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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VmwbdDqQJ4
  2. Today on May 9 in Russia a big holiday - Victory Day. It is a holiday with tears in the eyes. I had two grandfathers who participated in the Great Patriotic War. Today 71 years from the date of the Victory were executed. On parade in Moscow at Red Square troops of the Russian army, and also the latest military equipment and aircraft are shown.
  3. Hi, everybody! On April 22 I was 27 years old and I finished military age (under the law in Russia men aged from 18 till 27 years are called up for military service). Yesterday I have received the military ID and now I the private of a stock and I am a person liable for call-up. I wish all the peace sky over the head.
  4. Well. I will be registered there. I visit still Facebook and there I participate in groups about military equipment.
  5. I understand many words English. But fluently I can't speak for the present.
  6. In Russia the old military equipment in army is too. Still she can be seen in the museums and exhibition complexes. For example in the city of Orenburg there is a Salute Victory exhibition complex.
  7. Hello! I am glad that it was registered at this forum. I live in Russia, a respbulika Bashkortostan. I very much am interested in military equipment, not only Russian but also foreign. I have maintenance instructions on the Russian military equipment trucks, armored machinery, all-terrain vehicles, tractors and another. If to whom characteristics of equipment are interesting or the device I can help with information. With respect for Mamikon!
  8. I have a maintenance instruction on Kraz-255. If interests the device or what technical characteristics I can help with information. The book at me in Russian, therefore if that interests ask.
  9. It is the new tank developed by the Russian military. It will become the main fighting tank of the Russian army soon. The tank is created on new technologies and isn't inferior to foreign analogs.
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