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  1. bigduke6

    Rather expensive to me

    I'll take two....
  2. bigduke6

    W D Broad Arrow

    Even molded in to the Bricks at the Forte in Corfu, either to stop Squadies selling them to the locals or the locals helping themselves ... They were part of a walkway and stapes that I stumbled upon when searching for the Toilet.
  3. bigduke6

    Rather expensive to me

    There is or was a cylinder head and barrel for one on ebay. I was watching it too on ebay just out of interest....myself I know little of them at least not enough to bid on one.
  4. bigduke6

    Matchless WD G3L Engine plates

    Just checking this post and I'd never hit the send button from some time back so, First of , a big thanks to Lex and Ron, Lex for lending me the G3 engine plate and Ron for being the middle man. The plates I,ve made come out well and there are another few on the way, just the reinforce/spacer to do but the leg work is all done. In the words of Rolf HarRis can you tell what it is yet Pic below is the profiles roughed out, the top plate was drilled then tacked to the other so I could drill through and use the top as a guide. Cleaned up and ready for bead blasting.
  5. bigduke6

    1943 Ariel W/NG front brake shoes

    Thanks for that, will Give Les a shout.....
  6. Looking for break shoes for the above, someone I know has made there own (outstanding work ) after searching for a few months (there not in the UK) just wonder if anyone knows where to source them or ones that can be fettled to suit.
  7. bigduke6

    Matchless WD G3L Engine plates

    Thanks Lex, Sorry for delay..... internet on ship not so good and now in Corfu so it's hit and miss. Email on the way. At present only looking to make a perfect template, and use when required. I'm looking for someone to do a DXF file. Have two at work roughed out ready to mark out. Ron, my originals come in at 2.8mm which is .3 mm less than than 1/8. The thickness across the plate and spacer/ reinforce for the mag platform is 4.0 mm
  8. bigduke6

    Matchless WD G3L Engine plates

    Thanks Ron, Wdbikemad and Lex, Ron It was Steve who suggested I repair mine or make a set, as he believed they made the originals too light...... the plates I have, have the reinforce/spacer for the Mag platform so set that as the max thickness, will check again on that measurement. Lex will email you when I can, in the meantime I was thinking even a trace of an original would be sufficient for what I need, as long as I can get the correct dimensions of the holes which would mean measuring them with a vernier and writing it next to the traced hole...... ( if anyone has the spare time to do this, a new made set of plates would be theirs for the effort)
  9. bigduke6

    Matchless WD G3L Engine plates

    I'm in the process of making my own engine plates and also repairing the ones I have, I've used my originals for templates, but they have some elongated holes which I can just make out some of the centres but its a bit hit and miss. I'm after a NOS one or a reproduction one to buy if anyone has one ? I'm only going to use it as a template and get all the correct diameters of the holes etc. I've got 3mm steel plate but was going to use 3.5mm to beef it up, does anyone know if this would cause any major issues as my originals come in at 2.8mm but are like fag paper in parts where they have worn against the crankcase.
  10. bigduke6

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    Well said Mike, If we didn't moan then all these things would be ignored and it would turn into a theme park. 6 out 10 for me.
  11. bigduke6

    WD Matchless Chassis and Catalogue No's

    Washers ordered today from AMC, also some bits for the forks. Regarding your G3 bottom end Ron, I'd read somewhere (After I bought my new bottom end) that they can be re ground or skimmed and use harley rollers as they can be bought over size. For anyone reading the thread, I'm going to clean it it up at some point, as it drags because lot of pics missing due to photo bucket pulling a fast one. I'll have time on my hands when I'm sat at the bar next week in Corfu so the pics may not be just of the Matchless....
  12. bigduke6

    WD Matchless Chassis and Catalogue No's

    Guess it will be Tuesday then..........
  13. bigduke6

    WD Matchless Chassis and Catalogue No's

    Cheers Ron, Going by the single one fitted in 55 + engines I can work out the size, I looked on the Russell Motors page and there not listed (not to say Les doesn't have them). Having a read the only purpose they serve is to locate the timing side in the correct position for the oil pump. Just wonder the purpose of the two when later on they went to one ?? I guess the two were replaced by just one when in service , also made a mistake of where the homemade (probably the Army again) shims where, looking at an old photo they sat between the old timing side bearing race and the C/C. Am in need of a few little bits and peaces so will contact Les at Russell Motors and Amc on monday.
  14. bigduke6

    WD Matchless Chassis and Catalogue No's

    Been a while since I touched the Matchless, but just about to assemble the crank case and was looking at the drive side bearings spacing washer, I only have one which is the small one, I remember when I stripped the engine it only had the one but it did have two homemade shims at the end of the drive shaft which sat between the outer bearing and inner of the crank case. Although I'm using different Crank cases and also the timing side bearing has been replaced by the two step bush, just wonder what size is the bigger washer ? anyone have any idea ?, part number is 168-66 the one I have is 16889-A (going by an exploded drawing of the bottom end) In a box of spares I have a big washer which I assume is from the later engine 55 onwards that I can turn down the diameter and then grind it to the correct thickness. Thanks In advance.
  15. bigduke6

    VIP toilets

    Good To meet up again Mike, although very short..... spent too much time in the trade stands. I said my bit in the latest thread on the W&P, all in all a good day, but disappointed they shelved the half price for the Veterans and Serving members, I can accept the extra £10 but feel the veterans have been let down.