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  1. I recently purchased a job lot of radio equipment including a standard Clansman TUAAM wing box. However it contains a MFJ-910 Mobile Antenna Matcher mounted into a RS Components diecast box as per pictures rather than the expected standard TUAAM I assume this was a civilian modification rather than military? Any thoughts?
  2. Thanks for the information, I have emailed the Gasket company today and await a reply
  3. I have just purchased a BSA 300w Charging set for rebuild with no spark and a low compression. I have downloaded a copy of the Manual from http://www.howardengineerium.co.uk/Images/BSA Charging Set Manual.pdf however Page 31 is missing. This covers checking and adjusting valve clearances which I suspect I will need! Has anybody got a copy of page 31 that they could send me or upload? In addition is there a UK source for head gaskets? Thanks Richard
  4. Wally, I believe it should look like this being approx 23 inches long and 13 inches deep. Thanks Richard
  5. Has anybody got a C42 Radio and power supply 'bottom tray' that they would be interested in selling? Thanks Richard
  6. Try the following link to Timefactors, I purchased one a few years ago and wear it every day https://www.timefactors.com/prs29new.htm
  7. If the vehicle was rebuilt by Henley's in Weston Super Mare you will have B269 stamped on the data plate as the rebuild location.
  8. Lizze, I will miss your photographs and insight into service life in Libya, I wish you luck with your book and please let us all know when it is published. I will definiteley buy a copy Richard
  9. 'Oversuit tank crews camouflage' the camouflaged version on the standard 'Pixie suit' I believe, a bit warm for daytime in Libya?
  10. Whilst not a direct replacement I have produced a new harness for my Champ using Yellow 28/0.3 17.5Amp PVC cable. 4.8mm heat shrink with the cable identifiers written on with a fine permanent marker before you shrink it on completes the job. Champs appear to have both blue and yellow Unipren harnesses.
  11. I believe the last vehicle in the line is a Carrier, AOP No.4(FV402), the AOP version of the Cambridge carrier. Thanks for the posts my farther in law is very interested as he was with J battery 3RHA in Germany then Eygpt and then Libya.
  12. Thanks,it would help if I had put the VRM's 30BA67 or 31BA14
  13. It's a bit cold in the garage so thoughts turn to 1/35th! I am about to start building a Saracen as per a photograph on the A&SH webpage circa 1960 in Lemgo (http://argylls1945to1971.co.uk/AandSH_Lemgo1959to62.htm) is there any way of telling if it is a Mark 1 with the twin rear door turret or a Mark 2 with the single? Thanks
  14. Iam in the process of rebuilding a MK1 Sankey trailer (58BL33) as a Christmas present for my Champ. What are the hubs filled with EP140/EP90 or grease? Thanks
  15. Have you tried Champ spares, I believe Roy also stocks a range of brake parts for other vehcles 01283 82 00 50 Richard
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