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    Stolly without a brolly (or anything else to protect it)

    Dan, It would good to see pics of the recovery process....or would that be tempting fate? Is it running condition?
  2. Tarland

    Alvis shielder drivers manual asked

    Dale, Interesting to see the Shielder helping out Lancs Fire Service. Theres a couple of IBC's on the back but what else? Pump and manifold to feed the hoses?
  3. All, Looking for one of these: Thermal Resistor FV494519, NSN 5905-99-881-3340 A search of the internet hasnt thrown up anything (Xmod did stock them but "out of stock" at present) Used for fluid temperature output in FV432/FV180 etc. Thanks
  4. Tarland

    What goes here ?

    Theres a summary of the UK history of ESSO here: https://www.exxonmobil.co.uk/en-gb/company/about-us/uk-history/esso Basically the commercial name for ExxonMobil products
  5. Tarland

    Haverhill Generator

    Not sure if this is the right place for this? Does anyone have experience/knowledge of Haverhill Generators? Not strictly a MV type question Come across locally what appears to be a petrol 24V Generator - Honda powerpack with a Haverhill generator attached. Its equipped with a pair of the circular 3 pin sockets as you would see on 110V tools/gen sets. This would suggest its got an AC output with the large dia pin as earth. Done a quick search online and can't seem to find a company website or much info in the way of manuals. Is the company still in existence - the label on the machine says its based in Kettering? Any info would be appreciated.
  6. Tarland

    Haverhill Generator

    Thanks - I did think at 14 year old email address might be a bit of a long shot....
  7. Tarland

    Haverhill Generator

    Thanks - thought I'd done a reasonable search I don't think the firm exists anymore. Found a few posts on various forums for their welding sets but not much else.
  8. Tarland

    Stolly without a brolly (or anything else to protect it)

    Theres an additional complication with this sale..... The Stollie is on an island off Kirkcudbright that was up for sale last year. I spotted it in the drone video that the Selling agent included in their website posting of the particulars of the property (Farm + Lighthouse) I should think it might be an interesting project moving it to the mainland!!! At least the buyer isn't picking up the tab for the move but you'll need to have the low-loader on the slipway ready to recover it.....
  9. Tarland


    Wing Commander Tom Neil passed away last week.... https://britainatwar.keypublishing.com/2018/07/13/battle-of-britain-pilot-tom-neil-passes-away/ Condolences to both their families.
  10. Tarland

    Guy Martin

    If you read any of his books he only really seems to get involved in TV projects he actually finds interesting rather just being a "presenter"....
  11. Tarland

    FV432 driving on street query

    Well there's a surprise!!! NOT
  12. Tarland

    Spotted today....

    That flyby of Chinooks must have made a fair old noise - regular saw single ones flying out of Odiham along the line of the M3 down to south Hampshire/Wiltshire. Always heard it before you saw it! The flanker was probably filming the formation. The final Sea King & Lynx flyby/tours of the south coast had the same arrangement.
  13. Tarland

    Antar towing a rocket???

    Does this clarify things....?
  14. Tarland

    Antar towing a rocket???

    Was this the picture you were thinking of? Found here http://www.harringtonmuseum.org.uk/memories-of-raf-harrington-1959-to-1963/ When this thread first started I did think Thor missle but they were never based in the South East, but on former airfields on the East Coast in Yorshire and Lincolnshire (if you ever fly into to Humberside airport you can see a couple of the former launch sites in the surrounding area)
  15. Tarland

    Panzer 2 turret

    Like the roof! Whats the plan for the tracks?
  16. Tarland

    RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    The bomb casings were/are normally forgings..... with machining for final finishing and the addition of fuse pockets etc. See the start of the following: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeVbXSAJ6eA
  17. http://www.amphibiousvehicle.net/amphi/B/BMK/bmk-150m-wheel.jpeg A quick search turned up this jpeg I think this shows the wheel rigged to be retracted with the wire running up to the small snatch block and then to the windlass forward. When being towed there is a locking pin securing the strut/supension unit to the hull. When ready to launch i.e. stern first, the wire is rigged as per the photo and the securing pin is pulled from each strut. You then go ahead and reverse the boat into the water and once afloat the weight of the hull comes off the strut/wheel and you are able to raise it up into the well in the hull by hauling in on the windlass on each side How is the towing yoke attached? It doesnt look as though it folds up onto the bow of the boat or does it? Is there a mechanism in the hull for locking the struts in the retracted position? Recovery would be the reverse process. The wire would be paid out and the wheel struts would be allowed to fall down from the wells in the hull under their own weight. I think you would have to take the wire off the snatch block and then position it as shown in your photo i.e. straight off the windlass. You then come up on the windlass until the wire tensions up - the struts should be back in the vertical so long as you have enough water under the hull to let the wheels get to that position (The awkward bit would be getting the wire round the strut from the launch to recover position so you get a straight pull as the wire is the only thing holding the wheel strut in position for recovery - as far as I can make out) You then install the towing yoke and pull the boat from the water and then put the securing pins in each strut to secure for towing once you can access the struts. I'm working on the basis that this is Russian and pretty agricultural/squaddy proof Looks an interesting project...
  18. Any chance of photos of the mechanism in the hull and the windlass arrangement? I presume that's the towing yolk lying on the ground at the front?
  19. Tarland

    Scammell Pioneer

    Came across this.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Scammell-Pioneer/123026882973?hash=item1ca4f9419d:g:KR4AAOSwNyFWfAV~
  20. Tarland

    Scammell Pioneer

    Don't have to look pretty.... this one is resident in the NE of Scotland
  21. Tarland

    Never give up hope of getting it started!

    The Russian ISU 152 assault gun is at 11:13.... Theres a longer YouTube video of this with views of the engine bay and fighting compartment. If I can find it again I'll post the link
  22. Tarland

    Armoured vehicle is turned into a hearse

    Obviously a slow news day..... Didn't the Mail run the story of the gold bullion in the T55 fuel tank?
  23. Hi, Looking for 1 or possibly 2 Hawker UK6TNMF MoD spec 100Ah 12V batteries. Obviously need to be functional. Will cover courier collection/shipping.
  24. Tarland

    WANTED : Hawker UK6TNMF Battery

    Managed to source the batteries. Cheers
  25. Tarland

    Churchill Bridgelayer ramps on eBay

    Looking at the photos in the Ad it looks like one of the ramps that forms one side of a Churchill bridge unit. Unfortunately it has the proverbial gas axe applied to it to form two ramps...