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  1. asking the obvious, I guess it's the beverleys size that makes transport a real headache. From the bbc article am I right in thinking that it has moved previously just not very far? And not knowing the area where is the nearest air museum of any size which might be able to give the old girl a secure future?
  2. Hi, the original poster has an ad on Milweb under the name British Military Vehicles and there is a picture of the Carden Loyd Machine gun Carrier on the ad. Worth using the details to contact?
  3. My understanding is that EU legislation is transposed into national law. So the EU agrees a directive and then gives national governments a certain amount to time to make it law in their country. So, no! EU legislation doesn't lapse when we leave, we actually have to go through the process of recinding these laws and there are a lot of them. Happy to be corrected, but that's what I have been taught on H&S law. Cheers, Julian
  4. Hi Andy, don't know if it's in your price range but there is one listed on Milweb.net today P.S. no affiliation with the seller
  5. Jon, I continue to be amazed at the level of detail your are putting into this. I look forward to each and everyone of your postings. Cheers, Julian
  6. As always Great fabrication work. At this stage the only disappointment I have is that I won't be able to come and see this at a show near me 😞
  7. Apologies for the late reply, been off line for a few days. Thanks for the information that's certainly helped fill in some gaps 🙂
  8. Always looking to fill gaps in my knowledge. There is a trailer adverstised on Milweb as RAF Taskers Aircraft Recovery Trailer didn't mean much to me so I did a bit of googling. Only real links I could find were to Taskers producing the Queen Mary Trailer in WWII, but the add says this is a Post War trailer, is this just a late version of a Queen Mary (the name does at least ring some bells), or did Taskers manufacturer a newer version after the war. Sadly for the seller I'm not looking to buy, although combined with an example of the same type of Bedford in the pictures I think it would make a great exhibit for shows. It would be nice tolerant more around this company and the trailers. Cheers, Julian
  9. What I find really interesting is the state of preservation. Yes it's come up in lots of bits, the fact that the wheels still rotate I find astonishing. The material something metal is deposited in makes such a difference to the rate of corrosion.....
  10. Hurrah!!!!! fab to the the old girl out on the road. Brings joy to my heart 😀 There's clearly a big difference between what you say is 'really quiet' and my view - lol Seemed much quieter in the outside shots, than on the inside ones. Also the sedate and steadier ride doesn't match the interior footage 🤣 or perhaps you need to sack the camera operator. Congratulations on the fab thread, fab outcome and for the hard work in bringing ice back to the old girl. 👍👏
  11. Today the A34 heading towards Oxford bout 1 o'clock. What looked like a camel trophy towing a desert coloured WMIK. Anyone on here? Spotted a tidy series 3 and series 2 SWB slightly later, couldn't tell if they were military or not (passed to quickly) Julian
  12. Welcome aboard, lots of nice friendly people around here 😀
  13. Cracking' (or based on your back should that be creaking') job 😀 Although there's a lot to do, with the recent reinstatement of the cab and the hubs/wheels it must feel like real progress.
  14. sorry to hear you had to sell, but good news it went quickly - hopefully you weren't out of pocket as it was a recent purchase .......
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