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  1. jim fl4

    Brockhouse generator trailer

    I noticed the leaves in your photos, may be only out for a relatively short time. I recall the water drain holes had a tendency to block up with the expected results, great cammo net by the way.
  2. jim fl4

    Brockhouse generator trailer

    Great trailers, we bought one 20 odd years ago and abused it terribly on the farm, super strong. Yours is in very sound condition, must have been stored indoors?.
  3. jim fl4

    wanted, daimler ferret

    no worries John, thanks for chasing it up and letting us know. Jim
  4. jim fl4

    Morris CS8

    beautiful looking truck.
  5. jim fl4

    wanted, daimler ferret

    Thanks to Matchfuzee, didn't know Tanksalot had so many! Just a bit pricey for a resto job, which is what I'm looking for. but thanks again for taking the time, much appreciated mate. Johnwardle, that would be at the very least an interesting lead, thank you mate for thinking on for me. Jim
  6. jim fl4

    wanted, daimler ferret

    Hi Paver007, I am still looking for a Ferret, Saladin and Saracen, however I see your in the USA and I am in the UK. Thanks though.
  7. jim fl4


    great looking machines
  8. jim fl4

    wanted, daimler ferret

    Hi, I'm looking for a ferret to restore. Any condition/type, also spares wanted. Could also be interested in a Saladin or Saracen. If you think you have something private message me and I will get back to you. Thanks, Jim.
  9. jim fl4


    Welcome Wendell, That's one fine collection you have their! Some photos would, I'm sure go down well :). Cheeers, Jim.
  10. jim fl4


    Thank you Richard for your reply. Completely agree the matt is terrible for showing oily fingerprints and the like. Cheers, Jim.
  11. jim fl4


    Hi Richard, Moreover is the SCC No. 2 Brown you refer to Matt or Satin (semi-gloss)? Thanks. Jim.
  12. jim fl4

    Ferret brake pipe size

    Hi, I think its 5/16th or 7.94mm. Jim
  13. jim fl4

    De activated rifle or SMG

    Hijacking the thread here but I'm looking out for the same, specifically a sterling smg. Jim
  14. jim fl4

    Help, Bedford OY servo problems

    Interesting comments. Certainly times were much slower, my dad talks of, when as a lad, of being able to grab hold of the back of lorries to get a free tow up a hill on his bicycle, they were that slow. Its the same with brakes, of course we cannot judge them against their modern counterparts.
  15. jim fl4

    Help, Bedford OY servo problems

    Hi Folks, Today I out was out in the shed early before it got too hot and after making a slight alteration to the setting of the linkage refitted the unit and success, works perfect and yes it is indeed surprising the effect the servo has on the braking effect. The engine now has just a momentary surge (almost imperceivable) before resuming a steady tick over before a 'hiss' when the brake pedal is released. I big thank you to all who contributed to educating me with their knowledge. I'm all ready now for the trucks big outing to the YWE! All best, Jim.