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  1. Think it's one of these. Also known as a Bog Frog:
  2. Yep, think you're right. http://www.bmpt.org.uk/other_boats_history/RSL-1664/index.htm
  3. This site will be useful for research. http://www.bmpt.org.uk/index.htm Difficult to tell what it might be from the photos.
  4. Googling the reg number, the roadsweeper was sold at auction. Can't see the sale date though but possibly 2015: http://classiccars.brightwells.com/viewdetails.php?id=5461 Found a picture of it from 2018 here: There is a chocolate express bus in the London Transport museum collection - not sure if it's the same one though?: https://www.ianvisits.co.uk/blog/2017/11/05/see-the-pirate-chocolate-express-bus/
  5. They have a website too: https://www.joesmotorpool.com/
  6. Some alternatives were suggested on this thread:
  7. How strange!! Could you make up a puller to remove the bushes using the internal thread?
  8. I'm really puzzled by the internal thread in the gudgeon pins. Don't recall seeing anything like that before, and can't see any purpose to having it there, especially if they are pressed in. The brass ends of the pins look to be very big in relation to the pistons and con rods, so I'm wondering if they are just end caps or bushes? Something like this: https://blog.wiseco.com/what-are-wrist-pin-buttons Could the brass ends be externally threaded too, and held in place with the split pins? The internal thread could be there to facilitate installing them. Not sure how they could be got out if they are threaded though?!? Worth investigating before you try pressing them out.
  9. Loads of info available on Google. This looks to be a good site: http://30au.co.uk/Home.html with pictures of some of their vehicles in the Mobility section: http://30au.co.uk/Mobility.html You can just about make out an insignia on this pic: http://30au.co.uk/Mobility_files/Media/Jeep_on_ship_home45/Jeep_on_ship_home45.jpg
  10. If you click on the posted time part from the New Posts page (i.e. 6 Hours ago) it takes you to that particular post rather than the beginning of the thread.
  11. The trade name seems to be Metalphoto. Lots of Google matches in America, but not much over here. Possibly becoming an obsolete material nowadays. Advances in printing technology have made it very easy and cheap to print onto virtually any surface. Might be worth contacting a local printer or copy shop to see if they could oblige.
  12. Possibly the PBY Catalina (G-PBYA)? Quite a distinctive sound and shape, and very slow, which could fit your description. It's based at Duxford but is a regular on the show circuit and will often fly if the weather is too bad for most others!
  13. Is the petrol fresh? I've heard of (and experienced) lots of odd running issues recently due to stale fuel. Modern fuel only seems to have a life of a couple of months before it goes off. The bike might still start but won't run properly - often with issues like the one you've described - and it's easy to get drawn into thinking there is another issue! If it was running properly before, and especially if it hasn't been used for a while, try putting some fresh juice in before getting your hands too dirty!
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