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  1. War & Peace Revival - 2018

    I have already sent in my details with our group entry.
  2. Who's going out in the snow then?

    What snow? None here just a sunny day with a bit of wind.
  3. Ferret Wiring....

    James I don't think you will find a full circuit diagram incorporating the alternator as that was a separate modification. The alternator & its associated wiring is covered towards the end of this:
  4. Part Numbers

    Not that I know of, there are some forum members who have access at work who may be able to cross reference it to something more meaningful. The other thing is to put up some pictures of the item from various angles against a ruler & someone may recognise it. Or if you suspect it might be for a particular vehicle or piece of equipment search the appropriate parts lists as these should include the manufacturer's drawing number or pattern as well as the NSN & DMC.
  5. Part Numbers

    I suspect that the entry under PATT is a design pattern or specification & as yet not been codified as the IMC (Inventory Management Code) has not been completed? Maybe this item is used by the manufacturer or some earlier modification & not yet reached the status of a demandable item of supply so not codified?
  6. Part Numbers

    Modern MOD parts should ideally consist of a NSN (or at least part of it being the NIIN) & usually preceded by a DMC (Domestic Management Code). The DMC will determine which of the three Services use it & the broad category of the item. You've given no indication of what sort of items they are or the era of these items which could be codified with some earlier system eg VAOS. Or if it is RN it is extraordinarily complex if you glance through this: Sight of the label might just give some clues to be able to help you.
  7. Parts Form British Army Mk 12 Stove

    Yes please that would be interesting as I'm intrigued by the AESP octad, perhaps they share a common burner? You did well to get the manuals as I saw your FOI drew a blank. I'll PM my email
  8. Parts Form British Army Mk 12 Stove

    Just wondering what is a "British Army Mk 12 Stove"? That AESP seems to relate to Heater Portable Field Accommodation Dantherm VA-M 15 and 40 https://www.dantherm.com/uk/mobile-heating-cooling/product-range/va-m15mkii-tent-heating/
  9. Part Numbers

    Could you post a picture of the label? Are you sure it is DML not DMC? When you say MOD is there any indication which Service it is packaged for?
  10. FV426 Pics Needed - Help!

    David I've gone through everything they hold at Bovington & Chris Gibson has done the PRO. That's assuming everything is filed correctly, most museum libraries I find stuff wrongly attributed & mighty difficult it is to get it corrected. But things drift into archives from time to time so we may get lucky one day & I always hope something might turn up from Lizzie.
  11. FV426 Pics Needed - Help!

    David it wasn't upwards as the FVRDE Spec required: "A pair of missile exit doors shall be provided on each side of the vehicle. They shall be of the sliding type and shall be operated manually by rack and pinion. Provision shall be made for rendering the doors watertight for wading and flotation in the minimum time possible. They shall be designed to be proof against bullet 'splash'." I'm not sure of the context of how the ultimate drawing will be used. But the Report No.38 to which I referred indicates that three vehicles were built. I don't have that previous page but notes indicate that as the result of a meeting in Dec 1958 the vehicle was accepted on hot weather trials in the Middle East subject to some modification. Three vehicles were modified & flown to the Middle East in May 1959.
  12. FV426 Pics Needed - Help!

    Derek I can't envisage that vertically opening doors would have enough room unless they jut out above the vehicle profile & down to the track area. It would be a lot of work for one man to wind up the lower door to close up or to raise the upper door when opening up. A better division of labour & time, would be the rear loader winding his horizontally mounted door back & forth with the front loader winding his door in a similar manner. The effort for opening & closing doors would be the same & for each operator & presumably faster than just one man doing the work. This Spec was Jan 1959, what would be interesting is to get hold of MoS Fighting Vehicles Division, Development Liaison Report 38 Sept 1959. I have some pages that cover OW in relation to FV1620 being the launch vehicle (with possibility of Malkara use as well) & LWB Land Rover. Doubt was expressed that Ferret for the control vehicle to due weight & volume of the control equipment. This is on page 35, I suspect FV426 may have had some coverage on page 34. It should not be assumed FV426 would have been abandoned by now because alternative launchers were being planned. This is because FV426 was required for a Global War Role, whereas airportable launchers like FV1620 & Land Rovers were needed for limited local warfare.
  13. Wooden box

    That's an interesting link but what I have is Air Publication 1086 which is the main Vocabulary for RAF stores. I have a lot of FAP 1086 but being fiche is going to be too modern. Had a brief look but not come across it yet.
  14. Wooden box

    10D is RAF Vocabulary Section for Radio & radar, modulators, panels, receivers, transmitters etc. Not very specific I know but tells you it was RAF. Somewhere I have AP 1086 vocab that may list it, I'll try to find it.