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  1. Rob2497

    bedford mk tyre change

    guys, thank you for your input. i may try a spare first but as you point out they have been on these rims many years and stamina may be the biggest hurdle ! thanks again !
  2. i am quite a competent engineer, but when i suggest i am changing my own tyres on military Bedford 3pc rims i get a massive inhalation of air as a response ! i have the new 12.00r20 tyres, surely if the gap in the locking ring is within limits during assembly, the outer ring is locked ? can i have some professional opinions please, maybe from someone who has actually done it themselves for the first time ? i dont want to re-invent the trebuchet but i'm sure common sense and brute force would get the job done ? or should i put down my keyboard and phone the local hgv tyre fitters ? many thanks in advance
  3. hi guys hope you dont mind me taxing the experts but i have a bad pinion bearing on an MK front axle and i wondered if i can slip the pinion out with the bearings, flange complete ? or whether the pinion has to come out through the diff casing and the bearings the opposite way ? thanks in advance, i'm just wondering how much of a job i'm getting into regards laying up my truck ?
  4. Rob2497

    Bedford MK Axle Question

    thank you everyone for the input. Richard you were spot on, i thought i'd investigate at the weekend and the six holes in the seal are indeed locating holes ! 6350119 seals ordered thanks again !
  5. Rob2497

    Bedford MK Axle Question

    hi Robin, thats not something i've even considered to be honest.... lubricants have come on leaps and bounds in the last ten years but on the other hand i'm a bit funny when it comes to new ways of doing things, first thing i think is, if the boffins at Bedford designed it to swim in EP120, then i know it's working fine until the oil pours out food for thought tho ....Rob
  6. Rob2497

    Bedford MK Axle Question

    hi Sean wondered about the type 'R' but it was only 3 ton ? this is definately bigger. the mk part number is for the 6350119 seal with only six bolt holes in it. i cant seem to find any other tracta seal of bedford origin
  7. hi guys, i have an airport crash tender based on a heavy duty Bedford MK chassis modified by reynolds boughton. i wanted to replace my tracta seals and clean my spheres but all the seals i can find have only six bolt holes in ? mine has about twelve bolts holding it on ? it looks like an mk axle and definately has mk brakes/wheels. i wondered if any bedford experts may recognise the tracta housing as possibly off a heavier bedford, maybe TM ? kind regards ....Rob
  8. hi all, thanks for accepting me into the fold. i am of the airport fire truck scene, in particular the Bedford and Scammell/thornycroft chassis under Pyrene/Chubb Fire bodied vehicles. my father was part of their test and development from the 60's to their demise in '85. i own the build sheets and sales records for most of the trucks around the world. i have city & guilds in motor vehicle, fluid transmission, welding and metal fabrication, vehicle electrical, combustion engine and carburation. my current restoration is a chubb spearhead, pretty much the only one left it's based on a modified MK chassis with heavy duty axles and powered by a chrysler 440 petrol V8 through an allison MT640 box. most chassis parts are easy to find but the axles i'm struggling to i'd.... so i thought i'd dip my toe into the military scene where i know knowledge is plentyful ! regards Rob