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  1. Hi there , I have a 1950 ex RAF Triumph TRW , some of you will know it is a 500 twin side valve . I bought the bike about 10 years ago not because I have a particular interest in WD bikes but because it has a rigid frame and to enter the Arbuthnot Trial a rigid frame was needed . It was entered in the colonial class . I completed the trial and used the bike locally and took it to various Traction Rally shows . I bought it off a friend who passed some history onto me verbally , it turns out it did its bit for King and Country at RAF Aquatari in Cyprus . It was demobbed in 1960 , it looks like it had dark blue paint applied roughly , hiding all the RAF markings , it must have had some new wheel rims because they are in such good condition and they are chrome , I suspect they might have been painted originally . It has the canvas panniers but again I don't think they are original because of their condition , I will post some pictures in due course . The question is do I keep it with the 56 years of patina or restore it just so it looks like a new bike ? TBH I'm leaning towards just preserving it , keeping it in running condition and enjoying it , what do you think ? Paul. K
  2. Hi there , I'm new to this forum so please be gentle with me . After looking at your WD Matchless I noticed it has a mag-dyno . I am only familiar with civilian models with a sprung frame and as I remember they have separate magneto and dynamo . If Matchless then the dynamo is in front of the engine with the mag behind , believe it or not the AJS was the other way around but everything else was the same if my memory serves me right . Enjoy your WD Matchless . Paul . K
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