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  1. bigduke6

    Ariel WNG Rack measurements

    Luis, its Geoff same Bigduke6 as on Milsurps, can't help you out on above measurements but can help out on the pannier frames you were after as I'm doing a bit of work on the Matchless this week, its all been boxed up since last year whilst waiting for some land for my new workshop still waiting for the land and as the weather is unbelievable at present I've hauled out some bits and pieces to work on.
  2. bigduke6

    HMS Van Dyke

    Thats Interesting regarding the reserves, I mention not being at Sea long, as most in the Junior Engineer Rank soon became 4th and 3rd Engineers, back then the Board of Trade exams were for Second and Chief Engineers...... so no certificate was needed for the junior ranks, although when discharged Sea service testimonials would be issued plus the Discharge Book stamped accordingly. A lot of young lads when in there last year of Apprenticeship could finish it at Sea in some cases, also some straight out of there time, (like myself) went to Sea. During the war tradesmen just under the maximum age of enlistment would probably remain in there trade as they were more valuable in that position, Some over the age and wanting to do something would volunteer for The Merchant Navy. You Grandfather being a Junior Engineer, this was a Merchant Navy Officer Rank, So When the the vessel come under the command of the RN he and the other crew would of been transferred to RNR or RNVR but would still receive his MN pay. As a POW there is probably a lot more you can find out though the National Archives. Also try the Royal Navy as the Vessel was sunk and also being under the RN they would have crew lists etc.
  3. bigduke6

    HMS Van Dyke

    What an Interesting thread, I started my career at Sea as a Junior Engineer after I completed my Apprenticeship as a Fitter & Turner in a shipyard, although this was in 1990 the Junior Engineer rank was generally from lads who had completed there Apprentice ship ashore in a shipyard or similar and went straight in the Merchant Navy as Junior Engineer. The only thing they need to do was learn the running of the engine room as they already were Tradesman so knew how to use tools ext. Looking at the date of The Letter from the General Register and Record office of Shipping and Seaman I would guess he had not been at Sea long unless he had been a cadet ? The Address on the bottom is The Bungalow, Hightown , Nr Liverpool, this is now Formby but Hightown still exists ......... Altacar Rifle ranges are there. POW's were normally held in any nearest available camp until processed.
  4. bigduke6

    Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    My kind of medicine cabinet, When I lived in Cumbria, my Doctor always said take plenty of fluids...........
  5. bigduke6

    Universal Carriers blueprints/ books etc

    Thanks to all and must apologise for the late reply, been a busy last few months with work etc, also had the pleasure of two weeks in BATUS......with very limited comms too. The Volume 3 book looks to be very interesting.
  6. bigduke6

    30 cal values

    As said better to say nothing , the only get out clause is when we leave the EU, as mentioned, how long this window is open before it gets re written who knows, but anyone thinking of selling then wait, there will be folk in long line with wads of cash, for those who have invested a lot of money and I know a few its the ideal time.
  7. bigduke6

    Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Cheers, watched it last night through catch up on sky, quite an eye opener when you think how accurate the GPS is.
  8. bigduke6

    Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    What was the programme ? I finally watched the rest of the Tank build, excellent programme and think the drive from the start of the battle beats the original plan hands down.
  9. bigduke6

    Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    I've only managed to watch part on catchup tv, but was impressed with what I've seen so far, I would say its far more fitting to take it back to where it was used rather than built, to be fair to Guy Martin he does have an engineering background, so not just a TV personality as for Fred, same meat different gravy. Seeing the modern process of cutting etc is something I've been looking at for a very future project I'd like to do, I'm just looking for plans etc for the project. Looking forward to getting home and watching the rest.......
  10. bigduke6

    White Helmets Triumphs up for auction

    Did anyone attend the auction today, as it seems they went for £73,160.00 ?
  11. bigduke6

    Universal Carriers blueprints/ books etc

    Thanks PB will have a look.
  12. Does anyone know a good source of Drawings/blueprints of the Universal carriers I've been looking for the plans for the hull with sizes and gauge of the steel etc, I,ve seen 3 books by Nigel Watson and the 3rd Volume looks like it has what I'm looking for just wonder if anyone has the book and if it has the detailed plans of the hull.
  13. bigduke6

    Editing ?

    Thanks, I will give it a go later.
  14. bigduke6

    Panzer 2 turret

    Outstanding work, strange how wives don't get excited by such things, mine just asked, what you looking at and I showed her the pics "what is it" she asked "a work of art" I said...... "yes but what is it" was her reply " A Panzer tank turret" got that look and the head shake and she left the room..... BRDM Driver There was a guy at The War and Peace with a stall with new made replica GPMG's
  15. bigduke6

    Editing ?

    How do we edit our old posts on the new forum? I was trying to remove some photo bucket pics and replace them and tidy up some posts were `i don't have the pics anymore? the edit icon is missing on all of them.