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  1. Im in Nottingham England . I gave it to a place neary 2 years back now and all they have done is fit a indicator switch so they dont blow the fuze fit the front lights and apparently they told me it needed 2 bearings in the gear box and all that gows with doing this like oil change etc. I have missed 2 summers now and frankly its just sunk me in to a deep depression at the loss of time .I missed my sons prom i was going to take him and his friends so that was all so abig down . Its just i was so excited at the time i got it then it all went to shit with broken promises and wasted time .
  2. Getting and Fitting a radio so i can talk to the people in the back is the biggest job then the air piping for heating that runs down the side is not complete the pop up stopper on the drivers hatch is missing and the cable pulley to open the night site is missing . Thats about it really . its just the transport alone will cost a fortune. i may just sell it or have a go doing it me self but now its winter and wet so nothing will get done until the spring again Its just so depressing after all this time being let down by the place i gave uit to almost 2 years back now
  3. Id have to brake my back all day to pay for 1 hour literal;y id flog my self all day for all week for less then 1 days work then the transportation on top .
  4. I have spoken to Rob and he's is a very nice guy but £45 an hour is more then i can afford.
  5. Who you you guys recommend to work on a Scimitar not any £40 an hour place but a reasonable place at a reasonable rate who actually gets the job done.
  6. Been looking for over a yer my self youll be lucky to get one most likely have to make something in the e nd
  7. The picture the have is the type of thing i was thinking of doing but i was just going to put one in the end ,. ill give them a call
  8. I'll do some kind of a trade for the side bin under the exhort
  9. £150 for the bin on its own no cover , Plus post or you can pick up . bin by two stroke Parts, on Flickr bin top by two stroke Parts, on Flickr
  10. I see theatre maroons brings them up pyro plastic maroon did'nt I think for the odd time they will be used this may be a good idea I can hook up a trigger to the in turret battery . Only 2 problems i can see. 1. they are not sold to the public. 2. i would have to make a very secure screw on end to gun turret side and something to hold it , god forbid it blow the back of and fire inside . Unless some how i could fit it right at the end with the wire going all the way down the barrel sound better and look better as well that way . I think thats only safe way id be happy to use them if i could get 1 .
  11. were do you get the parts from . do you have pics of one set up . I have no idea what this is .
  12. sounds like a lot of stuff for me to take a look at . sooner look at them before a go out rather then when it gos wrong thats the idea
  13. They wanted over 2.5K thats a way more then i want to spend to get a bang . nice bloke we had a good chat but this is a bit of fun and 2.5 K would buy a lot of stuff and for me at least is to much for a bang sound from the gun
  14. LOL Think i would have yelled yo just see him jump ./ the cat could make a good decoration on the front .
  15. seems with no reply's i'm the only one who thinks camo on a tank looks cool , but i do and for my tank that's all that matters to me, any way, i picked this up yesterday its a patch camo unlike the other one that was solid .The other one is just to good and heavy to start cutting up but this large one only cost me £20 and its very big so plenty enough for me to cut up and use on the tank once i get it back home from Haywood tanks.
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