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  1. Been looking for over a yer my self youll be lucky to get one most likely have to make something in the e nd
  2. The picture the have is the type of thing i was thinking of doing but i was just going to put one in the end ,. ill give them a call
  3. I'll do some kind of a trade for the side bin under the exhort
  4. £150 for the bin on its own no cover , Plus post or you can pick up . bin by two stroke Parts, on Flickr bin top by two stroke Parts, on Flickr
  5. I see theatre maroons brings them up pyro plastic maroon did'nt I think for the odd time they will be used this may be a good idea I can hook up a trigger to the in turret battery . Only 2 problems i can see. 1. they are not sold to the public. 2. i would have to make a very secure screw on end to gun turret side and something to hold it , god forbid it blow the back of and fire inside . Unless some how i could fit it right at the end with the wire going all the way down the barrel sound better and look better as well that way . I think thats only safe way id be happy to use them if i could get 1 .
  6. were do you get the parts from . do you have pics of one set up . I have no idea what this is .
  7. sounds like a lot of stuff for me to take a look at . sooner look at them before a go out rather then when it gos wrong thats the idea
  8. They wanted over 2.5K thats a way more then i want to spend to get a bang . nice bloke we had a good chat but this is a bit of fun and 2.5 K would buy a lot of stuff and for me at least is to much for a bang sound from the gun
  9. LOL Think i would have yelled yo just see him jump ./ the cat could make a good decoration on the front .
  10. seems with no reply's i'm the only one who thinks camo on a tank looks cool , but i do and for my tank that's all that matters to me, any way, i picked this up yesterday its a patch camo unlike the other one that was solid .The other one is just to good and heavy to start cutting up but this large one only cost me £20 and its very big so plenty enough for me to cut up and use on the tank once i get it back home from Haywood tanks.
  11. spoke to them today says he will pass my numbers on when they get back from W&P . Doesn't mean its going to be affordable so if any one does have this s et up id still like to hear from you .
  12. Gave them a ring no one in so i left a message .
  13. Do you have a link to him i cant fined him using the search
  14. I spoke to Military muckabouts and they said they have done it before on bigger tanks and they used a 70mm pipe to make a real big bang . Im making scorpion type gun any way so 70mm is fine by me but just wondering who if any one has this all ready done who could assist me in it .
  15. Has any one fitted a oxygen / propane mix with an igniter to the main gun its something i want to do . any advice would be most welcome . all i have found out is 70mm id for the bore is optimum so i will have to make the main gun to soot this . but i dont see why you couldn't fit it to the standard 30mm on the gun . So im looking for advice were to get the parts from what you did how you did it . etc . some one must have done this before .
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