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  1. As always a pleasure to see the detail and quality of your work. waiting for the next instalment 🙌
  2. just watched a really good youtube movie by the curator of Bovington tank museum on the battle of Arras. Well worth watching. If I wasn't so poor at tech I would post the link - sorry
  3. Quick 'Google' found this. Gwen Eagle was a 40ft long twin screw motor cruiser built by William Osborne Ltd in Littlehampton in 1938. Her owner, Donald Hudson, lived in Hove and was a member of the Sussex Motor Yacht Club in Brighton. There is also a brief mention in the book 'The miracle of Dunkirk'
  4. Fantastic job as always. Sadly it looks like I will have to wait until next years show season to catch up with her somewhere in the UK 😞 As for knees and backs, as the saying goes 'Old age doesn't come alone' lol
  5. Another gr8 and innovative solution. The upper hull looks really fab. 👍
  6. Quality Job as always. Had a little laugh to myself when I re-read your opening line in the first post ðŸĪĢ
  7. had spotted that in the background of some of your other pics. Looks fit for purpose so what more do you need 🙂
  8. have you joined the facebook group for the snatch. There's lot of help and advice and they are a friendly bunch.
  9. what pattern would the original have been?
  10. Hi Nick, thanks for doing that and posting on this thread and on the other. I hadn't checked the other thread today and thought it best to start a new one. I agree it is good that you have had that response, I would just say thought that it wouldn't be difficult to post both the information about awaiting further government clarification and the commitment to a refund on the front of their website where the current statement on COVID 19 is. Cheers, Julian
  11. I know the subject of cancellations has come up on the Dorset Steam Fair thread - I thought it best to start a new thread. Just browsing Milweb and was surprised to see a 'new' advert for the W&P show. I followed the link and the web page says they are monitoring the coronavirus situation. However they are (or appear to be as I didn't complete the process) still selling tickets. A quick check of their T&Cs states the following 10. TICKET RETURN, REFUND AND CANCELLATION POLICYThere are no refunds available on any orders. While I appreciate that this is a commercial event I do feel that to continue selling tickets with a zero refund policy is not playing fair. I do hope that no more people get stung at this stage......
  12. any extra info on the 'challenges'. Is it just a case of the value they put in a vehicle differs significantly from the value a prospective buyer might be willing to pay? or is it something different. It is a common thread across this site that sometimes the seller has significantly different view on the value of their asset.
  13. Hi, suppose it depends on the available pennies. This seems to have various 360 degree nozzles for spraying and various lengths of rigid pipe to get the distance. https://www.carlisleft.eu/library/devilbiss_extensions_EN.pdf Uk part of the company is based in Bournemouth so might be worth a call. Carlisle Fluid Technologies, UK LtdRingwood Road, Bournemouth Dorset, BH119LH, UK +44 (0)1202 57111 If something cheaper is required there are various references to cheap version from the 'far east' and one that use the modern airless spray systems used of fences etc. apologies the bold formatting got stuck ðŸĪŠ
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