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  1. The L85A1 or SA80 was accepted into service in the mid '80's - seen dates between '84 and '87 so the 5.56mm rifle rack would be right for a 1986 LR Maybe someone on the forum can give a definitve date on the SA80 coming into use.....
  2. The "BAT" series of post war recoiless anti tank guns used .5 cal spotting "guns"
  3. Jon, Nice to be away from the electrics and back on the tools?? In that last photo - in the background - is that the output of the steering box in the cut out of the hull? I presume the final drive/reduction box is going to bolt over that? You have a shaft to bridge the "gap" across the hull to the other final drive/reduction box? I'm assuming the existing shafts are going to be "modified"/adapted to marry up with the steering unit?
  4. So is this a pitch for the latest "Clives Mystery Object" - Yes they are final drives but off what?
  5. Have a look online for Rick Jolly's book "Jackspeak" - covers RN/Royals He compiled it whilst serving at RNAS Culdrose after the Falklands - pretty much the definitive list for the Senior Service
  6. YouTube Link Shame the video stops just before the man carrying trailer leaves the LCT!!!
  7. The rail complex serving the gun batteries including Wanstone are covered here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Mill#Martin_Mill_Military_Railway The additional link to the Cross channel guns has good photos of the various pieces of ordnance (and show rail lines) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dover_Strait_coastal_guns The lines were standard gauge as rail mounted cranes (those used for accident recovery) were the only means of doing barrel changes. The lines around Dover and up to Canterbury were used for the recovered/refurbished railway guns that had been held in storage after WW1 and pressed into service.
  8. The hub attachment looks to be a means of retaining the tracked unit to the wheel. In some of the stills at the end there appears to be a short turnbuckle between the yellow frame/guide of the track unit and the hub attachment
  9. Have a search online for the following manual and you'll get a full breakdown: "Clansman radio installations in Trucks,1/2 and 3/4 ton,FFR and GS,Rover.Rebro."
  10. Aye. MoD can't project manage anything - just look at the FRES/Scout debacle......
  11. Given sense was seen about trying to prohibit 50 calibre rifles in private ownership - the latest legislation having been dropped, you would like to think that the deac situation may eventually get looked at. In theory, with more border controls, there maybe less eastern european "deacts" getting into the country, which seem to be in large part the source of firearms illegally held (together with ammunition). None of the present controls, be it on deacs or legally held firearms, deals with the firearms in circulation used by the criminal fraternity.
  12. If you don't ask you won't get..... Looking at the Tanks-a-lot photos these are definitely restoration candidates. Certainly not runners!
  13. Cheers Wally - you learn something everyday!!!
  14. Can anyone identify the carrier in the Pathe newsreel film "Voice of the Guns" at 2:30? Voice of the Guns Looks like its crewed by Royal Marines and they are operating a 2pdr PomPom gun. Date of the film is 1940 so pre 25pdrs and there's footage of the various light AT guns including the 2pdr
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