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  1. jim fl4

    De activated rifle or SMG

    Hijacking the thread here but I'm looking out for the same, specifically a sterling smg. Jim
  2. jim fl4

    Help, Bedford OY servo problems

    Interesting comments. Certainly times were much slower, my dad talks of, when as a lad, of being able to grab hold of the back of lorries to get a free tow up a hill on his bicycle, they were that slow. Its the same with brakes, of course we cannot judge them against their modern counterparts.
  3. jim fl4

    Help, Bedford OY servo problems

    Hi Folks, Today I out was out in the shed early before it got too hot and after making a slight alteration to the setting of the linkage refitted the unit and success, works perfect and yes it is indeed surprising the effect the servo has on the braking effect. The engine now has just a momentary surge (almost imperceivable) before resuming a steady tick over before a 'hiss' when the brake pedal is released. I big thank you to all who contributed to educating me with their knowledge. I'm all ready now for the trucks big outing to the YWE! All best, Jim.
  4. jim fl4

    Help, Bedford OY servo problems

    Thanks John, Yes its a Dewandre, On stripping the servo found the vacuum piston seized so I hope that's the reason for the low effect of the brakes. Having felt the vacuum created it surprises me that such a relatively weak vacuum could multiple the brake effect so much but I assume it must.
  5. jim fl4

    Help, Bedford OY servo problems

    Thanks Guy and Richard, Agree its a very fine adjustment. I have the little book, but I find it hard to understand exactly where you measure etc. Anyhow I have removed it to the bench again, and studied how it works. I'm going to refit it tomorrow. Out of interest when I had the engine ticking over and with the top cover over the gearbox off I separated the steel vacuum pipe from the servo and instantly the engine surged...put my thumb over it and the engine purred again. I could feel the vacuum from this pipe on my thumb. It was not a killer vacuum, I would say it was no stronger at all than a hoover, does it sound right? because ive no idea what sort of vacuum is normal!
  6. Oh the joys for of a servo assisted braking system! I have rebuild the servo, refitted it and, yup, its not operating. I think I must have got the valve setting up wrong, I have a good vacuum to it. I hear the setting up of the valves is super critical and I was hoping someone here may be able to offer its tips??? I think the servo of QL's are the same. thanks, Jim.
  7. jim fl4

    Help, Bedford OY brake problem

    Hi again. Decided to just have a go and removed the m/c and stripped it down. All looks remarkably good, all the seals look quiet good, the outside gaiter is life new. I cannot see a problem. The only things ive not removed are the check valves for the front and rear outlets, do I need to remove them anyone? Would you recommend I fit new seals? Next stripped the servo down. Not too bad a job and found a big problem. The big piston had stuck in the bore and their was a lot on gunge in behind where the big spring goes. So, no wonder the servo was not operating. Could this be the sole problem? The manual says the brakes are just as effective without servo assistance, just more pressure has to be applied by ones foot! Any thoughts guys much appreciated as always. Heres a few pics in the order of work, ie. the last is of the cleaned bore.
  8. jim fl4

    Help, Bedford OY brake problem

    Checked the hose, all clear no blockage, the problem is one of a poor/low brake effect to all 4 wheels with no difference whether the engine is running or not. No vacuum leak from the induction manifold to servo. Just got this off, only have the army manual, a small A5 booklet with not much detail on striping the m/c or servo. Does anyone have an advise on stripping etc these? thanks again, Jim.
  9. jim fl4

    Help, Bedford OY brake problem

    Hi Richard, thank you for your message. I did remove the nipple completely which didn't make any difference.
  10. jim fl4

    Help, Bedford OY brake problem

    Hi Tony, thanks for your reply. No I have not, but when checking all the cylinders to see if their pistons were free little or no fluid was lost. I did open the bleed nipples after on those cylinders dismantled and bled the usual way. What gets me is that when doing the bleeding on one of the fronts the pedal refused to go to the bottom or even any lower than the usual and the usual travel is minimal, ie a very good pedal you would say. I will be out shortly to check if the linkage is all free at the master cylinder end and then remove the servo/master assembly. I will report my findings here, thanks again.
  11. Hi All, I'm having lots of fun with the Bedford OY brakes. Basically I am only getting a very low braking effect. On a test drive on grass its impossible to lock any wheel and the braking effect it the same down a hill REGARDLESS of whether the engine is running or not. The servo makes the engine surge slightly but has zero effect on the brakes. All the brakes at each wheel have been thoroughly gone over, bisectors, adjustors, wheel slave cylinders all 100% good. All the shoes are in nearly new condition, no contamination, all the drums are like new as well. All the pipework is copper, the flexi hoses are in good order and clear of any blockage. Strangely, when bleeding the fronts the fluid would barely dribble out of the bleed nipple even though I was standing on the pedal, (which did not go to the floor but stayed in the usual position)! successfully bled nevertheless. So, that now only leaves the master cylinder and/or the servo, unless you think different? I shall be removing the combined servo/master cylinder tomorrow, I've never done this before so any tips would be appreciated. I will strip then down, again never done that before so any advise welcomed. Only 2 weeks to the YWE which I've promised the organiser I will attend so getting a bit worried now :). Thanks for reading, Jim.
  12. jim fl4

    Alvis Fox

    Does anyone know what it got to in the auction please???
  13. jim fl4

    Coker 10.50x16 track grip tyres

    are these 10.50 x 16? if so how much are they and are they rated for road use? Radial or crossply? Thanks
  14. Hi All, I am on the look out for an underbody locker for a Bedford OY. I already have one locker which measures 21" wide x 14" high x 18" deep. Another with the same dimensions would fit a treat. Possible to fabricate but an original would be nicer! Thanks for reading, Jim