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  1. Bloody hell you know your stuff. Your photo is it taken from a reference book of some kind?
  2. Thanks ever so much for your help so far. I've been reading in the jeep modifications book that they also used a C286 box. Have you seen or got one of these in your collection? Cheers
  3. That would be brilliant!! Yer they look hard work but I have got a 70s/80s box I hopefully can convert. What's the difference with the A version? In my photos I've posted the one on the front of the jeep has a different lid having screw tops then picture four.
  4. Good evening, I'm wondering if anyone can help. I've been trying to find a ammunition box to put in the grille of my Airborne jeep like the photo I've attached. Its a ammunition box to hold 6 rounds for the 6 pounder anti tank gun ammo. I think it has the pressing C264 in the bottom. It also has two turn caps to release the lid. If anyone has one for sale or one I could copy to make one from I'd be grateful. Any information is greatly appricated. Many thanks, Carl
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