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    05 EK 41

    Oh it is steel, I have seen some plates left over from film companies that had just painted the registration on bits of card, thought it was one of those. Originally all Pigs would have a pressed aluminium plate on the nearside front wing. Many in N.Ireland had these damaged or they had been removed if they were one of the 200 recovered. These replacements were steel painted black with the registration either stencilled, hand painted or had adhesive letters applied. Pigs for disposal were meant to have the registration plate removed, but for disposal identification the registration was painted on the front of "bonnet" to keep track of it & invariably if it was allocated a MS registration that was painted there. Originally Unit & Formation Badges would have been painted here. Having said that there are few in service photos of the BK painted there, particular those Pigs with flat bar rams that would obscure the registration plate. Ok Bob don't tease us any more, I'm sure I speak for many who would like to see a few pics of her, please.
  2. fv1609

    05 EK 41

    I think the number plate is only wood fibre or cardboard.
  3. fv1609

    landrover 109 24v Diesel dutch Mil

    Looking in AC No. 61278 which is the LtWt IPC, in the 24v instrument section it lists the water & oil temp gauges that are specific for the Dutch version. Between these two entries is the fuel gauge indicator 552615 that presumably applies to both UK & Dutch versions. Going to the 24v fuel sender there is only one entry 560757, so presumably that would match the Dutch one as well. How the gauges might differ from a 109 I don't know. I remember in my Dutch LtWt there was another terminal on the fuel sender which was a low fuel indicator it travelled along a plain purple wire to a sensor linked to the blue/purple low fuel warning light. However I found that in the loom the purple wire had been cut & the warning light was connected a small black plastic Lucas module that somehow sensed a low fuel reading & the triggered the warning light. Meaning that the original low fuel sensing terminal was no longer required. It would be worth looking to see where the supply for the warning light comes from either a stand alone sensor/relay on the normal fuel gauge line or whether it relies on a feed (purple) from an additional terminal on the fuel sensor.
  4. fv1609

    05 EK 41

    05 EK 41 was an RL Bob but it is difficult to read it is actually 05 BK 41 Originally FV1601 CT Cargo Truck built under Contract 6/V/6443 delivered to 12th B Vehicle Depot Ashchurch on 6/5/53 under contract 6/V/6443 Receipt Voucher ASC/R/751 Converted to armoured 1959-60 FV1611 under Contract 6/V/27455 The ledger entry for the engine number has been obliterated by the change in Asset Code to 1780-2501 which shows it was a Flying Pig struck off 7/1/93 Vehicle Storage Depot N.Ireland
  5. This one uses the same wall pieces.
  6. I think this is them, you could even book them for an event. It's potent stuff, my memory is rather hazy but I think the seats are bales of straw, so if you fall & hit your head on the furniture it doesn't do too much damage. http://bridgefarmcider.co.uk/?page_id=245 I have more external pics if it helps but none of the inside I'm afraid.
  7. Does it make more sense with the instructions for its replacement Tent, Marquee, Universal, GS, Double, JA 2069 on page 73? Does your book have Amendment No.2 Special Note Dec 1951? The replacement morphed into 8340-99-942-4590 & appears in the SCRDE catalogue July 1973 & incorporated in JSP 361 March 1981. I have some pictures somewhere including one still in use as a cider tent. I agree with you that there is poor coverage of tentage. I try to take pictures at shows when I see an interesting example. Quite funny really when I ask if I could get closer to take a picture, the owner of the restored vehicle proudly stands back & a little surprised when I say I'm not much interested in the vehicle, I want a picture of the tent!
  8. Still goes on! The Handbook of Army Materiel Tentage Supplement No.2 describes the 9x9 Mk II. It was the lightweight version of the original Mk 1 needing four poles less as well as a few subtle changes. When the handbook was reprinted, instead of using the details of the Mk II, a nit-wit used the photos & diagrams from the Mk I. A bit later it was updated into JSP361/2 & another nit-wit failed to check the relevance to the actual tent in use & rehashed all the wrong images, which by now were of pretty poor quality.
  9. fv1609

    Saracen crowd controller

    Chris yes that was an early ram applied to many Mk 1 Pigs inspired by, although not so sophisticated as, the bar rams used by the RUC. They retained the flat rams in their Mk 2 role, but early on one can see Mk 1 Pigs side by side having either type of ram. At least two flat ram Mk 1 Pigs can be seen in Bloody Sunday footage. The standard tubular ram was also adapted to fit Thornycroft water cannon. The problem with the flat & tubular Army rams was that they were often not low enough to deflect debris on the ground, so that many of the tubular rams had to have hinged drop down pieces to go reach further down. The RUC had already realised the need for a deep ram, they had developed an adjustable ram that was slightly snow plough shaped. Such a ram can be seen on 3071 EZ which incidentally was the only FV1611 they had, the other 9 Pigs were FV1609 with locally built armoured roofs. 3071 EZ became 27 BT 91 in Army service where it retained the original ram for while.
  10. fv1609

    Saracen crowd controller

    Looks like a fantasy job. Ram barricade FV828611 was fitted to most Mk2 & a few Mk1 Pigs, very few were fitted to Saracens it was the same ram. The thing in the picture doesn't look the same & a reverse flow air cooling Saracen seems a strange choice to fit such an embellishment. Note that this is for pushing barricades not crowds the name is widely but wrongly used & originates from an earlier equipment that was designed for that purpose.
  11. I've had similar. At the end of the exchange he swung his hand round & I thought he was going to hit me but instead patted the Pig & smiled saying "It's lovely to see her again. Thank you for bringing her." Many times I've had knowledgeable vets who declare "Know all about these mate, used to drive them. The good old Sarrycan"
  12. fv1609

