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  1. Or buy mine and just drive it home ! 😎
  2. Hi Andrew I’ve just advertised my very tidy gmc 353 tipper. please contact me to discuss 07796160244 (it’s on milweb) kind regards lee
  3. I have a very tidy 353 tipper on milweb currently if your interested? 07796160244 lee
  4. Ok great I'll take a look. Im not too fussed about over subscription there's usually ways around these things Thanks
  5. Hi All Ive recently purchased a GMC 353 Tipper in decent condition, and am in the process of servicing the brakes and sorting out a troublesome carb. With all the little issues sorted I'll be looking to take the truck further afield to Normandy next year. There are a few searches on here which touch on the d-day event but I'm struggling to find and real information? Weve been to Normandy a few times now and familiar with the area but never actually involved in it. I'm assuming there are clubs or accociations that cater for people wanting to take a vehicles for d-day, I even heard somewhere there's a charity that will sponsor some of your fuel cost!? Any information would be appreciated as im totally new and clueless here. Thanks
  6. Sorry I meant the truck is a 44. Obviously the bridge was early 45.
  7. Looking to take my gmc tipper too! Is there a link to where I can look at signing up? thete doesn't seem to be much info on anything for the 75th yet!?
  8. Great vehicles in the film! Can't answer the question but I couldn't resist a reply. My GMC was there in 1944 serving with the 276th engineer battalion 😁
  9. That will be why I can't find it then! Ill look at MVT having recently read about PLI it seems the logical choice. Thanks again
  10. Hi all, finally about to realise a life long dream of owning a gmc cckw. im sure there will be many questions to come as I'm completely new to the American stuff. I'm trying to find a link to get full forum membership as the insurance company need a membership number to apply discount. I can't seem to find it anywhere!? Thanks in advance
  11. This would be my main question, what constitutes a load? In literal terms of the law even a bag with your sandwich and crisps in it could be considered the vehicle to be laden. Would a cargo/troop carrier be legal with people in the back but say a wrecker not?
  12. Thanks Doug. Im a long way off my goal, this year is pretty much about trying to gain as much information and knowledge as I can on the CCKW and also keeping my mind open to other options available. I think size wise a CCKW is as big as I can go, it's still a relatively small vehicle storage wise.
  13. Thanks for the welcoming everyone Funnily enough it's actually an Escort RS I'm debating on selling.
  14. Hi Having owned and restored well over 20 classic cars, many with impressive bhp, it's time to consider my military vehicle fascination. Ive just got make the brave step and sell my current classic to make room and funds available. It's a difficult decision as I've owned this car twice. A full bare metal restoration when I first had her when I was 19/20, then sold her for house deposit, then managed by pure chance to buy her back again on eBay 4 years ago! I've just given her respray and it looks as good as before. Over the last 5 years prices have risen x5 so I'm aware it will be a good keeper for investment but the car is no longer 'me' and I really fancy something millatrty. First had a ride in a CCKW as a small boy back in the 80's on an old airfield where my grandma was a 8th bomb group member.........this is my goal. Ive done flat4, N/A4, turbo 4, V6 and V8. My dad had an old 6cyl Landrover when I was a boy and a few years back for someone I restored an Aston Martin DBS vantage also rebuilding the top end of the straight six. I think (well apart from a merlin spitfire) a straight six is just the best sound ever and the CCKW ticks a very big box πŸ‘ Looking foward to meeting members and getting into the hobby, hopefully make my purchase end of year or next.
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