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  1. YouTube Link Shame the video stops just before the man carrying trailer leaves the LCT!!!
  2. The rail complex serving the gun batteries including Wanstone are covered here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Mill#Martin_Mill_Military_Railway The additional link to the Cross channel guns has good photos of the various pieces of ordnance (and show rail lines) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dover_Strait_coastal_guns The lines were standard gauge as rail mounted cranes (those used for accident recovery) were the only means of doing barrel changes. The lines around Dover and up to Canterbury were used for the recovered/refurbished railway guns that had been held in storage after WW1 and pressed into service.
  3. The hub attachment looks to be a means of retaining the tracked unit to the wheel. In some of the stills at the end there appears to be a short turnbuckle between the yellow frame/guide of the track unit and the hub attachment
  4. Have a search online for the following manual and you'll get a full breakdown: "Clansman radio installations in Trucks,1/2 and 3/4 ton,FFR and GS,Rover.Rebro."
  5. Aye. MoD can't project manage anything - just look at the FRES/Scout debacle......
  6. Given sense was seen about trying to prohibit 50 calibre rifles in private ownership - the latest legislation having been dropped, you would like to think that the deac situation may eventually get looked at. In theory, with more border controls, there maybe less eastern european "deacts" getting into the country, which seem to be in large part the source of firearms illegally held (together with ammunition). None of the present controls, be it on deacs or legally held firearms, deals with the firearms in circulation used by the criminal fraternity.
  7. If you don't ask you won't get..... Looking at the Tanks-a-lot photos these are definitely restoration candidates. Certainly not runners!
  8. Cheers Wally - you learn something everyday!!!
  9. Can anyone identify the carrier in the Pathe newsreel film "Voice of the Guns" at 2:30? Voice of the Guns Looks like its crewed by Royal Marines and they are operating a 2pdr PomPom gun. Date of the film is 1940 so pre 25pdrs and there's footage of the various light AT guns including the 2pdr
  10. I presume you mean this story........... Panther Tank Seized Looks like the German military recovered the items concerned so probably stashed in a barracks somewhere.
  11. http://hmvf.co.uk/topic/18859-ww2-british-vehicle-bridge-plates/ Have a look here - Clive and Richard Farrant have answered a similar query.......
  12. Explanation of the Bridge Class system can be found here: Think Defence - Bridge Load Classification
  13. Getting back on topic - great photos of the Conquerer A question for the Forum in general - Were the Conquerer and Centurion ARV's designs on the drawing board at the same time? The earth anchor on both vehicles remind me of the anchor arrangement on the Bergepanther. Did Chertsey/FVRDE "borrow" the concept?
  14. Pipeline Network The south west isn't served by a liquids line on the above map - the red lines are gas pipelines Not sure if there is a specific Terminal or refinery for the South West - logically it would be Fawley being the nearest
  15. Si, Theres a thread on here about the fitters penthouse..... can't remember where exactly........
  16. https://www.unian.info/war/1043957-british-saxon-armored-cars-to-be-delivered-to-ukrainian-army-after-reconversion-and-testing.html https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/ukraine/11412838/Sir-Richard-Dannatt-condemns-armoured-vehicle-transfer-to-Ukraine.html Online press coverage of the transfer back in 2015.....
  17. Marcus Glenn has an ex-reserve Saxon for sale on his website
  18. Almost one for "Clives Mystery Objects" I presume it is mounted on the bolted clamp in the middle? Is the wiring connection via the capped off section closest to the mounting board? (with the T marking on it).
  19. Yep, a convoy light. Used on a lot of the German Army AFV's etc. Image from the Army Recognition website
  20. http://www.duxfordradiosociety.org/restoration/equip/aa3mk7/aa3mk7.html A restored trailer plus generator set
  21. If you're going to Slapton stop off in Dartmouth. The castle, although small, has an 18th Century gun battery and WW2 emplacement on top. There is also a civil war battery on the hill above. Over the Dart there is a well preserved coastal defence battery at Frorward Point and theres a preserved/restored battery in Brixham (not far away) and the Napoleonic forts on Berry Head just outside the town. If Cornwall is more to your liking Falmouth and the Camel estuary is worth exploring. Theres the castles at St Mawes and Pendennis (Falmouth) and another coastal battery at St Anthony just round from St Mawes. Pendennis has a selection of artillery pieces preserved that have been used in coastal defence including WW2 pieces.
  22. I did think that..... Putting the handbrake on with it upside down in the stream wouldn't have been my initial reaction!!! Nobody tried to start the Claas and use the boom extension to push itself out once it was upright???
  23. Aye, there were one or two "issues" in that recovery video..... I don't think I would have been anywhere near that!!
  24. I think there is a shorter version of the Scammell recovery of the Churchill with the Airborne REME crew also on YouTube. I remember seeing this at the REME Museum at Aborfield. It was the two films with the various trailers that I thought would be off most use to the forum. Thanks should really go to the poster on YouTube - I just came across them....
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