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  1. Absolutely Wheado, any progress Dan? like to see more of your photos wheado, looks like it’s going in the right direction away from Jago to Jeep
  2. Cool, all roadworthy and sorted. But. More to do apparently, sooooo..... Keep showing us! Soundproofing sounds interesting straightaway :-D
  3. Cant wait to see it running out there. Looking cool :-D And something added to Just G
  4. Going to look good. A 'stealth' Landy :-D
  5. Ok, you started this, now bring on the photos with the progress. Really good to give the background to what you are doing and then the real challenge. :-)
  6. Hmm....... Does sound annoying, so see what you feel like. But you have done a lot of work and started to turn it into your own runner. Put to one side and kick it now and then. Then look at it again with the advice and suggestions and you'll get it sorted. And all vehicles cost money so it is just how long to live with it. Stay cool :-)
  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Have a great time! :drive:
  8. Given the amount of restoration it will be amazing whatever colour! :-D
  9. As I said back in March, superb! Great, steady progress and close up work. Carry on! :-D
  10. Ooooh! :wow: Overlander conversion. Another awesome level. Can't wait :-D
  11. Yes, as you said, you're keeping us all smiling as we follow your pictures and story. We're not all next to you and 110 but we are all with you and your restoration
  12. Oh dear! Does sound 'End of'. See what everyone says, but my thought if it was my problem is spend time and cash on 110, try and sell Dis-recovery as one item. Why? Breaking will cost you time and space of all bits with a lot leftover probably as scrap. Time and money on 110 so far look good and add life. All the maintenance on annoying Dis-recovery just carried on and now even more gone wrong. just my view, see other opinions and what feels right to you. All the best :-D JC
  13. Wow! Definitely committed now :wow:. Does the 200 tdi fit the same, straight on to the bell housing? Or slight modification needed or adaptor? Serious progress.
  14. Great photo record. Agree with Pete, if you have a series of photos as you progress restoration, they are always valuable and appreciated. Just so good to see an original vehicle being brought back to life.
  15. Looks great. Always wanted a Jago years ago, particularly every time I passed their location in Chichester. Turning it into a real lookalike Willys Jeep is brilliant. Keep having a go at it (and let us see the progress!)
  16. Hope you're feeling better Nicky. :undecided: I looked up your main web page and read what you actually went through. Ouch! :nut: Paramedics and A&E did a fantastic job (let's not mention a cardboard WC ). Yes, as you get older so it takes longer to get over stuff, despite your brain convincing you that you're still 20. So, keep reading your Landie magazines and start planning what happens next to 110, and keep us all informed of how it goes. Keep smiling and don't over do it when you think you're better. All the best mate
  17. Hi Nick, such good photos of restoration and progress. Nothing for a while. Moved forward on the rebuild? Love to see some more photos.......
  18. New home looks good and 110 is trying to settle. Hope you get all your home basics sorted ready for the full redecorate and modify. Oh, and sort the steering out! 😉
  19. Hi, I'm just about to start a Matador model but want to know what the WW2 seats in the cab and the rear benches were made from. Were the seats khaki canvas? Were the benches slatted wood? Been researching on the web but trying to find clear interior photos from that era is difficult. Lots of 50's and 60's updates but that may not be accurate. Appreciate any advice! Thanks.
  20. The five Seakings and Merlin flew over my house. They were known as 'Junglies' after flying special missions in Borneo in the 1960's. Let's hope the Merlins last as long.
  21. Wow! :shocked: I spend a lot of time in Portsmouth so I'll have to keep a look out for it when on the road Great work being done.
  22. That is so true. It may be slow because of all your additional work, but we are all enjoying the detail and complete restoration work. Superb.
  23. Ok, moving home and settling in takes longer than expected, even when used to it. So the 110 will be waited on by lots of us, certainly me. And having just read the whole 'Series 3' blog, I can't wait for you to settle in . Have a good move, catch ya later when your landies also settle into their new place.
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