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  1. R209 receiver

    Hi Guys Thank you for your replies. Matchfuzee - That site certainly looks interesting Gordon - My set is the 6v one which makes it the mk1.I will need a 12v-6v converter so will check them out on ebay. PT - Thank you for the offer and yes I am interested.It is the 6volt 3 pin triangular socket that I need as shown in my 2nd photo. Sorry about the photo link - not sure what I did there as I wanted the actual photo to be shown in the post! All the best, Kevin.
  2. R209 receiver

    Hi Guys, I have recently obtained an R209 receiver and was wondering if someone could kindly advise me if this is a mk1 or mk2? At present I am unsure because the plate shows just shows R209,by the power socket it shows 6v dc - I think that the mk2 is 12v? https://imgur.com/8UPpB8v Is it possible to date this unit? The plate shows ZA25433 MW serial no. 00671. Does anyone know where I can obtain a power plug and a manual for this unit from please? https://imgur.com/O4LrrKt Any help or advice would be much appreciated. All the best, Kevin.
  3. WW2 R1155 receiver

    Hi Guys, Thank you all very much for your informative replies - they have certainly given me some pointers and things to think about. All the best, Kev.
  4. WW2 R1155 receiver

    Hi Mogmaner, Thank you for your helpfull reply - by the way - nice set up you have there. To you experienced guys this is probably a very silly question but showing my lack of knowledge on this subject - if I wanted to use an r1155 radio receiver at a show - how would I power it up? As it needs 2 different voltages will I need a transformer of some kind? I had origenally thought that I could power this from a 12v battery, this would appear not to be the case. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. All the best, Kev.
  5. Hi All, I am looking for a WW2 R1155 receiver as used in Lancaster bombers, for displaying at shows and was wondering if someone could kindly let me know what voltage they would have originally run on - 6,12 or 24v? Thank you. Kev.
  6. Wanted Volt and Amp meter

    Hi Chris, Thanks for your reply. If you have a similar sized working amp meter I would certainly be interested. I believe that the genny( a 1944 Norman T300 unit) was used during WW2 to power lighting eg for workshops and barracks - although 110 volts seems a bit high for barracks. All the best, Kevin.
  7. Wanted Volt and Amp meter

    Hi MatchFuzee, Thanks for your reply but that meter is AC and I need a DC one,also the Westinghouse meters that I have looked at are all too big. All the best, Kevin.
  8. I am looking for a Volt and Amp meter so that I can complete my restoration of a WW2 Norman 110v generator set.The ones currently in the unit are broken. The dimensions of the meters are ; diameter 2 1/8th" length 1.5" ( not including the fixing bolts) distance between fixing bolt centers 1" Any help or advice would be much appreciated.Thank you. All the best, Kevin.
  9. Hi Guys, I have a 1944 Onan OTC gen set that I am going to show/rally this year.I am putting together a display board for this set and am having trouble finding a picture of the set actualy being used in the field - does anyone have such a picture or can someone kindly point me in the direction of one please?Thank you. All the best, Kev.
  10. Military lamp?

    Hi Guys, Thank you for all of your interesting and informative replies. I guess that the lamp would date to the 1950s because of the use of the old red and black wiring? Kevin.
  11. Military lamp?

    Hi Tarland, Thanks for your reply and the interesting information it contained - the link certainly shows a lamp that looks like the one that I have. Here is a photo of the fixing bracket ;- All the best, Kevin.
  12. Military lamp?

    Here is another view of the lamp;- I should have added that the bulbs are 24v and the wiring is of the old red and black type. Kevin.
  13. Hi Guys, I picked up a pair of these lamps recently;- I was told that they were from a jeep or a lorry. The lamp weighs just over 5lbs,the diameter of the glass is 7", and the only mark that I can find is on the centre of the glass and that is FV169907. Can anyone kindly shed any light (sorry!) on these lamps please? eg are they military?what are they off?what date are they? Any help or advice would be much apprerciated.Thanks. Kevin.
  14. Hi Ian, Yes - thats the one! Here is a picture :- It is a non runner at the moment but I am expecting to get the engine going shortly. Any help or advice ref the plug/socket or control pannel would be much appreciated.Thank you. All the best, Kevin.
  15. Hi Guys, I have recently acquired a WW2 Douglas 1200va/350w generator set minus its control pannel. I doubt if I will be able to locate a control pannel suitable for this set so will probably have to cobble something together - does anyone happen to have a photo or details of what the origenal control pannel looked like which I could use as a reference /starting point please? The set has the following socket which links the generator to the control pannel :- Does anyone have a spare one knocking about in their shed that they would be prepared to part with please? The outer diameter is 2 and an 1/8th" and the distance between the pins is 1/2". Any assistance would be much appreciated.Thank you. All the best, Kevin.