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  1. Thanks, I will sign up and have a look.
  2. For what ever reason the previous owner of my Willys cut a hole in the dash, probably to fit a heater, where the emergency brake handle fits and removed the supporting bracket between the dash and the firewall. does any one know where i can get a small piece of dash to insert in along with the bracket behind. Or can any one supply me the dimension and I will have some new parts made to suit. I have attached a picture.
  3. I have been restoring my own motor cycles and other people's military vehicles for over 30 years and have finally taken the plunge and bought my own. I purchased a 1943 Willys MB about a year ago. She came all the way from sunny California so not too much rust and rot. After a year of stripping her down and cleaning everything, as well as replacing all those safety critical items, I am half way through the rebuild, she should be ready to prowl the streets of North Essex by the Summer.
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