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  1. Wanted, gmc cckw 353 or similar 07818817577
  2. Hi all, im in the market for a gmc cckw 353 to add to my collect, anything considered. Odd ones ive heard of have been fitted with a diesel, would this mean a diffrent gearbox would have been fitted too? If anyone knows of a vehicle for sale with not too much work to do to it please let me know Andrew
  3. What work do you need doing on the cvrt?
  4. Any alvis stalwarts out there for sale?
  5. Neil was a really nice chap, but this abbot wasnt for me, so the hunt continues, fv 432 is also now on the shopping list!
  6. The abbot im going to see is on milweb, neil whatling, anyone know anything about this abbot?
  7. Any pointers on what to look for on the abbot? ive had a 432 before and got a sabre at the moment so i not new at what to look for? viewing is on saturday
  8. Dont think they can be road registered now because of the width, im ringing round a few dealers today to get a idea of what i should be paying, im thinking mid £20s would be a good deal. Im looking to keep it for a long term investment, will be getting full restoration from me, the pack is low houred which is good. Saw 2 sell at auction last year, they both looked rough, the engines didnt sound very healthy, they made £20000
  9. Buying, looking at one this week, not sure whats a good or bad price, good working order and road registered.
  10. How much are abbotts worth at the moment?
  11. Can anyone tell me if malvern militatia fair is a good one? im travelling 200 miles, but only if it can be recommended. Went to stoneleigh last month, now that was good!
  12. The sabre is fully kitted out thanks, Are you at stoneleigh on a trade stand?
  13. Thanks for that, got sorted with a deactivated bren and sten, been talking to crosefire today about a 30 and 50 cal replica as there dont seem to be any deactivated ones about, picked up a M1 carbine at newark militaria show on sunday for the jeep. Next on the list is GPMG for the sabre !
  14. Not seen anyone cheaper, can you recommend anyone? im wanting a bren and sten gun to start with, then 30 and 50 cal browning
  15. Anyone had dealing with realguns.com? i after some deactivated ww2 weapons
  16. Bantam T3 trailer wanted
  17. I fitted a digital temp gauge to my sabre, its 2x1 inch in size (£3.50 on ebay), has its own batteries, very thin temp lead was inserted down the side of the hose that goes back to the radiator, new batteries twice a year, been fitted for 2 years now, runs at a constant 80 c
  18. Malton, north yorkshire, not sure which day yet Regards Andrew
  19. I have a CET fv180 coming on low loader in the next week, never driven or even started one! How do you start and move it, hope some one can help!
  20. CVRT track, new, full set £4000
  21. Any one know anything about the abbots for sale in lancashire? thought the engines seemed a bit rough in the video clips
  22. Think i will stay clear of children, NFU were very helpfull, they said they have some customers for me out of the office when im up and running, they put me in touch with other companys but to no success.
  23. Im wanting to make money at this as i have my own very large tank track!
  24. Im looking into giving tank rides with my sabra and abbott, ive read all the threads on the subject about liability insurance but no companys have been mentioned about this. Ive rung many up but none are intrested or can point me in the right direction, i know it will be expensive but need some insurance company details that may do this, any help will be gratefully recieved. Andrew
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