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  1. Morning all, just a wee question I am restoring Hotchkiss 24v and the generator bracket after removing it has 2 different and obviously incorrect bolts holding the base of the bracket , just wondering if any tips on correct size thread. many thanks keith
  2. many thanks pete, will do i cleaned the tread out as it was like the somme in there !!, new bolts are needed also . am sure i will have more questions in the near future !!. cheers keith
  3. Evening all , just a wee question on my restoration on my hotchkiss jeep, i took the passenger side wing off today to get to the battery trays to clean them up , silly question maybe but the bolts that attach the wing to the chassis seem to be UNF ? the others on the grill and to the body are the usual UNC , has anyone else had the same , cheers keith
  4. Many thanks for the welcomes all , yes am in Dundee mate. Regards keith
  5. Hi all, Just a wee introduction about myself. Ive just bought a Hotchkiss jeep picking it up next week :cheesy: after a long time dreaming !! i retired from the army a few years ago and have settled up here in bonny dundee, ive always been interested in ww2 era and collected a good few bits and pieces before selling most of it off after the kids came along !!. Anyway enough of war and peace there!! hope to pick your brains after i get the jeep as it will need some stuff done to it over time. regards keith
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