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  1. So what did you find was the problem? Sounds to be running nicely. The User Handbook won't give details of POLs etc this info is contained in the Servicing Schedule Army Code No.13068 The reason being that lubricants may become superseded as the result of improvements, changing role, obsolescence etc So a small pamphlet can be changed without too much difficulty, demonstrated by the fact that in more recent years the SS has been amended & revised in 1973, 1974, 1976, 1977, 1990 I have the latest version somewhere.
  2. If you wants guns & uniforms you'll enjoy it, if you want parts for especially British vehicles it may not be worth the effort. Although I have no interest in G&U I will probably go the 100 miles to enjoy the company & the quest for the unexpected.
  3. David fuel pumps in sealed packaging 2910-99-807-913 & 2910-99-807-4909 £50 each Solid brass Humber fuel tank tops £15 each Humber fuel switch £15 All on collection only basis from Malvern this Sunday 17th March. Please contact me only by PM please.
  4. Instrument panel, working & with trip reset control, nice take-off, repainted front panel £125 Box Interconnecting (junction & resistor ballast box) NOS in sealed bag £50 Generator Panel No.2 Mk 2/1 NOS (reconditioned) £100 Box Distribution No.1 Mk 1 might be NOS or a very nice take-off, inside cut-outs look nice & clean £75 For sale as collection only from Malvern this Sunday 17th March Please contact only by PM
  5. Jump lead with nice connectors £100 Pig passenger seat, back canvas very rare NOS £50 Pig passenger seat, seat canvas (used in other vehicles & some folding seats) £20 each or 3 for £50 Champ main loom (I believe) NOS £75 For sale by collection only at Malvern this Sunday 17th March Please contact by PM only
  6. Make your Pig restoration look authentic with genuine locker lids. The rear side locker lids are very rare, these are NOS slight surface rust. The front wing lids are not very common either these are good take-offs, the hasps are damaged but can be welded. See how much time it would take to make these & make them look realistic. £50 per lid or all four for £150. NOS Brake servo £100 These are for sale for collection only at Malvern this Sunday 17th March. Please contact me by PM only. More bits to follow!
  7. 9CVT is the Domestic Management Code (DMC) for CVR(T)
  8. Looking in COSA Section A3 Mountain and Snow Warfare Equipment it looks as if you may have: Mat, sleeping 8465-99-136-0620, 1900 mm long, 600 mm wide, 10 mm thick. Plastic, NATO green & white used for AMF (1) Role
  9. I would set the scanner to Grey (=Gray) Scale assuming these are B&W (don't use B&W setting as that is for scanning grubby documents where you just want crisp cleaned up lettering) Set resolution to 300 dpi Save as .jpg (This is the most widely used format that is relatively compact compared with say .bmp which will be many many times larger file) Then you can upload on here or attach as a pm or email to me
  10. Any chance of getting a picture of the Hornet please?
  11. Certainly confirms it as 1780-2501
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