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  1. Highland_laddie

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Cracking' (or based on your back should that be creaking') job 😀 Although there's a lot to do, with the recent reinstatement of the cab and the hubs/wheels it must feel like real progress.
  2. Highland_laddie

    Daimler Dingo For Sale - SOLD

    sorry to hear you had to sell, but good news it went quickly - hopefully you weren't out of pocket as it was a recent purchase .......
  3. Highland_laddie

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Hi Rob, just tried the link but youtube says this video is unavailable. 😪
  4. Highland_laddie

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Kudos for the perseverance. Looking forward to seeing the video of the first roll out under her own power. Thanks for keeping the thread going it's great to see the results of your continued efforts.
  5. Highland_laddie

    Panzer 2 turret

    Hmmm, I think I would have at least another generation to go before the family is considered Scottish 😀 Although I am a celt of the dragon supporting kind 😉 Besides being impressed with the sheer engineering skill involved in your project I have also been 'gobsmacked' at times with the creativity involved in doing what you do on such a shoe string budget. That may be why you have so many responses looking at the possible options for track to try and find an option that can make this happen. If it gets to it I would contribute to a 'Go Fund Me' for the track.
  6. Highland_laddie

    Panzer 2 turret

    Hi 11th Armoured, Thanks for the info and the 'links' - yes pun intended 😀
  7. Highland_laddie

    Panzer 2 turret

    As one who is amazed at the quality of this project I have been left wondering how it can be completed without resorting to bank robbery to fund it. I remembered that there was the really nice reproduction late war Lynx in America. Does anyone know whether the track on that was the same as the earlier Panzer 2. If it was is there any benefit in contacting them to see how they addressed the manufacture of track and some of the other challenges that are to come?
  8. Highland_laddie

    AEC Militant on eBay

    Hi, found an AEC militant while browsing for interesting things on e-bay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aec-militant/113260231077?hash=item1a5ed5f9a5:g:UAgAAOSwTY9bo2bH No connection and no nothing more than what I have read in the Ad but thought t might be worth a share with the form. Feel free to repost onto other forums if you think it might get some interest there.
  9. Highland_laddie

    Panzer 2 turret

    Hi, what a clever idea!!! another great example of what is possible with a bit of lateral thinking. Julian
  10. Highland_laddie

    Alvis Solamander in Manitoba

    Hi Leah, I'm sorry I can't help you in your quest for information and guide to pricing. However I do wish you luck in your endeavour. Best regards, Julian
  11. Highland_laddie

    part four bulkhead repairs

    Firstly - Kudos for wanting to keep the old girl original. Everyone has their favourite threads but I had to admit I have a real soft spot for those bringing a pile of little more than rust back to life and yet also keeping it original. Secondly - I never cease to be amazed a the skills that still exist in shed and little workshops, I take my hat off to all those who who beaver away in shed keeping true engineering alive.
  12. Highland_laddie

    Panzer 2 turret

    just wish I had 1% of your fabrication skill. This is fab definitely one of my favourite current threads.
  13. Highland_laddie

    VL Myrsky, Finnish WW2 Fighter

    Hi Pekka, I have been interested in both the winter war and the continuation war, unfortunately the books I have read have focussed mainly on the ground war. After your posting I did a bit of searching but couldn't find many books either on Finnish Aircraft of the period or on personnel. However I have found a copy of a book about Finland's leading Ace - Enio Luukkanen (Fighter over Finland - Memoirs of a fighter pilot) which should be on its way :-) So thanks again for the nudge about this area of history
  14. Highland_laddie

    VL Myrsky, Finnish WW2 Fighter

    Hi, I hope you don't mind, but here is a link to the English version of the Wikipedia page on this aircraft. Thanks for posting I wasn't aware of this aircraft at all. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VL_Myrsky
  15. Highland_laddie

    Part Numbers

    Hi, I had a vague notion that DML was Devenport Management Ltd that runs Devenport Dockyard for the MoD. I also thought they had manufactured Batches of vehicles where the design was owned/held by Supacat. A quick google shows that DML manufactured batches of the Jackal. Is it possible these parts come from one of the less successful UORs for Iraq/Afghanistan which have been cleared out following the consolidation of Land Vehicles of the completion of large scale operations?