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  1. Thanks If anyone does come across him please direct him here. M7RFD
  2. Ron, I used Por15 on my Matchless G3L tank, although never really had petrol in for a long time but was impressed with the stuff. Thanks again For the Vokes plate.
  3. Thanks Richard couldn't remember if it was bore or a bearing...... didn't have it to hand as its in storage.
  4. Tom, Can you elaborate on the engine number, I've Some crank cases that have had the small small brass plate riveted on over the original number, the number is re stamped above the brass plate, the plate is just an identification regarding ( I cant remember if its bore size or bearing ??? someone will chirp in.) This would of been done by the REME at some point.
  5. I've just come back from RAF Cosford, The Radio room Next to Museum is Run by the Founder of VMARS, he may know of someone.
  6. Tarland, thanks for the above, I was in the yahoo 320 group but since it was moved heave never bothered, Never seem to get anywhere with the new style of groups. Back to my original post and finding a bit more of the article by Leighton (VRC 321 LSB conversion), he mentions the PCB he received from, Oliver Tillet G3TPJ ? Does anyone here know Oliver ?
  7. Tom, Are you intending to go for a complete finished bike, or a do it upper ?? If your prepared to do minor or major work and travel to collect there are bargains to be had, I've collected mine from 3 corners of the UK, they all fit in a Berlingo van if you take the front passenger seat out...... Price can depend on a lot, as Ferg mentions there are ringers, so do your homework first, a mistake I made not long ago but it turned out OK ( with the help of Ron and Jan) but was a bit overpriced, but the previous one was a steal even with the bits I had to source, the last one was one you mention a BSA WD M20, a true bargain and needs very little. I'm like Ferg and love the Matchless (ever since I seen the one on the film "A Bridge too Far" when I was a kid ) I've now a enough spare parts to build another G3L, (except the frame is post war, but intended to build a run a round with these). I see your in the North West, If your not far from Liverpool you can drop by and compare the BSA to an Enfield..... one is certainly lighter than the other.....
  8. I know its an old thread, but after searching for an article on the LSB conversion for the 321 I was sent here, looking at a one or two names I recognise, Iain I was in contact with you a few months back regarding the article by Leighton........ Small world considering I'm a member here. So I'm looking at converting one of my 321's to LSB and also giving a bit of lube and grease etc to the selector etc , I'd like to follow Leighton's article by the letter regarding the LSB, except I'll use the time lapse fuse as the switch, I'd also like to find out the supplier and contact details of the parts he used ? 73
  9. I wouldn't recommend anyone going to BATUS...........
  10. Ron, When I mention quality ......I was meaning more about the overall finish, as it was designed to take the shock and impact and not transmit it to the contents, the quality control would of been more in line about load testing etc rather than welds all ground nice and flush. I would say a good comparison is the Sten Gun, not the nicest of finishes but did its job very well.......
  11. I doubt very much the originals had much of a build quality, with the intention of something being scrapped once opened, I doubt the quality was a big issue at the time as long as it did the job.
  12. I received an email yesterday, the guy who contacted me had made contact with the seller, who was very open and said it was a reproduction one.
  13. Thanks Ron, couldn't find the email you sent me.
  14. I can't remember if I posted something regarding a Flying Flea cage that was at the Malvern about a year ago ? Someone contacted me yesterday to say there was another one there on Sunday which had the same price tag (£2000). I contacted Ron last year and it seems there are only two originals in existence......... although the guy who contacted me said he thought this one was original due to the pitting etc under the paint and general condition......... with Rons ear to the ground last time and the info he got I very much doubt the one on Sunday (could be wrong ) but for another to appear in the same venue with the same price tag within a year I have my doubts, just wonder if anyone here seen it ?
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