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  1. If you need the rubber bung. you need the rectangular rubber gasket that fits in the rim of the cover. Unfortunately neither are identified as demandable items other than being part of the cover PX19354 for the early battery box. I see the later battery box cover FV63144 has a matching gasket FV363145, but I don't know if that will fit yours or not.
  2. As Richard says the odd thing about this category of trailer is that it has mudguards. Using "flash fill" you can see that the panels are flat & reinforced by vertical channelling. Doesn't match up to anything I can think of.
  3. Yes very much that sort thing. A double aggression can be triggered if the vehicle in question has a collecting box for a Service charity, because to question anything about the vehicle is seen as not just an affront to the owner but is taken as criticism of the act of collecting for charity. I should say that there are some very nice people with very nice sensible vehicles who do an excellent job fund raising. I imagine most of us in our own ways give to charities without making a fuss about it & would have no reason to criticise anyone fund raising but that should really not be a smoke screen to create an immunity from questions or comments even when they are politely presented. Some years ago I was looking with astonishment at Mk2 Pig at W&P that had a number of quite strange embellishments & markings that made it look somewhat ridiculous. I was confronted by an ex-NI veteran who assumed the vehicle was mine & was clearly upset who started to admonish me for the way it was presented as being totally unrealistic & he felt that it dishonoured him & his colleagues. By chance I happened to see this Pig in a museum a couple of months ago. It still had all the nonsense but it had a number of other issues relating to servicing. Polite mentioning of these issues was met with indifference, undaunted I followed up with an email offering to help with a Servicing Schedule & any copies of documents or photos to help with presenting & running the vehicle. I did get a response but only after I had posted some observations on TripAdvisor. I got a very aggressive response wanting to visit me & see what vehicles I had & how well restored they were also wanting to know what I had published about MVs. Yes & of course they use it in connection with collecting for Service charities & a very worthy thing to do, which I am not criticising. So that was the trump card, I had no right to say anything presumably?
  4. Your best bet is to join https://www.vmars.org.uk/
  5. 2590-99-802-9183 identifies it in VAOS as LV6/MT4/CB/BCK30 although one could have constructed that oneself, such is logic of VAOS unlike the NIIN of NSNs. It also identifies a Prestolite no. 1871300 Unfortunately there is no RAF Vocab identified but as a double check I went through the AP 1086 Section 16E & drew a blank. Had it been listed it would have given a vehicle application, unlike VAOS that rarely states an application. It is a case of having a hunch about a vehicle then checking in the parts lists for a match. From EMER POWER is see BCK-30T was used in two applications. I assume T might means tropicalised. 24v & used in Regulator C25T fitted in Control Boards 155/6X & 155/9X. MWR used BCK-3 in Control Board 141-2
  6. I think that was Kane's Humber you are referring to, I think that went to somewhere like Belgium. I didn't mind people not appreciating my vehicles or asking strange questions as long as the they are not aggressive in their manner. I'm sorry to say I have witnessed some MV owners fly off the handle when someone has politely questioned some aspect of their vehicle & the questioner is dismissed as their opinion or observation is not valid because they don't own a MV themselves, although owning one is no guarantee you will be listened to either! There are actually some interesting people out there who may have intriguing insights into your vehicle, that can only come about through polite dialogue. I have had many interesting snippets of history come to light by keeping an open mind & a cool temper.
  7. Andy you mentioned "rarity value" but I'm not sure that is always the case. For some 14 years I used to display a Hornet/Malkara which was very rare indeed. Strangely if I was parked next to a Jeep or Land Rover those vehicles would command more interest from the public than the Hornet. I think the reason was people would like to own a Jeep/Land Rover, used to drive one or father used to etc whereas people would dismiss the Hornet as not real or home-made, suggesting it was built on a Land Rover asking silly questions about the smoke dischargers (not the missiles for some reason), asking if it floated & endless tapping of the armoured body. Sometimes veterans were the most aggressively dismissive stating that they served in the Army & never saw one so it clearly was a fantasy vehicle of my own making.
  8. I think if space is limited & vehicle applications are oversubscribed, then some people wanting to display a vehicle will be disappointed. So in that situation it seems reasonable that organisers would restrict entries so that there was not an excess of any one type. This is what has always happened at GDSF & seems to give a good spread of MVs of all types. PS I speak as one who has been excluded from a show because "I just had a Land Rover."
  9. Jon if you want dark green 1950s canvas 3m x 3m I recommend this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ExMOD-1953-Canvas-Heavy-Duty-Tarpaulin-Sheet-3mx3m-w-Brass-Eyelets-FREE-POSTAGE/333340565535?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 It arrived today NOS & smells nice : ) I got it to cover a farmyard implement outdoors & it looks very durable unlike the modern canvas I was looking at of a similar price.
  10. Other incarnations can be found below: WO Code No 17833 UHB WO Code No 12470 Parts List WO Code No 13168 Servicing Schedule WO Code 33869 Complete Equipment Schedule (CES) EMER WHEELED VEHICLES U 200/4 series Your contract number will define which you need. Is yours a FV2301(N) or FV2362?
  11. I think you will find the publications you need are: WO Code No 17833 UHB WO Code No 17812 Parts List WO Code No 10790 Servicing Schedule WO Code No 18339 Table No 1173 Table of Tools & Equipment (TOTE) EMER VEHICLES GENERAL Q 522/3 Technical Handbook
  12. fv1609


    If an Equipment Management Policy Statement/Letter has been raised in later years sometimes an estimate of the original cost of the equipment is given. Although I have documents for Ferret & Pig the indexes for EMPS & EMPL show that there was no such document for Saracen. The Catalogue of Materiel Authorised for Establishment Purposes (which is part of Materiel Regulations for the Army) will give a current book value. I only have the 1972 edition which shows a dramatic change from the quoted purchase price.
  13. Instinctively I expect AFV components to be dark green in some form & if it is aircraft I expect it to be black. I have just run that manufacturer's part number past several million NSNs to see if it has been codified, but nothing came up. So looks unlikely that it is a component for a tank.
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