    Triumph 3HW spark plug

    The plug is a RSN13P a screened plug with a single side platinum electrode. The plug is so fouled that there is no spark across the official gap! Do some aircraft plugs have 3 electrodes? I wonder how they behave or meant to behave? Then to tilt the topic even more I have a BIOS report of the German WW2 development of sparking plugs for use at high altitudes with an HT of only 700v !
  13. fv1609

    Triumph 3HW spark plug

    Ron yes its good to talk about these things & explore the subject. This is not to argue but to explore a bit further. But is there only one spark on a 3-point plug? This is a picture I took of a fouled up plug & there were several of them at it!
  14. fv1609

    Triumph 3HW spark plug

    That's an interesting link thank you. I see that the spark gap is quite large on a magneto ignition compared with distributor ignition & the current is much higher as well. Maybe the erosion rate is shared on a 3-point plug? Do plugs wear out more rapidly than in a distributor system, although I suppose perhaps they do as a vehicle may have 4 or more plugs to share the work which is at a lower current? That would explain why m/cycles seem to be the most generous of the producers of RFI. I didn't say that before in case it looked unduly rude. Anyway Ron that was an interesting lesson learned, thank you.
  15. fv1609

    Triumph 3HW spark plug

    Ron I have no experience of magnetos my observations are just based on vehicle ignition. I think I measured the current flow in a typical ignition system whilst running was 7ma. I think that equated to a drop of 10v in an HT of about 7kV in a suppressed lead or lead with a suppressor. Over the years I often heard of people advising that suppressed leads should be removed & copper used & to use no suppressors. But I think some of that sprung from problems of resistive cables failing & in particular the termination of the inner conductor. I wouldn't have thought a magneto system would require a higher current as that would only increase electrode erosion, we all know higher current on a welder melts metal faster. As an aside at most shows I operate an amateur radio station on 50, 70 & 144 MHz on the lower two bands RFI is pretty extension & on some occasions wiping out quite strong signals. This interference can be homed in on with the yagi antenna long before I can hear or see the offending vehicle. So sometimes wonder if the ignitions systems are run with minimal suppression in belief of improved performance or whether the vehicles are being run to the original wartime spec. If it is the latter I would have thought it would have been an issue for wireless communication within a unit. Also no amount of camouflage or stealthy driving can disguise the onset of a vehicle up to a quarter of a mile away. I know this because I am in a radio group at WPR adjacent to the main road where I could detect on coming vehicles & then view them disappear along the main road. Given their speed I estimate that they could still be detected up to a quarter of a mile away with a directional antenna.
  16. fv1609

    Triumph 3HW spark plug

    The incorporation of resistance in an HT lead is not just beneficial for RFI suppression but it helps curb the rate of erosion on the plug electrode. The current flow is very small & the introduction of a seemingly high resistance into the circuit results in a drop of only tens of volts which is minimal with an HT of thousands of volts.
  17. fv1609

    Odd DPM Trousers, no pockets...

    Catalogue of Ordnance Stores & Ammunition (COSA) Section CG covers combat clothing, this was essentially the NSN reincarnation of Vocabulary of Army Ordnance Stores (VAOS) Section CG
  18. Martin I've got some of those, which particular head/hand sets are you interested in? It also lists the IPCs for each & circuit diagrams.. Does your Cable Assembly Switch Electrical Screened (coiled) have the MOD plate with "2" struck through? If not there is an important mod (blue paper) The harness has some content in L 800
  19. EMER TELECOMMUNICATIONS C 740 Clansman Audio Accessories. Data Summary. C 742 Clansman Audio Accessories. Technical Description C 743 Clansman Audio Accessories. Unit Repairs C 747 Clansman Audio Accessories. Mod. Instrs C 749 Clansman Audio Accessories. Misc. Instrs
  20. It looks like the documents to look for are EMER WHEELED VEHICLES U 330/1 - 339/1 the Data Summary U 330/1 would give the details of associated publications eg parts list, servicing schedule, CES, UHB (if there was one) REME Museum would be best bet. PS There is AC No.60231 Servicing Schedule, Trailer, Recovery, Light. Sep.1968 but I don't off hand know if it is the correct one.
  21. fv1609

    Land Rover FFR

    Most pictures & descriptions for Clansman installations in Rovers are for Series Rovers not TUL/TUM. Traditionally the layout for a radio installation in a Rover was not in EMER WHEELED VEHICLES nor EMER TELECOMMUNICATIONS but in EMER COMMUNICATION INSTALLATIONS. The Series Rovers were covered in sections M 050-059 to M 740-749 But the Clansman installations in TUL & TUM were Army Coded publications, below is the majority of them as at 1999.
  22. fv1609

    HUMBER-FV1600 new forum

    There was a Humber FV1600 forum on yahoo groups that fell into disuse. I have migrated this across to groups.io There 68 members at the moment but new members are welcome to discuss & get advice on any Humber in the FV1600 series whether they own a Humber or not, it is not exclusively for Pigs. Many groups in various hobbies have made this change as the format is more user friendly & side steps the privacy concerns that some have with the earlier forum set up. Members can post pictures (that are relevant!) & create their own album https://groups.io/g/HUMBER-FV1600
  23. fv1609

    HUMBER-FV1600 new forum

    That's two new members in the last half hour
  24. fv1609

    Bofors technical information ?

    There are some references to springs in the pages I've posted that may have similarities of function to yours. Thanks Adrian, as I said I know nothing about armaments