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  1. Try the following link to Timefactors, I purchased one a few years ago and wear it every day https://www.timefactors.com/prs29new.htm
  2. If the vehicle was rebuilt by Henley's in Weston Super Mare you will have B269 stamped on the data plate as the rebuild location.
  3. Lizze, I will miss your photographs and insight into service life in Libya, I wish you luck with your book and please let us all know when it is published. I will definiteley buy a copy Richard
  4. 'Oversuit tank crews camouflage' the camouflaged version on the standard 'Pixie suit' I believe, a bit warm for daytime in Libya?
  5. Whilst not a direct replacement I have produced a new harness for my Champ using Yellow 28/0.3 17.5Amp PVC cable. 4.8mm heat shrink with the cable identifiers written on with a fine permanent marker before you shrink it on completes the job. Champs appear to have both blue and yellow Unipren harnesses.
  6. I believe the last vehicle in the line is a Carrier, AOP No.4(FV402), the AOP version of the Cambridge carrier. Thanks for the posts my farther in law is very interested as he was with J battery 3RHA in Germany then Eygpt and then Libya.
  7. Thanks,it would help if I had put the VRM's 30BA67 or 31BA14
  8. It's a bit cold in the garage so thoughts turn to 1/35th! I am about to start building a Saracen as per a photograph on the A&SH webpage circa 1960 in Lemgo (http://argylls1945to1971.co.uk/AandSH_Lemgo1959to62.htm) is there any way of telling if it is a Mark 1 with the twin rear door turret or a Mark 2 with the single? Thanks
  9. Iam in the process of rebuilding a MK1 Sankey trailer (58BL33) as a Christmas present for my Champ. What are the hubs filled with EP140/EP90 or grease? Thanks
  10. Have you tried Champ spares, I believe Roy also stocks a range of brake parts for other vehcles 01283 82 00 50 Richard
  11. I have always had an interest in military history and vehicles although the 2 sides took a while to link up. Triumph TR6 and TR7 (since sold) restorations eventually lead to my Austin Champ 07BE16 which has been on the road since 2012. My current slow moving project is a Mark 1 Sankey trailer 58BL33, but I am always looking for potential new projects... Richard
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