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    Signal lamp batteries

    Hi Clive, Thank you very much for your reply and the link to 'Tabby Tales' - they certainly make interesting and informative reading. All the best, Kev.
  2. I have a 'Lamp Signalling Daylight Short Range Projector MK11 L.A.M.' - It is a morse key signalling lamp. The instruction plate states that the batteries are 8 'S' cells connected in series - presumeably to give 12 volts - I assume that there must be a single 12 volt battery that would do the job nowadays - could anyone kindly let me know what I should use? I was thinking that a small 12v motor bike battery might do? Can anyone let me know what L.A.M. means as shown on the lamp? Thanks. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Kev.
  3. Yeoman

    Signal lamp batteries

    Hi Clive, Thanks for the information about the ranges, very useful indeed and just what I was looking for. All the best, Kev.
  4. Yeoman

    Signal lamp batteries

    Hi Guys, Thanks for your informative replies - appreciated. The method of replaceing 'S' batteries is certainly worth considering - although I dont think that I will try to make up repro ones! Yes the lamp is a mkII (2) - should have used the right keys on the keyboard! I can see that L.A.M is the manufacturer, but who are they? Lucas? I would still like to know what exactly is meant by 'short range' - anyone know please? All the best, Kev
  5. Yeoman

    Signal lamp batteries

    Just another thought, what is considered to be 'Short Range' in this context? Half mile?Mile? Any ideas? Thank you. Kev.
  6. Hi All, I have a 1944/5 Norman T300 twin cylinder 110v generator which I show at various rallies.I am looking for a photo of such a generator actually being used in a military setting to use on an information board, Can anyone kindly help me with this please?Thank you. Kev.
  7. Yeoman

    WS19 loudspeaker system

    Thanks for that link I will drop him an email and see if he can help. Kevin.
  8. I have the headphones for the set (ws19 mk2) but am now wanting to set up a loudspeaker system for it. I have a control box 3B mk 2/1 and a spare male drop lead connector,to set up a speaker system is it just a matter of connecting the wires from a speaker to the correct pins ( 2 & 3 the green and black wires I think) on the drop lead? Or is this too simple? What rating ,ohm and wattage, speaker should I use? I have a 4 ohm 170 w and a 8 ohm 15 w speaker available. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.Thank you. Kevin.
  9. I have got my 19 set up and running at last and am now wanting to use it both as a working rally/show exhibit and also for my own enjoyment as an indoor set up. Could anyone kindly advise me - firstly - what size (as in amp hours etc) 12 v battery I need and secondly recomend a 240 v AC to 12 v DC converter to use please? Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thank you. All the best, Kevin.
  10. Yeoman

    WS 19 Battery size

    Hi Guys, Thank you all very much for your detailed informative replies - very much appreciated. Having given the matter some more thought and bearing in mind my useage of the set ( receive only) I think that the best option for me is to use batteries - a 12v 85ah as PT suggested. Just for information the set is a mk2 will both English and Russian writting on it.It does work in that it does receive,I cant transmit as I do not have a license and at this moment in time have no plans to get one. PT - I was pleased to be able to get this set up and running at last - just leaves me with the 209 to get going,in this respect I have been able to locate and speak to the person who modified the set and hopefully he will be able to advise/show me on how to bring it back to a running condition again. All the best, Kevin.
  11. Hi Guys, I am looking for a 6/6 pin dog bone to complete my ws19 - does anyone have a spare one by any chance please?Thank you. All the best, Kevin
  12. Yeoman

    Wanted - a WS19 dog bone

    Hi Guys, Thanks for all the information supplied,now sorted.Thank you. All the best, Kevin.
  13. Yeoman

    WS19 variometer seating plate

    Hi, Thank you very much for that link -I will watch that item with interest. All the best, Kevin.
  14. Hi Guys, I am looking for either a variometer seating plate or the dimensions of it so that I can make one up.I know the shape from Wireless for the Warrior vol 2 and I estimate that the dimensions are 6" long,4" wide, with 1" uprights - does that sound about right? Any help or advice would be much appreciated.Thank you. All the best, Kevin.
  15. Yeoman

    ws19 to variometer coax cable

    Hi PT, Thank you for your reply. Thats good to know that Louis Meulstee thinks that RG213U would make an acceptable replacement for the origenal cable.I will bear that in mind. All the best, Kevin.
  16. Hi All, ref ws19 -I am needing to make up a coax cable to run from the 'A' set aerial socket to the variometer.From 'Wireless for the Warrior' I understand that the coax should be of 80 ohm impedance - I can find 50 ohm easily but not 80 ohm.What coax cable should I use? I understand that the length should be 42" - is this critical or is the length more to do with where the variometer is situated within the ws19 set up? Sorry if this sounds a silly question but I am new to military radios so any help/advice that you can give would be much appreciated. Thank you. Kevin.
  17. Yeoman

    ws19 to variometer coax cable

    Hi Diana, Thanks for your reply - I hadn't thought of tv cable so will bear that in mind as an option. All the best, Kevin.
  18. Yeoman

    ws19 to variometer coax cable

    Hi Paul, Thank you very much for your reply - if you do have a spare one that would be great. All the best. Kevin.
  19. Yeoman

    Wanted - WS19 6 pin plug

    Hi PT, Thanks for that information - I had looked before but the ones that I saw were all 12 pin and not six - I will however keep checking ebay for new additions.Thanks again. All the best, Kevin.
  20. Hi, I have recently obtained a WS19 mk2 which does not have the power cable ( from battery to PSU) and am now looking for either a complete power cable or the 6 pin plug that connects to the PSU. Would anyone happen to have a spare one by any chance? All the best, Kevin.
  21. Yeoman

    Tiny Tim battery charger

    Hi Dean, I have 3 Tiny Tims in running order with a 4th that I am currently restoring.They are all 12v 300watts, I believe that some were also made as 24v units.There are several videos of these units on Youtube which might help you,also there are entries on an American forum -Smokstak - which are useful. Thay were made by Continental Motors corp,Muskegon,Mich.,USA. I have been advised that they were used as auxillary engines in Allied tanks during WW2 to charge up the main engine batteries and to power the radios. There are various 'manuals' about which give basic information . Hope that helps you a little. All the best, Kev.
  22. Yeoman

    R209 receiver

    Hi Guys Thank you for your replies. Matchfuzee - That site certainly looks interesting Gordon - My set is the 6v one which makes it the mk1.I will need a 12v-6v converter so will check them out on ebay. PT - Thank you for the offer and yes I am interested.It is the 6volt 3 pin triangular socket that I need as shown in my 2nd photo. Sorry about the photo link - not sure what I did there as I wanted the actual photo to be shown in the post! All the best, Kevin.
  23. Yeoman

    R209 receiver

    Hi Guys, I have recently obtained an R209 receiver and was wondering if someone could kindly advise me if this is a mk1 or mk2? At present I am unsure because the plate shows just shows R209,by the power socket it shows 6v dc - I think that the mk2 is 12v? https://imgur.com/8UPpB8v Is it possible to date this unit? The plate shows ZA25433 MW serial no. 00671. Does anyone know where I can obtain a power plug and a manual for this unit from please? https://imgur.com/O4LrrKt Any help or advice would be much appreciated. All the best, Kevin.
  24. Hi All, I am looking for a WW2 R1155 receiver as used in Lancaster bombers, for displaying at shows and was wondering if someone could kindly let me know what voltage they would have originally run on - 6,12 or 24v? Thank you. Kev.
  25. Yeoman

    WW2 R1155 receiver

    Hi Guys, Thank you all very much for your informative replies - they have certainly given me some pointers and things to think about. All the best, Kev.