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  1. zundapp

    Panzer 2 turret

    Cast iron is a bad idea, it is too brittle. Most track links for AFVs are a Manganese Steel Alloy. China would be a good source. I know that some have already been cast there. A friend of mine lives in Hong Kong, he did search for suitable foundries a few years ago, and found at least one. (we were thinking about a Pz 38T project). I will ask him if he has details. About cast Iron: If memory serves me correct, the Saumur PzKpfw II that the Cadmans restored had new made cast iron tracks. The story I heard goes that when a turn was made in cold weather the tracks broke.
  2. zundapp

    Where in the World??

    Brit living behind the Siegfried Line (literally)! David
  3. Hi, I have a forum dedicated to the Steyr 1500 ( follow link from http://www.steyr1500.com ). Although the aforementioned vehicle was its main purpose, we also have amongst our 200 subscribers owners of many other German MV's. It is always worth posting a question. Best David
  4. Dear Forum, The Baugnez Historical centre has the pleasure to announce our Dec 2009 Battle of the Bulge rally. We will follow the route of Kampfgruppe Peiper from Losheim to Stoumont. http://www.baugnez44.be/News/index/language/en Zundapp
  5. The Baugnez '44 Historical Centre will be hosting its first international military vehicle meeting and rally on 20th and 21st December 2008 to commemorate all those who suffered during the Battle of the Bulge (BoB) offensive in December '44/January '45. The event is open to all US and German military vehicles that are suitable for road use and were of a type in use in December '44. For further information and to request a registration form, please see: http://www.baugnez44.be/News/index/language/en Zundapp
  6. Madman, Crikey, we must have crossed pretty close, I was photographing the Tiger II at la Gleize on Saturday the 8th of April........ David
  7. zundapp

    Are steel tracks road legal.

    Justa word of caution, I took my H test in an FV434, no problem with steel tracks there, howver the examiner sid that he wouldn't test anyone in a snow cat (volvo or hagglunds) as they don't qualify. They are not a "track laying vehicle steered by its tracks". They steer by articulation. David
  8. zundapp

    Wehrmacht 4x4

    German 4X4's were generally denoted by the suffix of the letter A, hence Steyr L1500A. Or Steyr Lastkraftwagen 1500 (weight class and Allradantrieb=all wheel drive). Some vehicles came in both 4X2 and 4X4, so you had say the Mercedes Benz L1500S S=Strasse or street in English, or A for Allrad. A brief list of some 4x4 types: Light Field cars by Stoewer and BMW The VW Schwimmwagen, Medium and heavy cars by Horch. Heavy field cars by Steyr, Mercedes and Phanomen Granit. Opel Blitz trucks Klockner Humboldt Deutz trucks Buessing Nag Trucks Mercedes Benz trucks etc.............. David
  9. zundapp

    Tracked Vehicle UK Road Driving Licence

    Guys, I took my H test some years ago as a civvie in a FV434. Basically you apply for a test in the normal way, stating the class of vehicle you wish to be tested on. Now not all test stations have an approved tester, so best to check with your local office. The test was a "normal" test, turns, 3 pointer, emergency stop etc. Just on the road in road legal tracked vehicle! (A bv206 type won't do, as its steered by articulation). Check the MV mags though, I am sure some enterprising type is offering a driving course and test. David
  10. zundapp


    OK, now I get it! Even though Zundapp KS750's are the thing that really gets me going MV' wise). I still like the Russian bikes, something about their rugged simplicity. :wink: D
  11. zundapp


    What and get them dirty! :shock:
  12. zundapp


    OK, now I am intrigued! David
  13. zundapp


    Jack, Well its definatley German, I think I would need to refer to the standard "bible" for Germans Mv's by Werner Oswald before I could answer......... David
  14. zundapp


    Hi guys, Just joined in. Have been involved in MV's for over 25 years. Mostly at the IWM Duxford as a volunteer. Have worked on trucks to tanks, everything from Land Rovers to the Mighty Conqueror. These days I confine myself to German WWII MV's. After all it was these vehicles that got me into MV's away from Aircraft. I look after a collection for my good friend Gerard Prime (he lives in Hong Kong). In fact apart from his Schwimmwagen I think I found them all for him. The collection consists of: BMW R75, Zundapp KS750 (his and mine), Kettenkrad, Steyr 1500 Mannschaftswagen and a recentley acquired yet to be restored Steyr 1500 Kommandeurwagen. All are, or will be displayed at Duxford. We also have a Steyr 1500 restoration project for sale David Zundapp KS750 ALWAYS looking out for WWII German MV's and parts.