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  1. Thoughts on the New Forum Layout?

    Not that birthdays are that important but if the are to be displayed could they be DD/MM/YYYY rather than the US MM/DD/YYYY thanks.
  2. Thoughts on the New Forum Layout?

    PS Apologies, some of what I had said has been fixed or maybe I hadn't grasped it properly before I took my sabbatical. I have found the way to read in full the last post in full in a particular thread. Out of interest is that a fix or had I not grasped it at first?
  3. Thoughts on the New Forum Layout?

    I have avoided coming on the forum for just over a month, I've been waiting to see how things would settle down. Catching up on the posts I must comment on the patience exercised by Joris & the speed with which he has responded to suggestions & observations. I was afraid at first that the new set-up may have been set in stone & completely non-adjustable. In my month of absence, I have found that despite the new set-up, there is no other forum that encompasses such a wide range of interests for MV enthusiasts & I would hate to see it fail. I am very grateful for the space allowed for me in Clive's Corner as a reference place for previously published articles & articles that are no longer considered acceptable for publication. The latter is because even for club magazines they are considered to be too detailed & don't have enough colour photos to sustain the interest of the average reader. It is sad that technical articles like these can have no printed platform, so I am grateful for them being hosted here, I hope to the benefit of those who want to read them. Whilst acknowledging the hard work put in by Joris & his continuing vigilance, may I make just a few suggestions for improvements that are not intended as criticisms? Like many, I miss “Today's Posts” I know there is “Recently Updated Topics”. That tells you the thread title & when it started & by whom, but not what is new. To find that out you click on it & that takes you to the very first post which may have many pages, so you have to click on the last page. But that is not the last post, for that you may have to scroll down sometimes 30 posts to get to the most recent post. The alternative is to click on the right side to “All Activity” & I appreciate this tab is easier than before when you had to go to the left side “Activity” tab then choose “All Activity”. This is good because you then get who has responded with the latest post displayed at the top. But there are only two lines of the post displayed, to get the whole post you have to open the complete thread. Please remember that not all of us have broadband. I have to rely on a weak phone link that has limitations of availability, speed & data allowance. If the previous posts in the thread are picture-heavy it can take a while to find out whether the latest post has useful content or not. So, could the full content of the last post be displayed in “All Activity” please? I appreciate that this is “All Activity” but could it be changed to “All Posting Activity”? At present we have to see who has started watching a particular thread or changed their profile, which I think many of us would regard as superfluous information. On the subject of superfluous information, “Today's Birthdays” are of no interest to me, not even when it is my birthday! Also “Popular Contributors” doesn't necessarily mean they are popular but perhaps prolific & it perpetuates the belief that a high level of posts is something to aspire to & the more posts you make the more superior you are in some way. Yes, I know I am a high poster, so it means nothing & as yet not achieved “Popular” status. But I realise I can ignore these “features” but they just contribute to front page clutter. If they are really considered desirable bury then in a tab or could we turn them off in the user's control panel? The only other thing is the fish-eye distortion of our avatars. Can there be an option for a non-fish-eye distorted view? I know it works well for some, but my avatar looks rather un-aerodynamic. Thank you for quickly unlocking the threads in Clive's Corner & hosting the articles that can't be read elsewhere! PS Something I can't master is having previewed a post then spotting an error I can't correct it. If I go back I loose the whole text, luckily I put this on my clip-board & redid it.
  4. Welcome back!

    What I miss is the listing of posts of the last 24 hours, it seems to be replaced with Recently Updated Topics, which is fine if you are popping in several times a day. But if you are checking perhaps just once a day I imagine quite a few posts would fall from being flagged up. Is there perhaps a way to extend Recently Updated to cover a rolling 24 hour period?
  5. Welcome back!

