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  1. Thank you all very much for your very informative and interesting replies.It is surprising where a simple request,as I thought, takes you! The item was advertised as a ' WW2 RAF Air Ministry signalling lamp' and I bought it as such,to find out that it is in fact a NATO lamp of between 1956 and 1988 is not good!! Would I be right in concluding that this style of lamp was used during WW2 and beyond into the NATO period , the ref number changing to a NATO one when we joined NATO? And that it was used as an inflight signalling lamp in bombers so that radio silence could be maintained? I am still after a bulb for it, I am assuming that it will be 24v.Can anyone supply me with the bulb's stores ref,a bulb, or let me know where I can get one from please?Thank you. All the best, Kev.
  2. Thank you all very much for your useful informative replies - very much appreciated. Neatsfoot oil- gosh I havent heard that mentioned in a long time!- my Dad started the war as a cavalry man and Neatsfoot oil along with saddle soap were 2 products that he had a lot of time for. Kev.
  3. Hi Guys, I have just obtained a WW2 military leather jerkin,the leather of which is dry and needs 'feeding'. My Dad always swore by saddle soap but I am seeing reports that because it contains lye it is not recomended on leather. What do people use nowadays please?Thank you. Kev.
  4. Hi Bryan, Thank you very much for looking that number up - I attach some pictures of the ID markings on the lamp and carrying box.The number is definitely 5A/6230 but strangely the lense is numbered 5A/2335. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.Thanks. Kev.
  5. Hi Mogmaner, That was silly of me ! I should have used a ruler straight away,still here are 3 pictures of the socket with a ruler for reference.I hope that that helps. Thanks, Kev.
  6. Here is a photo showing the pins,the inner circle containing the pins measures 5/8"ths.It is the socket that this plugs into that I am looking for.Any help or advice would be much appreciated.Thanks. Kev.
  7. Here is a photo of the plug, it has 2 sets of numbers on it - H7038D-416751-12 and 7045D-466-12-3P-9156. I am having problems posting more than 1 photo per post so will need to do another to show the plug pins. Kev
  8. Hi Clive, Thanks for your informative reply - much appreciated. I attach a photo of the bulb socket as you suggested and hope that it may be recognised by someone. Kev.
  9. I am still looking for a replacement bulb and have come across a 26v 350w bulb - 5L/2334 which looks about the right size but what concerns me is the wattage - 350 - this seems rather high for an in flight morse signalling lamp.Any thoughts anyone please? Thank you Kev.
  10. Hi guys, I have got hold of a WW2 RAF bomber crew signalling lamp - 5A/6230 - which is minus a light bulb. Does anyone have a spare one or know where I could get one from please? It has a small 3 pin plug on it does anyone have a spare socket for it or know where I could get one from please? Any help or advice would be appreciated.Thanks. Kev.
  11. Hi Clive, Thank you very much for your reply and the link to 'Tabby Tales' - they certainly make interesting and informative reading. All the best, Kev.
  12. Hi Clive, Thanks for the information about the ranges, very useful indeed and just what I was looking for. All the best, Kev.
  13. Hi Guys, Thanks for your informative replies - appreciated. The method of replaceing 'S' batteries is certainly worth considering - although I dont think that I will try to make up repro ones! Yes the lamp is a mkII (2) - should have used the right keys on the keyboard! I can see that L.A.M is the manufacturer, but who are they? Lucas? I would still like to know what exactly is meant by 'short range' - anyone know please? All the best, Kev
  14. Just another thought, what is considered to be 'Short Range' in this context? Half mile?Mile? Any ideas? Thank you. Kev.
  15. I have a 'Lamp Signalling Daylight Short Range Projector MK11 L.A.M.' - It is a morse key signalling lamp. The instruction plate states that the batteries are 8 'S' cells connected in series - presumeably to give 12 volts - I assume that there must be a single 12 volt battery that would do the job nowadays - could anyone kindly let me know what I should use? I was thinking that a small 12v motor bike battery might do? Can anyone let me know what L.A.M. means as shown on the lamp? Thanks. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Kev.
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