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  1. fv1609

    Caunter-camouflaged gem at the YWE

    Looks like it is for sale: http://www.milweb.net/webvert/a3253/93963
  2. fv1609

    What are these wind screens from?

    Commer 1 Ton FV1601 ?
  3. fv1609

    Goodbye Piggy :(

    A drive back from the pub
  4. fv1609

    Goodbye Piggy :(

    Yes something like that.
  5. fv1609

    Goodbye Piggy :(

    I sold quite a lot before I moved but this is the final residue! I think the spares included with the vehicle itself are quite generous & the additional spares with many rare bits are worth more than I am asking. I know what happens, so often the buyer will haggle furiously to have all spares included, then the spares get sold off. This is short sighted if you intend to keep the vehicle long term, but often the vehicle is sold on without any spares for the same price or more than was originally paid. I will bide my time there is no great hurry it is not costing anything sat where it is undercover & in the dry.
  6. fv1609

    Goodbye Piggy :(

    I have had a couple of offers that I have declined. I'm going to see if I can upload the list of additional spares for separate purchase as these are worth much more than the advertised price. Pig Parts For Sale.pdf
  7. fv1609

    Goodbye Piggy :(

    Not really Bernard, I had a weekend of that in the Shorland, with "its not real", "its homemade" & "does it float?" Didn't get too much of that with the Pig, although many thought it was a converted Land Rover.
  8. fv1609

    Goodbye Piggy :(

    True of any relationship Paul! Yes I remember talking you out of buying it, but at least you were up front enough to tell me what you intended. Before I bought my other Pig from Bovington, I was going to buy the Pig you bought. But I told the seller that I (stupidly) intended to remove the NI bits & put it as a normal MK1. Quite rightly he refused to sell it to me & mercifully it survives today with its NI embellishments.
  9. fv1609

    Goodbye Piggy :(

    Thank you Richard. It was a hard decision to make acknowledging that the march of time makes one progressively less agile. I hope it goes to someone who realises its history & I believe uniqueness. Next year will be the anniversary of the Battle of the Bogside & it would a good back drop to a living history display. I think it may well be the oldest Pig, I know of two ex-RUC Pigs that are later serial numbers. Although they have been stripped of their excess armour strangely they have been restored to try to look like an Army Mk1, which they never were.
  10. fv1609

    Goodbye Piggy :(

    A sad day to have to do this: http://www.milweb.net/webvert/a3203/93724
  11. fv1609


    Usually a handful of vehicles, but this year we are not wanted as apparently there is no room.
  12. fv1609

    Front winch on a Land Rover

    The Mayflower winch required a different bumper. The original bumper together with the bumperettes were removed & returned to stores. The replacement was Bar, bumper, heavy duty Part No. 390-A1, which was contained in the modification kit Winch assembly 4000lb LV7/RU 2590-99-820-2894.
  13. fv1609

    Front winch on a Land Rover

    Winches were fitted to Rovers EMER WHEELED VEHICLES Q 029 Truck, ¼ & ¾ Ton, 4x4, Rover.Misc, Instr, No.18 Mounting winch. July 1963 Q 027 Truck, ¼ & ¾ Ton, 4x4, Rover. Mod, Instr, No.54 Mayflower winch. Sept. 1973 Q 027 Truck, ¼ & ¾ Ton, 4x4, Rover. Mod, Instr, No.55 Wombat winch. Aug. 1973
  14. fv1609

    Overlord Show 2018

    Well my RDF on 70.000 Mc/s was about right at 347.9 degrees. The main revelation was that the IoW wasn't where I thought it should be, must have slipped anchor & drifted in the night. Incidentally in the Sunday afternoon contest I'm standing at 25th of 35 entries so far submitted.
  15. fv1609

    Overlord Show 2018

    Well just got back today after a very hot & enjoyable weekend. Thank you to all who organised the show & are still clearing up. The planings on the upper roadway were a great improvement in keeping the dust down & would have avoided a mudway had we got the rain that was predicted. The water stand pipes were much more sturdy & reliable, I gather that the whole water supply network was relaid earlier on in the year. One of the many tasks that go on unnoticed in preparation for the event. As always at this show, the toilets were kept impeccably clean & serviced, the showers worked well. Thanks to all for the preparation & delivery of another successful show. It was worth the 500 mile round trip.