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  1. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Cheers, watched it last night through catch up on sky, quite an eye opener when you think how accurate the GPS is.
  2. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    What was the programme ? I finally watched the rest of the Tank build, excellent programme and think the drive from the start of the battle beats the original plan hands down.
  3. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    I've only managed to watch part on catchup tv, but was impressed with what I've seen so far, I would say its far more fitting to take it back to where it was used rather than built, to be fair to Guy Martin he does have an engineering background, so not just a TV personality as for Fred, same meat different gravy. Seeing the modern process of cutting etc is something I've been looking at for a very future project I'd like to do, I'm just looking for plans etc for the project. Looking forward to getting home and watching the rest.......
  4. White Helmets Triumphs up for auction

    Did anyone attend the auction today, as it seems they went for £73,160.00 ?
  5. Universal Carriers blueprints/ books etc

    Thanks PB will have a look.
  6. Does anyone know a good source of Drawings/blueprints of the Universal carriers I've been looking for the plans for the hull with sizes and gauge of the steel etc, I,ve seen 3 books by Nigel Watson and the 3rd Volume looks like it has what I'm looking for just wonder if anyone has the book and if it has the detailed plans of the hull.
  7. Editing ?

    Thanks, I will give it a go later.
  8. Panzer 2 turret

    Outstanding work, strange how wives don't get excited by such things, mine just asked, what you looking at and I showed her the pics "what is it" she asked "a work of art" I said...... "yes but what is it" was her reply " A Panzer tank turret" got that look and the head shake and she left the room..... BRDM Driver There was a guy at The War and Peace with a stall with new made replica GPMG's
  9. Editing ?

    How do we edit our old posts on the new forum? I was trying to remove some photo bucket pics and replace them and tidy up some posts were `i don't have the pics anymore? the edit icon is missing on all of them.
  10. WD Matchless Chassis and Catalogue No's

    Can any one tell me the thread size for the oil flow and return unions on the crankcase ? I just haven't got anything to hand at the present and don't have the case with me but am making some unions to suit the thread that have a hose connections .....
  11. Skipping to the next page ?

    Thanks, just had a flick through and all good.
  12. Skipping to the next page ?

    Nice to see the forum back and a credit to all involved, only thing I'm having trouble is going from one page to another, example is I have a thread in the Motorcycle forum and am replacing some pics from time to time that were stolen by photo bucket, I can open the thread ok but when I try to go to the next page it just seems to be stuck on loading ? anyone have the same ? Normally I use the private browsing and this does cause problems with some websites so tried it without and still the same, use a Mac book also.
  13. Spares bins ?? the bins are still there but no spares, the last LAD I was in had next to nothing not even a few spare nuts and bolts etc. All spares are for jobs in hand or ordered in when required. Can't say what the district and base workshops have now but they were similar.
  14. Just a load of hot air, The little half of the Krankie's just can't stop herself, not content with downing street wanting to do it by 2040 she wants Scotland ahead of the race by 8 years....... guess there will be a good trade in Blackmarket petrol and Diesel on the border. Many years ago, one of the ships I was on was charted to cover a few weeks form Cairnryan to Larne, I was unaware of the change and found out a few days before I was due back, I phoned ( no computer or internet then) the Rail enquiries......... I lived in South Cumbria at the time and looking at the road atlas didn't think it would take too long to get there, how wrong I was, it would take just under 9 hours on the train and even then this was to Stranraer......... I went on my GSXR 750 in the end, what a Journey....... still a lot quicker than the train, but one things for sure regarding Billy Connolly's statement, Scotland is a lovely place put no body lives there...... I would think its the last place you want to be traveling around in an Electric car.