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    DAF YA126 - advice needed

    Hi Mick, Had a look and found 4 for sale here in the Netherlands. These two sites are good sites to keep an eye on. https://www.generaaltjes.nl/Advertentie/12583/daf-ya-126-radiowagen https://www.generaaltjes.nl/Advertentie/12636/te-koop-daf-ya-126-radiowagen https://link.marktplaats.nl/m1149210149 https://link.marktplaats.nl/m1180148526 Daniel
  2. dan110

    DAF YA126 - advice needed

    A long time ago I had one (from 1957) for several years. It was my first military vehicle and I loved it. In no particular order: It is very sturdy and is overengineered. It is rather slow, maximum speed is somewhere between 70 and 80 kilometers/hour but closer to 70 than to 80 I think. Therefore a different and relaxing experience on the motorway. No one to overtake. It doesn't offer great visibility around you. The windscreen can be folded down, the doors can be lifted out and the soft top can be removed, one big fun convertible! It is surprisingly good off-road. I like the looks of it (still do). I found the seats comfortable for what they are. Not many Dutch designed and built vehicles around. Lots of room in the back and the planks can be arranged to give a completely flat cargo bed. Doesn't have good fuel economy. Go for it! Daniel
  3. I think there must be some overlap between the Pistonheads audience and the HMVF audience. Both are interested in vehicles and apparently people on Pistonheads are interested in military history too. I am fascinated (and so are many others) by the thread called 'Half a world, and half a lifetime away' on the history of the Falklands war. Have a look here: https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=210&t=1663484&i=0
  4. dan110

    vehicle boneyards in USA

    Some very nice pictures here: http://mashable.com/2015/08/15/wwii-surplus-vehicles/ And he writes something intriguing: "And still they remain. Thousands of World War II era vehicles are still mothballed today at “boneyards” throughout the southwestern United States." I think that may be a bit doubtful... Daniel
  5. Witham currently has a huge tender http://www.mod-sales.com/tender/ I can't go for a look but am interested in one lot. Who is going and is willing to have a look and take some pictures for me? Daniel
  6. Dear Robin, That is a very nice thing to say, thank you! I think you are on to something and I am willing to help. Can you pm me your e-mail address? Daniel
  7. Would something like album.sixappealwheel.org (I set that up) be helpful or are you thinking more along the lines of something with a database? In particular http://album.sixappealwheel.org/index.php/The-Almost-complete-numerical-TACR2a-album_ might be interesting to you. Daniel
  8. dan110

    VEBEG MOD disposals in Germany

    I've dealt with them (I bought my Wolf 90 there) and I've been to a few of their viewing days. Most of the sales they have are tenders. You register with them and can then bid online. Sometimes they sell lots that have not been sold in the tender as spot bids. You place a bid and they either accept it or they don't. But the spot bids are the exception the normal way is the tender. Hope that helps! Daniel
  9. I found flying life changing. It makes you think differently. Enjoy this very special hobby and fly safely! Daniel
  10. I have very good experiences with them. They sold a vehicle for me and supplied parts for another one. They went out of their way to help me. They ship quickly and are experts on Land Rovers. They have many in stock including a fair amount of Wolf 90's. Recommended. Daniel
  11. I’m showing my support for an icon of British Aviation that needs our help to fly in 2013. See http://www.vulcantothesky.org. Join me in changing your profile picture just until Monday to show your support and spread the word. Visit the site to grab your image. Thank you for helping Avro Vulcan XH558!
  12. dan110

    Vulcan XH558's 3-DAY EASTER APPEAL

    Did you have trouble setting your profile picture too? If so how did you get it to work? Mine does show in the profile but doesn't show in this thread. I tried both uploading the picture and linking to a URL. Daniel
  13. dan110

    Value of RAF AEC Matador?

    Paul, Any interest in a TACR2? I have two you can choose from... You should still come over for a visit one day! Lots to talk about. Daniel
  14. dan110

    Portable Vehicle Tracker

    I looked at different options in August and bought the GT-170 GPS GSM tracker see http://www.simvalley.us/gt-170. Haven't actually made use of it yet but did get it out of the package and read the manual. It all looks good and fairly easy to use. If I remember correctly it also had good reviews. You can use a prepaid SIM card. It will alert you with a text message containing its location if it moves beyond a preset distance. You can also send it a text asking it where it is and it will reply with a text. The text message contains a link to Google maps. If you click the link on a smart phone it will show you the position. Daniel
  15. I like the looks of the Salamander! I have drooled over the one in the RAF museum in Hendon. Would be nice to see yours in running order at one of the shows this summer! Would like to visit the museum in Scampton. Met Steve Shirley at Beltring in 2011. Keep up the good work! Daniel
  16. Has anyone seen the prices that the lots were sold for in the October Tender at Witham? They say the prices will be published about two weeks after the tender but I can't find them. Daniel
  17. dan110

    Witham October Tender results?

    Great, it took them a while, thanks for the heads up! I went over a few weeks ago and I've never seen as many as Land Rovers for sale except when MVS was selling the Series 3 Land Rovers. Hundreds if not thousands all lined up but I was not allowed a good browse so I didn't buy anything. Daniel
  18. dan110

    Witham Tender - October 2012

    Thanks you very much for taking the trouble to film all this and then post it. Was just looking at the tender listing but there's only limited info there. Still not sure if there's any Land Rover there worth bidding on. The two Land Rover Station Wagons look like they are non military which would make them less interesting for us all. Your film is the next best thing to being there. Thanks again! Daniel
  19. dan110

    Safety Belts - What You Do ?

    Hmmm food for thought. I do have lap belts in the rear of the Land Rover... Not sure what's in the back of the current Wolf version, don't remember three point belts there.
  20. dan110

    Safety Belts - What You Do ?

    I was just about to write that you need to make sure that the seat belts are anchored to something that can take the strain in case of an accident so I completely agree with Mark. Do make sure your sense of security is not a false sense of security! I didn't install the belts myself but had it done by a Land Rover specialist. Sorry I don't know what the make of the seat belts is (and I am currently not near to my Land Rover). Daniel
  21. dan110

    Safety Belts - What You Do ?

    I have taken the leap and traded some of the originality of my Land Rover for extra safety for my children. I now have two lap belts installed on the bench seats in the rear. It's better than nothing. I know what I value more... Daniel
  22. dan110

    Spotted today....

    Any idea about the type? Would a Land Rover fit in it? Daniel
  23. dan110

    Camera advice please

    A few years ago something similar happened to my camera (a Nikon SLR with a zoom lens). My daughter (5 or 6 at the time) had dropped the camera from a considerable height. Camera was ok, lens was not. I was very annoyed too but did not punish her. This is what happens with children, don't take your disappointment out on her. A good site for camera info is http://www.dpreview.com. As it happens I just bought a Canon IX 115 HS and I quite like it. You may like it too. Reviews: http://www.trustedreviews.com/Canon-IXUS-115-HS_Digital-Camera_review and http://www.techradar.com/reviews/cameras-and-camcorders/cameras/compact-cameras/canon-ixus-115-hs-932080/review?artc_pg=1 Hope this helps and hope you will take lovely pictures of your daughter with your shiny new camera! Daniel
  24. dan110

    Bournemouth Aviation Museum Vintage Transport Day

    Steve, I was there with Clive and had a nice time. Thanks for making it possible! Daniel