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  1. Coker 10.50x16 track grip tyres

    are these 10.50 x 16? if so how much are they and are they rated for road use? Radial or crossply? Thanks
  2. Hi All, I am on the look out for an underbody locker for a Bedford OY. I already have one locker which measures 21" wide x 14" high x 18" deep. Another with the same dimensions would fit a treat. Possible to fabricate but an original would be nicer! Thanks for reading, Jim
  3. Hi All, The points in the Bedford's dizzy have, at some time been changed for a magnetic type electronic module which I have found is faulty. I am inclined to convert it back to stock after reading of various problems people have had with these electronic conversions, (it looks like it might be a Jolley module). To that effect I wound be grateful if anyone can point me in the direction of a preferably complete dizzy. Thanks Jim
  4. Wanted: Green Goddess tires

    Your complaining... try finding any 10.50-16 tyres
  5. Hi, I know this is a long shot but wondered if anyone may know of any Vigilant wire guided missile gear, launch bins, inert rounds etc etc capable of being mounted onto a ferret 2/7. Thanks, Jim.
  6. Bedford 28hp starting procedure

    interesting about the vacuum, I thought I'd read up about the carb too! so that's the reason for the small bore steel pipe attached and I don't mean the fuel pipe? thanks again Richard
  7. Bedford 28hp starting procedure

    Thank You Richard for this info. Is this carb prone to flooding if the throttle pedal is pumped?
  8. Hi All, Calling all Bedford truck owners, past and present. What's the correct or preferred way to start your vehicle both cold and when hot. I've a OYC with standard carb. I do not have a driver's manual. Thanks Jim.
  9. wanted beford truck manual

    Thanks to all for their valued input. I've now bought an original manual :). Jim
  10. wanted beford truck manual

    Hi Tom, Thanks for your message. Yes, interested if the price is right, how much are you wanting for it please? Cheers, Jim.
  11. Hi All, Wondered if anyone here might have a redundant workshop/operator's manual for a Bedford OY with the 28hp engine which I could purchase?. I beleive they are available commercially but thought I'd run it by here before trying elsewhere. Thanks for looking. Jim
  12. Richard, Just looked at the pic and does the pedestrian door on the side tie up with the separate forward compartment for the genny? Could that door have been to separately access the genny, separate from the main area to the rear?
  13. Yes Richard, You are quite right, its all one now, partly converted to camper but looks authentic from the outside. Do you or anyone else know of any other's? Cheers, Jim.
  14. The seller says the body was made by Austin as an x-ray lab? Its a door at the back, one on the left hand side, (again a pedestrian door) and then at the front right hand side a 'drop down door', a bit similar to a front unload horse trailer. Except, with this door it is meant to hinge down until parallel with the ground, at which point a metal prop frame swings under and supports it. Dimensions roughly 13' x 7,3". Only have a very poor pic of it at the moment, here it is
  15. Thank you David for a great explanation of things. Helps a newbie like me no end. Jim