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  1. Hi guys One thing I would like to know is the lengths of the clutch push rod ,I believe there are 2 short rods with a ball bearing in the middle , Mine was missing and I made a solid one peice rod and it's no good ,I then found it was suposed to be 2 piece and a ball , so the question is 1, the lengths of the rods ?? 2. the shape of the ends ?? 3. diameter of the ball ??.4. if the rods are different lenths which one goes it first ?? Regards Ian
  2. Hi guys , Richard, sorry I dont have any drawings , Like I said before I was not out to make am exact replica but when I looked at the real one I thought the pump looked the same as a blow tourch and I figured they would have used what was available at the time so that is what I used and it works fine although when I first got it running it would not run very well and I thought it was a fuel pressure problem either to much or not enough as I made the 2psi relief valve and I wasn't sure it was working that well , any way I blocked off the balance pipe between the tanks and I run it on gravity from the RH tank only ( the problem was the timeing not fuel ) I still run it like this but can only use about the top 60mm of the tank , As far as the ebay guy I thought his work was very good but at the prices he was asking only someone with a real one would pay the prices and the replica guys would make them themselves after all isn't thats why we do it. although I would like a set of rims if I could find them Regards Ian
  3. Here are some photos of the finished bike .I didn't intend to build an exact replica as it was a little side project and I didn't want to spend much time on it . I had was able to see and mesure and photo one of only 2 in NZ but the ultimate Ian
  4. Hi , I built a replica from scratch except the motor and rims , the rims I used were of an old 50 or 60s kids bike, I machined up the hubs and used a honda 50cc brake drum and internals , the downside of using these rims is the 12G spoke nipple was a bit big for the dimple in the rim, I tryed to find these dutch guys with no luck , there was a guy on EBay uk making repo parts at great cost and he said he was going to make rims but he never got back to me . It is good fun to ride around at air shows and re-enacting weekends here in New Zealand , If any one is interested I will put a photo up. Regards Ian Staples
  5. Hi guys , Has anyone ever tried dyeing an air force great coat to an army colour ?? Regards Ian
  6. Hi Guys, I may have found an engine for my replica Welbike in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK but the owners dont sound too keen on shipping it internationally. Is there anybody that could help me out with this? I imagine it would be a matter of getting the engine to a international shipping/freight company and a bit of paperwork and maybe some packaging. Regards, Ian
  7. Hi guys, This is how far I have got with my Welbike replica. I have gone as far as I can untill I find a motor and wheels. Can anyone help me find a pair of either genuine Welbike of Brockhouse Corgi spoked wheels or at least a pair of 8inch rims, anywhere in the world, so I can make up my own hubs and spokes etc. Any leads would be much appreciated. Any leads on a Villiers Junior Deluxe or Excelsior Spryt engine in the USA would be helpful. Regards, Ian What is the correct coulor kahki to paint it with?
  8. Hi there, I am looking at building a replica Welbike for re-enacments here in New Zealand and would like to contact people who have done the same and find out what they are using for wheels and when they used the Villiers lawnmower engines, how are tey setting up the transmissions/final drive. Any contacts and email addresses would be appreciated. Regards, Ian
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