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  1. Philip 28v is quite an easy mistake to make as specs for modern military vehicles refer to 28v systems rather 24v. I think a running & charging Rover 24v system should be running at 28.5v. Once the ballast resistor has been drawing current for several minutes, the 10v to the coil drops 9v. It doesn't say that anywhere but I have measured it on a number of systems & that is what happens. Have you measured the resistance of the coil primary? It should be 2.5 - 2.8 ohms Have you measured the resistance of the filter box? It should be about 4.4 ohms when cold It worries me that with the CB points open that you don't get 24v but instead you get 0.77 or so volts. I would check the continuity of the CB screened lead to coil. If the continuity of the lead is ok, check that the points have been assembled correctly as there is some short circuiting in the distributor base plate assembly. It is unlikely that the condenser has failed & causing the fault, but if it has it would be getting very hot.
  2. If you mean Cookers, Portable, No.2 Mk 2 and No.3 Mk 3? The EMER modifications & misc instructions: Mods (control rod reservoir tank) issued January 1969 Mods (tank, cap, valve & feed tube) were issued in March 1974, superseded in June 1974. Mods (burner assembly) in August 1982, superseded in Sept 1985 Mods (burner grid) July 1989 (EMER ENGINEERING & MISCELLANEOUS D 307 & D 309)
  3. It is sad but it was sacrificed for the greater good to keep a Hornet still running. When I bought the 1601 it was in a bad state it cost me £100 + £100 to get it home.. I needed to get the flywheel off as some buffoon had burnt out the clutch on the Hornet & cracked the flywheel. One torsion bar went to a Mk 2 Pig that had snapped snapped a bar & the rear wheel stations went to Pigs. The engine was scavenged for spares. The cab was pretty far gone when I got it.
  4. Yes the cab is vulnerable, here is my old FV1601
  5. I've closed the Yahoo account & migrated it to here: https://groups.io/g/HUMBER-FV1600/topics
  6. I don't know, all I can say is that the database I'm working from is approaching 25 years old. So the absence of any parts would suggest something of recent manufacture.
  7. The only info I can add is the exhaust pipe also has the part no. A59765 from Beakbane Ltd Kidderminster
  8. Chris later installations such as yours seemed to be in that position. It did afford greater protection for it & its connector being tucked out of the way. The downside is that it is much more difficult to attend to any cross thread problem or take measurements on the generator. Besides I suspect your harness may not quite long enough to reach the top.
  9. RE 14549 is a RR part no. but is it not for a float? Cross checking throws up: 16K 18235 (RAF) 10710--1642 (Marcus Engineering who took over RR service parts. I suspect 10710 is the Solex no. & relates to 40NNIP1642) I have the RAF ISPL for B60 Mk 5G & no mention of RE 14549 or 16K 18235 although are are some quite similar numbers. NSN 2910-99-401-1670 might help
  10. Looks like you have Generator No.1 which is rated at 12A 28.5v there were two types of Generator Panel looks like you have No.1 Mk 1 a later rather different panel was No.1 Mk 2/1. Both of these panels are very hard to find, but the good news is that I have seen people fit the Generator Panel No.2 Mk 1 which is the 25A panel intended for the Generator No.2 Unlike the Generator No.2 which has a gearbox, the No.1 can be tested by running it as a DC motor. Via say 15A fuse energise the field winding (C & E) & via another fuse energise the output winding (A & B) & the dynamo should rotate as a motor would.
  11. Looking in a later publication Jan 2003 0100-A-001-013 a new entry appears in Group 73 that might be promising: 7360-H-100 Mobile Field Bakery System So that AESP octad might be something to pursue.
  12. These are the only AESPs listed in Group 73 in the index 0100-A-001-001 June 1986
  13. Would this virtual show be truly authentic & display pictures of overflowing toilets?
  14. Ok thank you for those Chris. Did you ever come across black & brown?
  15. Ignition junction box, C.A.V. No.1 Mk 2 W5868/21, FV141517, LV6MT4-2920-99-805-6273 Quite common. There is some coverage:
  16. Oh dear I was afraid this would happen: https://www.overlordshow.co.uk/covid-19-show-cancellation-notice/
  17. Chris thank you. Yes gloss DBG & brown was most curious in NI, although it didn't seem to last long which is one reason I suppose is that there are so few pictures of it in use. It always struck me as odd that the Commers, Triton 1 & 2 were so painted, as a water canon is very much an urban vehicle, trying to look like a shrubbery in a built up area seems incongruous. I have only a few pics of Mk 1 Pigs in that scheme & apart from the Commers nothing else. I would be interested if you have pics of any other vehicles using it. Yes I can imagine that deniers get quite upset seeing this scheme reproduced. Here is one Pig courtesy of Victor Patterson.
  18. Yes it is curious how even mechanically minded people have an (ir)rational fear of electrical issues. What I like about electrical equipment is that when you apply appropriate test equipment you can measure what is happening in a give circuit. There is nothing discretionary in the diagnosis, apply logic to what the circuit should be doing & you can measure what is or is not happening, unlike some other automotive skills such as judging that an engine is pinking say, I'm at a complete loss on how to make such an observation with any certainty.
  19. Ferg inside looks quite reassuring. The various types of harness look nice, I suspect they have been painted as their connectors look less dazzling. But at least it shows someone has taken some interest & care to conserve the wiring in the back that so often is the first victim of bodgery. When you go to see it, do check that it is charging along the lines of the basic tests I suggested. If you get stuck on anything here is bit more light reading for you : )
  20. Ferg it is some years since I owned at LtWt but apart from air filter it does look pretty unmolested. I notice the two relays look newish as they easily rust out given their position & the king lead (ie HT) from the coil to distributor looks newish which all suggest that there has been sympathetic electrical maintenance going on. I notice the filter box (contains filter & ballast resistors) no longer has any of the original countersunk screw heads. In order to lose those, suggests the cover may have been off for a while. So it would important to ask if any modifications have been done inside. One of the ballast resistors has quite thin wire & can easily break, I have never seen a satisfactory owner repair with a substitute resistor. I'm pleased to see that the ignition coil is mounted correctly as military replacement coils fitted with a bracket generally are 180 degrees round from where they should be for mounting on the rocker cover. Due to the SW lead being quite short it then gets incorrectly wired up resulting in a positive rather than negative spark. I can tell yours is ok as I cannot see the two tiny drain holes as these are underneath & not visible. If the charging system has two ammeters on the dash, it would be important to observe the vehicle ammeter at switch on, start up & revving to see that it does in fact charge & that the ignition warning light goes out. If you have a single ammeter in a box (shunt box) between the two front seats, this ammeter only reads the rate of charge just to the radio batteries (if fitted) It does not measure discharge from the the radio batteries. If radio batteries are not fitted it is important that the two battery leads are isolated from earth & each other as these become live when charging as a relay in the Generator Panel No.9 joins the radio & vehicle batteries in parallel.
  21. This article covers general ignition principles as well a more detailed description of 24v ignition systems in Land Rovers & their advantages. Although I see only one person liked it : (
  22. I'll do that in the hours of darkness, rather than use up daylight hours. I'll also do the Inspection Standard only a page.
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