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  1. oooh that's a very nice 741 to, yes mine is, its no longer blue, and was quite crudly painted in 2001, at first I couldn't get export docs for it in, and was going to bring it back as parts, in the end it came to the uk, air freight with boxes off green beans and some okra veg, currently im waiting for a few bits for it,
  2. Sorry for the pic. Its the only one i could find from my faceache page 😂
  3. hi there all, I have a 741b which was used by the KAR, on Kenya, I also have a spare engine for one, these bikes never had the switches under the seat, my fathers cousin brought approx 9 741b's, from auction in mid 50's Kenya, while my father and his brother brought 12 wla,, the Indians had been used as colonial service bikes after the war, ie police, postal and then sold, I was told by a older service man that Indians were still in use in 1952, when the queen was on safari, (before she was queen), and would been part off the royal motorcade, my indian was painted turquoise, like meny raf or navel bikes, its since has been painted and chromed, id love to find more history on these north Africa campain indians meny thanks
  4. hi there folks,i wonder if you can help me, i recently brought a us navy motorcycle to restore, that was used in the holy lock base, a late 1960's Honda, is there a register available or some way i can informaiton on this vehicle, many thanks
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