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  1. Regardless of age they all think were strange Ron, Although my 7 year year old took me to a Military fair on Fathers day (she had been doing WW2 History at school) every question was whats this Dad, Whats this Dad, never a dull moment though and had a good time, she had he eye on a calvary sword for some reason, but a hefty price tag so settled for some cap badges. I was 8 when I started collecting Militaria........ so theres hope yet !!!
  2. Strange Girl.......
  3. All them bikes Ron , there must be side car on one which could of been plan B ?
  4. Hmmm, as much as I'd love one, even if I had the £24,730.00 burning a hole in my pocket, I think I'll stick to the Bikes,
  5. Yep just spotted it....... so what do you get for the extra £20,000.00
  6. What a Strange Woman......., but something in Common with mine, as mine doesn't like a Bren Gun in the living room but is happy with Grenades on the bookshelves......... Certainly a talking point if you got it going, I'd build a torpedo around it. Got me thinking back to when I was an Apprentice Fitter in a certain Shipyard, I did a lot in the Torpedo rooms of HMS Trenchant and HMS Talent, setting up the torpedo load lines etc, worked in the tubes too (I was a bit thinner back then).
  7. Must of changed since I dealt with them, It didn't help matters when one was hurling abuse at me down the phone after my Mother had just died, I explained the situation but he carried on .......... yep I'll certainly have a few drinks to celebrate there misfortune.
  8. It does cheer me up hearing that Witham Specialist Vehicles have lost the MOD contract, pity it wasn't 20 years ago when I got there credit facilities stopped for a few days, absolute toss**s.
  9. Looking on the website its £50 for the "vehicles" you own plus camping for a week, but support vehicles extra £30 , I was planning to take a few Motorbikes next year, But think I'll go back to Normandy instead, I may go this year on foot, but depends if they have changed the policy on fees for Veterans and serving personnel.... In my opinion Its an Insult in charging Veterans regardless of what the show etc is.
  10. The small self service pumps (card only after hours) across from the Lidl in Bayeux had four star...... or equivalent, smelt like paraffin when I lifted the nozzle, then again the Diesel pump smelled like petrol.....
  11. First port of call is the C/O or O/C of Rippon, Then go from there, It would make a good training exercise for the The Reserves (I know a few Recce mechs who could make a weekend out of it) In theory it is scrap and not on the books anymore so it would be down to him/her but I doubt it would be so easy. I would doubt they would relese it with the gun in tact, unless you have a 120mm cannon on your FAC. At the end of the day if you don't ask you cant get......... good luck, I tried to prise a vehicle of a training area when I was on Exercise, never got anything back but never really went to the main man.
  12. Colin, I'm currently making a battery box holder for mine, except its at work and I'm limited regarding time etc, but have started on a few jigs, but could be a long time..... but intend to knock a few up.
  13. Does seem to be favourite to most......... explains the price tag, I'll post some pics.
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