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  1. great series Sarah, well received by the recovery industry over here.
  2. have you looked up Clifford saber and his artwork? (the desert rat sketchbook) he was with the American field service in north Africa at that time and mentions the RAMC among many others.
  3. fantastic read. I hope it's still progressing well.
  4. we wouldn't go down the road with that or anything similar. from (our) the recovery operators point of view if it failed(and if it did you can guarantee it will take out a minibus full of kids) what are we going to show the insurance company? first question they will ask is where is the test certificate/inspection paperwork/loler paperwork. it wont have any i'm sure. fine to move it a short distance not for an on the road trip i'm afraid.it also looks fine for securing the trailer to the headboard tow ball, then strapped. you won't believe the regulations that we should ALL be adhering to in this industry.Every chain/strap/deck/piece of equipment needs a regular inspection,certificate and paper trail.
  5. what a great thread and we're only at the chassis stage. fantastic detailed pictures which must encourage many others with their projects.
  6. Hi lee, I've texted miltant nick to direct him to this tread.(that's his militant) more info on his truck is in the recovery section. we both went to Dunchurch and apart from the weather on the one day had a great time. regards john.
  7. those 16 r's are popular at the moment. hope you get your box sorted soon.
  8. your truck looked great nick and drew many fine comments from people taking photo's. I hope the tent has dried out now after the downpour! overall a great show, lots of effort went into the displays and exhibits. looking forward to next year already. hopefully nick will do a show report,it's in a great central location and offers a good family day/weekend out. I spent sunday evening sat on top of my foden with my eldest daughter watching the fireworks, accompanied by the sounds and smells of many barbeques, everyone seemed to be making the most of it.
  9. just got back from the firework display (2100hrs sunday) which can only be described as fantastic! was there yesterday when the heavy rain put an early end to proceedings, but today(sunday) the weather was much better. going back again tomorrow, the family all seem to have enjoyed it.
  10. best money you've ever spent nick. I can't get cover for that as i'm business use so would have to pay the rate. interesting though.
  11. ok,knowing what it actually costs to provide this service £99.00 is indeed a bargain to get a tracked vehicle recovered upto 6 times a year. would that cover be applicable to vehicles like my foden 6x6? has anybody used the service(for tracked vehicles)?
  12. what a great article. sadly all over Coventry I see the old factory sites, now housing in this case the morrisons/B&q I think. standard-triumph housing a massive sainsburys. maudslay a large area of housing. jaguar a housing estate with a very close industrial estate. what a tremendous waste of hands on engineering skills.
  13. odd question, as i'm guessing most tracked vehicle owners know other owners who seemingly always know someone who can help. are there a lot of owners of MV's who have no idea who to call in the event of an on road incident? and how far do people actually take Sherman battle tanks/FV432's etc on the road? i'm aware they can travel long distance but i'm guessing it's not economical for civilians. forget the AA/RAC. you'd need a commercial operator. you will most likely know a lot more than any non reme mechanic that turns up if you're maintaining it.(I include myself in that statement).
  14. I've not heard anything back yet nick and put my form in before Evesham, so maybe they didn't get it. I'll try again tomorrow, quite looking forward to this one as it's on my doorstep.(almost literally :cheesy: ). hopefully meet up again on your run in.
  15. great pictures. as a side note the standard factory is now a Sainsbury's, although small parts of it remain. cov-rad(coventry heat transfer) is still there though, i was in there not long ago and it's still got character ie; still looks like a proper manufacturing place. considering the action this area had in the war it's amazing any of it survived as long as it did.The standard was straffed by many passing bomber crews on the way back from raids, along with being a prime target itself.
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