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  1. Thank you for the input, good to know the bike was in use from 1941 to 1956 at least. I have contacted Geoff Fletcher who is apparently "The Man" for finding a service reg number then the RAF museum can help. Looks like there is a good chance of finding the history and getting it restored
  2. The pictures may not be ideal, it's in at Neil's workshop and he confirms there is no frame serial number and no numbers have been removed. Yes the engine numbers are "interesting" One thing I did not post before is this number which is very neat and on the front of the NS crankcase, we think it's probably an RAF stock in number. I have called a few places and they are going to look into it, long shot be we hope the 56 spaced at the end could be 56 Sqn who are now at RAF Waddington very near me but in 1941 were flying Huricanes out of North Weald. Number is 398MS8 56
  3. Don't mind a bit of trials.... interesting on a rigid but I bounce well even if the bike wont
  4. Yes that's right. so its a 41 motor and frame. nice as thought.
  5. Thanks for the input, I was told the motor was early (fins on lower case) ??
  6. I see what you are looking at but there is nothing to see on the bike but I have asked Neil to have a close look. It's not been painted and no scrape marks there.
  7. Came with it's military discharge papers signed by SAS Major, they also has a slightly different setup. Went really well off road last night too
  8. Had many people including club say that the frame MUST have a number, ok here's the pictures of every single number on the frame. There is A3 on one side of the seat post and nothing at all the other side. We think it's a 1941 Matchless "part number" not sure if the same was used by AJS, it has brackets at the back that designate it as military... I am told. Trust me, you know more than me but I would really like to find what this bike really was so I can get it back to that for it's 75th birthday this year. Thanks
  9. Sent you a private message but can't see that it has sent, let me know if you don't get it.
  10. I have all the numbers and would gladly pass them on to anyone that could help, not sure about putting on the forum though? Chris
  11. Greetings all !! I have a 1941 AJS 350 that I hope to get back into standard trim Also have a 1980 SAS issue Can Am Bombardier in standard trim Really getting into using and working on these bikes and looking forward to getting to some rallys
  12. I have a 1941 AJS 350 (I know it's also a Matchless depending) The frame and engine and most other parts are correct to 1941 but it's on a Q plate as it was used for VMCC racing a few years ago. I would like to find it's history so I can get it back into standard trim (I think it's RAF issue as frame is black and never been painted and this is important!! has NO frame serial number as with most war bikes) If we could hunt it down on engine number ??? All ideas and help welcome.
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