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  1. Tarland

    Saxon armoured car .

    https://www.unian.info/war/1043957-british-saxon-armored-cars-to-be-delivered-to-ukrainian-army-after-reconversion-and-testing.html https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/ukraine/11412838/Sir-Richard-Dannatt-condemns-armoured-vehicle-transfer-to-Ukraine.html Online press coverage of the transfer back in 2015.....
  2. Tarland

    Saxon armoured car .

    Marcus Glenn has an ex-reserve Saxon for sale on his website
  3. Tarland

    Mystery Object

    Almost one for "Clives Mystery Objects" I presume it is mounted on the bolted clamp in the middle? Is the wiring connection via the capped off section closest to the mounting board? (with the T marking on it).
  4. Tarland

    Help in identifying mystery part

    Yep, a convoy light. Used on a lot of the German Army AFV's etc. Image from the Army Recognition website
  5. Tarland

    Radar truck.

    http://www.duxfordradiosociety.org/restoration/equip/aa3mk7/aa3mk7.html A restored trailer plus generator set
  6. If you're going to Slapton stop off in Dartmouth. The castle, although small, has an 18th Century gun battery and WW2 emplacement on top. There is also a civil war battery on the hill above. Over the Dart there is a well preserved coastal defence battery at Frorward Point and theres a preserved/restored battery in Brixham (not far away) and the Napoleonic forts on Berry Head just outside the town. If Cornwall is more to your liking Falmouth and the Camel estuary is worth exploring. Theres the castles at St Mawes and Pendennis (Falmouth) and another coastal battery at St Anthony just round from St Mawes. Pendennis has a selection of artillery pieces preserved that have been used in coastal defence including WW2 pieces.
  7. Tarland

    CVRT Samson Winch Operation?

    I did think that..... Putting the handbrake on with it upside down in the stream wouldn't have been my initial reaction!!! Nobody tried to start the Claas and use the boom extension to push itself out once it was upright???
  8. Tarland

    CVRT Samson Winch Operation?

    Aye, there were one or two "issues" in that recovery video..... I don't think I would have been anywhere near that!!
  9. I think there is a shorter version of the Scammell recovery of the Churchill with the Airborne REME crew also on YouTube. I remember seeing this at the REME Museum at Aborfield. It was the two films with the various trailers that I thought would be off most use to the forum. Thanks should really go to the poster on YouTube - I just came across them....
  10. A series of 3 Youtube videos (IWM film unit) detailing the Scammell wrecker and the assorted trailers used by REME circa 1942
  11. Tarland

    CVRT Samson Winch Operation?

    There was a Samson for sale a few years ago on Milweb and the ad photos showed the A Frame rigged with the spare engine suspended from it. I hadn't realised these were the Hollebones for the vehicle. Is the winch a commercial piece of kit adapted for Samson or was/is it a bespoke unit?
  12. Tarland

    CVRT Samson Winch Operation?

    Great set of photos. Thats a clevis socket arrangement on the cable end. Just needs the appropriate size pin and a master link. A better arrangement than cable clamps etc. Is the Orange lamp over the Tacho a "Central Warning light" i.e. is on when warning lights come up on the drivers panel - generator, oil pressure, coolant temperature etc.? The lever arrangement was probably a Friday afternoon job. Mind you the hydraulics don't look much better Wouldn't it have been easier just to have a direct drive hydraulic pump mounted on the engine (probably not enough space in the compartment) and just run piping to the winch power pack rather than an additonal shaft and clutch arrangement etc. Controls could have been simple directional control valves instead of all those levers/linkages. I presume the winch is used to lower/raise the earth anchor on the rear of the hull? The Samson in this YouTube video has the front/roof mounted capstan blocks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQqpakoJVX8
  13. Tarland

    Faun Kraka

    Someone got a bargain given that the trailer for moving it was included as well. Looking at the photos on the auction website I hadn't realised that there were passenger seats on hatches in the load bed beside the drivers seat. A design before its time. A Quad/ATV 30 years before the Japanese bike manufacturers thought of the idea!
  14. Tarland

    CVRT Samson Winch Operation?

    Any chance of some photos of the respective controls for future reference
  15. Tarland

    RAF Regiment - Gun Tractors in 1980's

    By example you mean the AA gun? Is that the heritage centre at RAF Honington? I have found a couple of references to tractors but they are generic - 5 tonne 6x6 truck