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  1. It looks like the documents to look for are EMER WHEELED VEHICLES U 330/1 - 339/1 the Data Summary U 330/1 would give the details of associated publications eg parts list, servicing schedule, CES, UHB (if there was one) REME Museum would be best bet. PS There is AC No.60231 Servicing Schedule, Trailer, Recovery, Light. Sep.1968 but I don't off hand know if it is the correct one.
  2. fv1609

    Land Rover FFR

    Most pictures & descriptions for Clansman installations in Rovers are for Series Rovers not TUL/TUM. Traditionally the layout for a radio installation in a Rover was not in EMER WHEELED VEHICLES nor EMER TELECOMMUNICATIONS but in EMER COMMUNICATION INSTALLATIONS. The Series Rovers were covered in sections M 050-059 to M 740-749 But the Clansman installations in TUL & TUM were Army Coded publications, below is the majority of them as at 1999.
  3. fv1609

    HUMBER-FV1600 new forum

    That's two new members in the last half hour
  4. fv1609

    HUMBER-FV1600 new forum

    There was a Humber FV1600 forum on yahoo groups that fell into disuse. I have migrated this across to groups.io There 68 members at the moment but new members are welcome to discuss & get advice on any Humber in the FV1600 series whether they own a Humber or not, it is not exclusively for Pigs. Many groups in various hobbies have made this change as the format is more user friendly & side steps the privacy concerns that some have with the earlier forum set up. Members can post pictures (that are relevant!) & create their own album https://groups.io/g/HUMBER-FV1600
  5. fv1609

    Bofors technical information ?

    There are some references to springs in the pages I've posted that may have similarities of function to yours. Thanks Adrian, as I said I know nothing about armaments
  6. fv1609

    Bofors technical information ?

    This is from the EMER ARMARMENT series B 520-529 So I don't know what you make of L2 & L3 in this instance? I think here L (meaning Land service) is the later incarnation of Mk.
  7. fv1609

    Bofors technical information ?

    There are large collections of EMERs on all subjects held by the REME Museum. I'm not into guns so sorry I may have got the wrong weapon, what is the exact military nomenclature of the gun?
  8. fv1609

    Bofors technical information ?

    Found another battery.
  9. fv1609

    Bofors technical information ?

    Bit of coverage in the Technical Description. There is also some advice in Unit Repairs, I'll do those when the battery on my camera has charged up again.
  10. fv1609

    Bofors technical information ?

    I wondered if there were any clues about the performance of the springs in EMER ARMAMENT B 528 although this is the Technical Handbook - Inspection Standard, it is only a Unit Inspection Standard & I can find nothing there to help you I'm afraid. I don't have it, but more details of performance may be found in EMER ARMAMENT A 521/33 Examination of Ordnance, Examination Data for Specific Equipments. EMER Armament B 522 Technical Handbook - Technical Description may have something or even in: B 523 Unit Repairs B 254 Part 1 Field Repairs B 254 Part 2 Base Repairs I have B 522-254, I'll try & find them & have a look. I know nothing about armaments so could you explain where the springs are located & what they do, this will help me narrow down the areas I should be looking for.
  11. fv1609

    Mystery Object No. 204

    I found the technical content of MV Magazine good, I even used to read Graham Lycet's Jeep column! Because it focused on mechanical issues that had some commonality for tastes in all vehicles. I only had the privilege of having one article published on yes you've guessed it, EMERs but it focussed on the little known & little understood EMECs & EMIs. I don't find any MV mag nowadays that matches up to the technical level of MV M This MO only cropped up because of the remote control thread that was running reminded me of this Humber project was worth covering.
  12. fv1609

    Mystery Object No. 204

    Yes the mirror arm was a good clue. As you will have observed this is a FV1609A which is the real & officially designated Humber, 1 Ton, Armoured, Mk 1 not to be confused with FV1611 etc that through ignorance assumed the label of "Mk 1". Often ignored is that many of these later Pigs have a cab contract plate that is correctly stamped Mk 2, which confuses some owners who realise their Pig was not up-armoured into what the Army incorrectly called a "Mk 2". Although this FV1609A has a hard top it is not the hard top of a FV1611, as this has a single pistol port at the sides. This single port each side is an indication of demountable armoured roof that was under consideration to role out with the FV1609A at the same time as introducing the FV1611 series. It was not found practicable & was discontinued. Apart from the RUC hard top conversions in 1960, the only other type of hard top around was one built not by FVRDE but the RAC Equipment Wing in 1957 as a replacement for the Halftrack as an ACV. It was found to be adequate but not ideal & the project was dropped in anticipation of the availability of the Saracen ACV. Anyway the RAC Humber hardtop had double side hatches that were quite large, so it is not this one. The trailer I assume is for generator to supply the additional electrical needs, as 25A from the dynamo isn't a lot of good. There are marker lights on the front wings & front & rear on the roof to warn pedestrians at Chertsey that the thing was on the move. I think the front width gauges are to help the operator as the wing edges would not be visible through the "Sportsview" camera. I suspect the steering column was controlled by a rack & pinion. I remember Dale Prior had a Champ with this on its steering column. The view of experts was that this was most likely a remnant of a remote control mechanism. I think there was a piece on it in the much lamented MV Magazine that was a super mag designed for & written by a collection of experts in their particular fields that was very hands-on for those who like working on their vehicles rather than just looking at pictures of pretty vehicles lined up at a show. Rather unlike the swish mags that are available now.
  13. fv1609

    Mystery Object No. 204

    Richard yes indeed it is.
  14. fv1609

    Mystery Object No. 204

    Yes Richard well done absolutely spot on! Any idea on the vehicle? There are a few clues in the first photo. The multi-lens camera is reminiscent of a BBC Sportsview camera of the 1950s & its position suggests it for the remote driver's benefit. Whilst the top camera looks to be rotatable & for a more generalised assessment of the area as Marvin the Martian suggested.
  15. fv1609

    Mystery Object No. 204

    That could well be an application for this interesting experiment. My assessment of date would be 1958-59.