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  1. Has any one fitted a oxygen / propane mix with an igniter to the main gun its something i want to do . any advice would be most welcome . all i have found out is 70mm id for the bore is optimum so i will have to make the main gun to soot this . but i dont see why you couldn't fit it to the standard 30mm on the gun . So im looking for advice were to get the parts from what you did how you did it . etc . some one must have done this before .
  2. The picture the have is the type of thing i was thinking of doing but i was just going to put one in the end ,. ill give them a call
  3. £150 for the bin on its own no cover , Plus post or you can pick up . bin by two stroke Parts, on Flickr bin top by two stroke Parts, on Flickr
  4. Norbo

    CVRT NEW Large Back Bin

    I'll do some kind of a trade for the side bin under the exhort
  5. I see theatre maroons brings them up pyro plastic maroon did'nt I think for the odd time they will be used this may be a good idea I can hook up a trigger to the in turret battery . Only 2 problems i can see. 1. they are not sold to the public. 2. i would have to make a very secure screw on end to gun turret side and something to hold it , god forbid it blow the back of and fire inside . Unless some how i could fit it right at the end with the wire going all the way down the barrel sound better and look better as well that way . I think thats only safe way id be happy to use them if i could get 1 .
  6. were do you get the parts from . do you have pics of one set up . I have no idea what this is .
  7. Norbo

    CVRT break downs

    Thought this could be a good topic . What have you broken down from in the past ? How did you fix it ? and did you get stranded ,how did you get it back or did you fix it and carry on .
  8. Norbo

    CVRT break downs

    sounds like a lot of stuff for me to take a look at . sooner look at them before a go out rather then when it gos wrong thats the idea
  9. They wanted over 2.5K thats a way more then i want to spend to get a bang . nice bloke we had a good chat but this is a bit of fun and 2.5 K would buy a lot of stuff and for me at least is to much for a bang sound from the gun
  10. Thought this would be a good topic and give you a chance to post pictures of your vehicle in camo . This is a guy on face book i have spoken to he takes his tank to air soft . I think it looks great the way he has done it with small pics all over the pace . I Picked up this last week its a good sized piece and i think its a shame to cut it up to do the same so uill most likely just rool it up and stap it down 1 side and keep an eye open for some bits or a cheep one to cut up . So if you do this or have done this feel free to post a picture.
  11. Norbo

    Pictures of Camo on your tank

    LOL Think i would have yelled yo just see him jump ./ the cat could make a good decoration on the front .
  12. Norbo

    Pictures of Camo on your tank

    seems with no reply's i'm the only one who thinks camo on a tank looks cool , but i do and for my tank that's all that matters to me, any way, i picked this up yesterday its a patch camo unlike the other one that was solid .The other one is just to good and heavy to start cutting up but this large one only cost me £20 and its very big so plenty enough for me to cut up and use on the tank once i get it back home from Haywood tanks.
  13. spoke to them today says he will pass my numbers on when they get back from W&P . Doesn't mean its going to be affordable so if any one does have this s et up id still like to hear from you .
  14. Gave them a ring no one in so i left a message .
  15. Do you have a link to him i cant fined him using the search
  16. I spoke to Military muckabouts and they said they have done it before on bigger tanks and they used a 70mm pipe to make a real big bang . Im making scorpion type gun any way so 70mm is fine by me but just wondering who if any one has this all ready done who could assist me in it .
  17. any one every fitted one or an frame to pull stuff on there tank ? It was a bike rally this weekend not to far from me my tank was not ready for it but next year is will be and i want to take it and my bike so want to hook up something to pull it behind me. I just want to freak every one out when i pull up in a tank LOL.
  18. I have a Scimitar . I did a search and i get nothing may be a picture of an A frame or a cvrt with the a frame fitted but nothing towing anything .
  19. Norbo

    Wanted CVRT Small front bin

    im not going to use the 2 outer bins now as its a lot of trouble to move the indicators and the front to the horizontal type and ive seen one with just the middle bin so illl be selling my 2 side bins now but still need the middle bin if any one has one.
  20. I picked these up monday but the bloke didn't have the small middle one so I need the missing bin does any one have a spar one all so the side lights for a uk model they are on top of each other not side by side like these ones are the bins now get in there way DSC02115 by Norbo Lea, on FlickrDSC02114 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr
  21. Norbo

    Cvrt and heat

    I was thinking a capillary temp gauge and clock in to the top of the rad i have one fitted on my race bike . itswere to hook up a rev counter i cant work out to the fly wheel . ?
  22. Norbo

    Cvrt and heat

    sounds like something ill have to look in to my self . how did you plum both in on yours
  23. Norbo

    Discussion on the bling ferret

    I do intend on doing what i want with my tank but it seems im not the only one as i found this 3 tone scorpion in 3 colors i had in mined more dark burgundy red like red primer , so its not like my one will be the only one and even if it was so what . I did fined something elce in 3 time dont know what it is but its more the red i was thinking of
  24. feel free to discus this vehicle your opinions on the pros and cons .
  25. Norbo

    Discussion on the bling ferret

    Thast's because it was built to 1 persons Taste and not built to sell. Of course like a house your doing up to sell white walls neutral carpets and no personality . but in your own house you may like color and things that make your house yours not to every ones taste may be, but its your house. This guy did the same . personalty i would have removed the chrome and made it look more standard as the kind of people who want this vehicle what it to look more like every one else's vehicle . like when you look at house with wearied wallpaper and pink carpet you think ill have to pay extra to remove and replace that . her should have done the same removed the bling to get a better price . But each to there own