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  1. Just posted my support. My closing paragraph: I feel that it is important to give future generations a feel of what was going on. Many of the younger generations nowadays worry that civilisation is sliding into extinction, what they don’t seem to grasp is that we were under the threat of pretty much instant extinction! It would be as well for them to remember that, but they need to be told about it and I think this museum would help do that.
  2. Somewhere I have the User Handbook, Minelayer, Mechanical, Towed Equipment, Mk 1. Provisional Edition. July 1954, it was the subject of one of my Mystery Objects so there will be pictures on there.
  3. The No.16 alternator is covered in detail in AESP 2320-D-122-524 Chapter 13-2 which can be downloaded if you follow the links: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/request_for_aesp_relating_to_lan That is the base workshop repair info (Level 4) Don't get excited about 2320-D-122-522 as that is unit repairs (Level 2) & just shows you how to remove the alternator & refit it.
  4. Although that is 24v 90A that's a No.16 not covered in ACU which is mainly about No.10.
  5. Just renewed my MV insurance & I see KGM have included the wording below. If you don't like being made to go round the arena it seems the perfect get-out, if you enjoy that sort of thing then contact your MV broker for advice.
  6. My reference to losing the last decade switch was inspired by the 320/1 that sacrificed this switch on manufacture in order to have LSB & USB for use in Yugoslavia. I had believed some people emulated this on a 320 but good to know it can also be achieved by alternative means.
  7. Sorry was thinking of 320/1 that gained extra room for LSB & USB filters by elimination of the last tuning switch.
  8. John indeed yes a lot of preserved WW2 vehicles still continue to emit large amounts of RF interference right across the spectrum. At shows I operate on amateur bands from 80m-2m & it can be quite a problem for me, with a directional antenna I can identify an offending vehicle sometimes several hundred yards away. I would have thought if the ignition systems have actually been restored to their wartime spec then tactically it would have been a drawback not only to a unit's own comms but would also warn an enemy of an approaching threat no matter how much stealth was employed.
  9. I have a 320 but its not a problem, I don't use SSB. Occasionally there are USB nets on 80m organised by https://groups.io/g/VMARS-Member There are also the Sat morning nets on 3.615 Mc/s AM & most days AM QSOs can be had on that frequency. There was a recent thread on a LSB conversion by changing a filter rather than the usual mod that I believe for some reason sacrifices the fine tuning.
  10. JSP 361 shows no specific extension for a 9x9, but there is for 12x12 Extension J1 8340-99-135-9601
  11. Martin what is the book you have? To be applicable to your vehicle you need to look for publications in the AESP series 2320-D-122- I have 3 editions of 2320-D-122-201 Operating Information. It is only the 2nd edition that contains the circuit diagram. PM me your email & I'll sent the diagram The original headlight bulbs for yours were 12v 45/50w
  12. Let me know how you get on with a circuit diagram & that it is specific to your vehicle. If not let me know & can dig one out.
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