpedo’s and midget submarines??
  2. Sorry to bring this up again but after scratching about on the block tonight I have found more of the darker blue paint under the old desert and what I believe is the eau de nil and wondered if this colour has been seen on other war time engines?
  3. Evening all. im after a cable pulley from the end of the sliding jib on a sv2s if anyone knows of one, also a Scammell pioneer trcu trailer if anyone’s got one spare??
  4. Thanks for the info, just thinking would the engines come from the supplier in a colour requested by the war department? I guess I will need to have a think on the colour either the Gardner grey or the eau de nil.
  5. What a great film and shows exactly what I needed to know, thank you. The colour schemes are very interesting and the methods used, at least they had paint brushes and spray guns! It’s going to be quite a job!
  6. Many thanks, I think I have a job on now though!
  7. Thank you, i thought that would be the case it’s just nice to get a bit of reassurance when committing to a big change and want to make it look right. Any idea of the colour or was it whatever was available?
  8. Thinking of repainting my 1942 trmu in desert and wanted to know how these were painted and how much of the vehicle needs painting, were the chassis, underside etc painted. When I was in Iraq we were given a pot of paint and a broom and told to get on with it! Had a few runs in it! was this the same for the vehicles sent out to the desert war or were they painted before being sent out?
  9. Thank you for the colour name, I did find some paint tonight when cleaning the block though a very tiny piece looks like the colour you mentioned. Would this colour also be used through RAF vehicles as I also have a RAF Scammell pioneer that I’m rebuilding.
  10. Hi all im trying to find out what colour a wartime Gardner 6lw would have been, vehicle colour or I know some Gardner’s were grey. The colour now is the light green but believe this was repainted when over hauled in the fifties.
  11. Thought it was one of the two, I’m a pioneer man but its always nice to see an Explorer.
  12. Hi Hope you you don’t mind me asking but is that a pioneer in the background of your photo?
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