    I'm sure I'll get used to the new open plan, you have certainly been very busy. Looking at my articles, although the threads are there, the links are dead & say the page does not exist. There are a couple that link direct to my Dropbox which are ok. But maybe these are things on the yet to do list that you know about.
  6. Sabre clansman question

    I imagine what you need to look for is the EMER COMMUNICATIONS INSTALLATIONS E100-E109 which is the general FV100 series section (& includes E102 - FV102 Striker) Sabre is not specified but the series is further detailed in: E040 - FV107 Scimitar E150 - FV103 Spartan E200 - FV104 Samaritan E250 - FV105 Sultan E300 - FV106 Samson
  7. Voltmeter advice needed

  8. Voltmeter advice needed

    Peter but is the meter set at zero correctly when you did that check? That large screwdriver slot on the front is to zero set it, or maybe the zero point various if you have the meter vertical or horizontal?
  9. The thing to watch though is that with coax feed coming in, the port hole obviously has to be open to a degree, but if it rains, water gets blown into the orifice & also tracks along the coax to make it wet inside. Not a massive ingress but when I sleep in the back the end of my sleeping bag would soon get soaked. I have been told that in service the sock is everted when coax is used with a slight dip in the coax externally minimises wetness.
  10. Berlin Brigade Challengers

    I don't know, there is no mention of the 1863 conference in RAMC Training 1911 from where I took those extracts. Strangely the 1908 & 1899 editions make no references the Convention, nor do the forerunners for RAMSC 1885 & 1894. All of them refer to use of the red cross on white to identify hospitals & ambulances (in the original meaning not just ambulance wagons)
  11. Berlin Brigade Challengers

    Going back to the entitlement to display a red cross on a white background, armies have had a far longer entitlement to use the symbol than have Red Cross Societies. I know things have changed but historically it was conceived for the use of the medical services of armies as laid down in the Geneva Convention 1864 with no recognition of any Red Cross Societies let alone their entitlement to adopt the symbol. The military use of the symbol was emphasised further in the Geneva Convention 1906 with the State authorising the use of the symbol by Red Cross Societies only to render assistance to army medical services. The relevant 1906 Articles emphasising the military purpose of the symbol. So going back to green first aid box on the Challenger, has Article 19 been revoked?
  12. British Army Military Infantry Vehicle

    I know its only a 6x6 but it reminds me of this I saw at BAEE 1998
  13. No. 2 Mk 2 Generator wanted

    Niels as you know you can easily test the Generator No.1 either running it as a motor or energising the field winding then spinning it & observing the voltage output. Of course neither option exists on the Generator No.2 because of the gear box. With the pulley it weighs in at just over 25kg so is not a lot of fun changing it especially getting that blasted lower oil pipe connected! It would be possible to energise the field winding & rotate the pulley to test for an output. Fitting up some sort of jig with a drive source of sufficient torque to rotate the pulley would be a pain & it would rule out an in the field test. You cannot spin the pulley, the best I can manage is to sharply turn the pulley through 180 degrees. But I thought this should be sufficient to give some sort of output to assess if it was a useable generator or not. Using a variable voltage bench power supply I energised the field winding to get only a modest current flow. I found that at 7.0 volts it drew 3.14 amps. After a few minutes of warming up it settled down to 3.09 amps, by Ohms Law this gave a warm resistance of 2.26 ohms. This is spot on as the Inspection Standard quotes 2.02 - 2.48 ohms. Although no temperature is quoted, manufacturing standards would probably give a more precise tolerance, it may be that the range quoted also gives a tolerance for extremes of temperature. Measuring low resistances with a multimeter is notoriously difficult to do as the scale is limited & there is the resistance of the leads & integrity of the plugs & the contact you make on the item being tested. So drawing a current & measuring the voltage is a good way to measure low resistance. So to energise the field I connected: Pin C 7v +ve Pin B -ve Pin A to voltmeter +ve Pin B to voltmeter -ve By steadying the generator with one hand & sharply turning the pulley with the other, I was able to produce one volt output. I tried this several times on two generators but one volt was the most I could achieve. This seems to be a satisfactory outcome as both generators provide good 28v or so output. Not the most elegant of tests but I like it because it is a "bloke in the shed" style of test that hopefully can be easily repeated be it in the shed or when going to view a take-off generator.
  14. Berlin Brigade Challengers

    Terry yes obviously a dark & un-patterned scheme is appropriate for those areas. I was quoting from a copy of letter I have from the then Garrison Commander who devised the scheme stating that he used only three colours & the patterns were to be large irrespective of the size of the vehicle.
  15. No. 2 Mk 2 Generator wanted

    Jim if you find one that is a take-out & want to test it before installing, I have devised a simple way of testing that it is delivering output.