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  1. fv1609

    Can't display full page

    Chris ok thanks. Yes there is indeed a shield & if I relax tracking then the page opens & displays as it used to on the laptop. However on the PC there is also shield showing tracking is blocked, but despite this it still lets the pages display fully. So seems a bit odd.
  2. fv1609

    Paint Colour - 2 Gallon POW tins

    Yes it was renamed to that in 1949 after the big 1948 rewrite.
  3. fv1609

    Can't display full page

    Chris thanks for coming back. I can't find any settings/options that might help. Both PC & laptop were updated to the latest version of Firefox at the same time a few days ago. I have compared the settings on both & they seem identical.
  4. fv1609

    Paint Colour - 2 Gallon POW tins

    According to the records I have: 626 Camouflage Grey was not added until 1988 629 Quaker Grey 632 Dark Battleship Grey became Dark Admiralty Grey in 1949 Prior to 1948 the previous standard of 1931 used only two digits, so of those there was just 29 & 32. (At that time 26 was Middle Brunswick Green later to become 226)
  5. fv1609

    Can't display full page

    For some days now I can no longer get the full page to display & just shows the bare bones without the "skin". I find it difficult to navigate. The problem is only on the laptop, on the PC where I am now everything is normal. I cleared my cookies on the laptop, but that has made no difference. Whether I use the existing bookmark or follow a link from an email notification, it is just the same. Both devices use Firefox & don't get this problem on any other site. Any ideas please?
  6. fv1609

    Paint Colour - 2 Gallon POW tins

    Post #82 http://www.mapleleafup.net/forums/showthread.php?t=25034&page=3 Is an interesting one for the brown water can denyers as brown persisted into the immediate post-war period. It interesting to see a documented starting point & for some documented continuation of brown, see my post on 10th August 2011
  7. fv1609

    New toys, research advice required

    Nigel as you know the internet is riddled with guff that the Hornets were modified Pigs, which is utter nonsense. One would be tempted to think that the Hornets would have been based on FV1602 having a FFW facility already but an oil fed 25A dynamo was of no use. The Hornets were built from the FV1601, the weedy 12A dynamo was of no use either as 100A alternators were fitted & the engines were redesignated as B60 Mk 5F. The internet & even EMERs state it was a Mk 5A, which is wrong, if you look at Hornet engine plates they are restamped 5F. There is a wealth of nonsense out there, even airborne related sites get so many things wrong. So many sites copy from each other & make unfounded & extraordinary assumptions. Even copying data from official Hornet publications is misleading because they were written before the Hornets went into production & relate to the prototypes. An accurate description of their development & deployment is covered in Hornet specific chapter in the limited edition book The Parachute Squadron RAC 1965-76.
  8. fv1609

    New toys, research advice required

    Yes and yours had a unique history, I don't think any other Humber went through so many structural & role changes, from being a 310125.01.777 !!
  9. fv1609

    New toys, research advice required

    27 BK 21 Contract No. 6/V/6443 Asset Code 314659.01.777 FV1602A (ie GS FFW with no winch) Engine No.8482 Delivered to 31st B Vehicle Depot Church Broughton 14/12/54 Receipt Voucher CBR/R/27210 In 1966 the structure of Asset Codes changed to a simpler (for the computer to understand) but less informative format. When converted to a Pig (Mk 1) FV1612A it was coded 1766.0501 When converted to Mk 2 it did not retain FFW role as FFR & become 1765.2501 But became 1760.2501 which is APC role as FV1611 Photo is IWM Ref. NI 70/29/3 which looks like it might give a clue to the date.
  10. fv1609

    New toys, research advice required

    Well I can't beat that for detail. Interesting to see it became 75 MS 181 for final sale.
  11. fv1609

    New toys, research advice required

    To be going on with, in NI still a Mk 1 at this stage.
  12. fv1609

    New toys, research advice required

    Oh stupid me. I'll sort that might be a little while to pull it together.
  13. fv1609

    New toys, research advice required

    27 BK 51 FV1602 (ie CT FFW) Contract No. 6/V/6443 Chassis No. 02751 Engine No. 4832 Delivered to 31st B Vehicle Depot Church Broughton 29/12/54 Receipt Voucher CBR/R/2646 Converted to FV1612 (ie Armoured FFW) circa 1959-60 Contract No. 6/V/27210 Struck Off Census BAOR 12/9/67 One of about 200 recovered in 1972 Converted to Mk 2 FV1611 role in Operation Bracelet June 1972-Sept 1973 Disposal date not known
  14. fv1609

    Champ engine torque settings

    Phil but what manual are you looking in? EMER POWER S 528 Inspection Standards B40 Crankshaft main bearing nuts High 425 lb in Low 400 lb in It also lists the torques for 3/8 & 5/16 set screws if you want them Flywheel bolts High 475 lb in Low 450 lb in I remember once snapping a stud on a flywheel forgetting it was inches not pounds!
  15. It is as well to have it & defines the document precisely. A museum library ought to make use of those identifiers, that's how I catalogue my collection as nature intended. I'm away from home but I did buy direct the Catalogue of RE Stores in the 1990s, mind you it took over a year for them to process the order as my UIN at the time put me at I think Priority 8 which is as low as it can be! Would these things of interest still have been in service then?