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  1. Highland_laddie

    AEC Militant on eBay

    Hi, found an AEC militant while browsing for interesting things on e-bay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aec-militant/113260231077?hash=item1a5ed5f9a5:g:UAgAAOSwTY9bo2bH No connection and no nothing more than what I have read in the Ad but thought t might be worth a share with the form. Feel free to repost onto other forums if you think it might get some interest there.
  2. Highland_laddie

    Panzer 2 turret

    Hi, what a clever idea!!! another great example of what is possible with a bit of lateral thinking. Julian
  3. Highland_laddie

    Alvis Solamander in Manitoba

    Hi Leah, I'm sorry I can't help you in your quest for information and guide to pricing. However I do wish you luck in your endeavour. Best regards, Julian
  4. Highland_laddie

    part four bulkhead repairs

    Firstly - Kudos for wanting to keep the old girl original. Everyone has their favourite threads but I had to admit I have a real soft spot for those bringing a pile of little more than rust back to life and yet also keeping it original. Secondly - I never cease to be amazed a the skills that still exist in shed and little workshops, I take my hat off to all those who who beaver away in shed keeping true engineering alive.
  5. Highland_laddie

    Panzer 2 turret

    just wish I had 1% of your fabrication skill. This is fab definitely one of my favourite current threads.
  6. Highland_laddie

    VL Myrsky, Finnish WW2 Fighter

    Hi Pekka, I have been interested in both the winter war and the continuation war, unfortunately the books I have read have focussed mainly on the ground war. After your posting I did a bit of searching but couldn't find many books either on Finnish Aircraft of the period or on personnel. However I have found a copy of a book about Finland's leading Ace - Enio Luukkanen (Fighter over Finland - Memoirs of a fighter pilot) which should be on its way :-) So thanks again for the nudge about this area of history
  7. Highland_laddie

    VL Myrsky, Finnish WW2 Fighter

    Hi, I hope you don't mind, but here is a link to the English version of the Wikipedia page on this aircraft. Thanks for posting I wasn't aware of this aircraft at all. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VL_Myrsky
  8. Highland_laddie

    Part Numbers

    Hi, I had a vague notion that DML was Devenport Management Ltd that runs Devenport Dockyard for the MoD. I also thought they had manufactured Batches of vehicles where the design was owned/held by Supacat. A quick google shows that DML manufactured batches of the Jackal. Is it possible these parts come from one of the less successful UORs for Iraq/Afghanistan which have been cleared out following the consolidation of Land Vehicles of the completion of large scale operations?
  9. Highland_laddie

    help with landrover markings

    Well done that man :-D
  10. Highland_laddie

    WW1 era Luger wanted

    Have you seen this ad, it includes a 1917 Luger from Bridhead Militaria, just outside the date range but may be if interest. http://www.milweb.net/webvert/a2174 there was another ad on Milweb for a 1913 dated Luger as well. And if I remember correctly one of the deactivated sellers had quite a few different Lugers on their web site. I R ember seeing them because I didn't realise how many different types models there were. cheers, julian
  11. Highland_laddie

    Contemporary Military vehicles.

    Can't provide an 'official' point of view, but I understood that the British Army prefers better situational awareness. Even with improved cameras and digital sensors there are still limits when fully enclosed in an armoured vehicle. I did recently see an interview with a serving soldier about the Jackal and he was asked if he felt too exposed. His response was that he was reasonably well covered by the vehicle armour and this was supplemented by the latest version of body armour. It's worth noting that the RPG is very difficult to protect against (even the older versions you see on the TV let alone the current version RPG 9). Hence the proliferation of add on armour hits seen on all the vehicles sent to Afghanistan, the so called Theater Entry Standard. The combination of RPG and hollow charge IED means that the latest infantry fighting vehicles end up around (or above) 30 tonnes FRES Scout etc. These larger around vehicles present their own logistic challenges (let alone cost restrictions) Even the Challenger 2 is not immune, although they are proof against RPG there has been at least one instance of one being damaged by an IED. IIRC sadly the driver suffered severe leg injuries. However I remain to be convinced that the current mix of vehicles and the resurrection of the light cavalry/yeomanry is because it is the right combination for the current threats the army faces. I suspect it is more just a way to use what's left over from the various Urgent Operational Requirements from Iraq and Afghanistan. An example being repurposing of the Warthog for some artillery role and a return to the Viking for the marines. i'm interested in what others have to say. julian
  12. Highland_laddie

    buried and abandoned tanks

    Hmm not sure I agree. If it had the all important black cross, it would have been sold for a fair sum, rebuilt from scraps garner from all over Europe and now be worth a six figure sum. unfortunately it was British and as we saw with the Crommwell it took ages to sell, it's 'market value' was really to low and, sadly, it couldn't remain in the UK. time to step off the soapbox and return it the corner of the garage..... julian
  13. Highland_laddie

    BBC - AFVs now account for 4% of the market

    Fan of alternative fuels, but no decent network for anything but petrol/diesel this far up in the Highlands. hopefully this will change sooner, rather than later. Until then more 'proper' AFVs on the road please :-)
  14. According to the BBC - The figures show that 7,270 AFVs were sold in January, gaining a 4.2% market share Sadly not what it seems, despite the acronym AFV being used for a long time to mean Armoured Fighting Vehicles, there is a new kid on the block Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles. So you may soon see lets more cars sporting the window sticker my other vehicle is an AFV....... pity it would be nice to see more armour on the roads :-D Julian
  15. Highland_laddie

    Rumour at Duxford

    I remover in the early 1980's being told that they had to delay the closure of Shotton Steelworks until they had finished the new roof :nut: supposedly the damages from cancelling the contract were so bad it was better to let them finish....... so don't always take something like a new roof as sign things are ok;) Julian