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  1. The old one, you cant wash your hands in a buffalo but you can in a ........
  2. Tony, my understanding is if it has a civie plate no matter what country there is no issue because it has been registered, the issue here is technically it is not registered with the DVLA as a civilian vehicle
  3. This was my understanding from the DVLA but was told after their offices shut so I couldn't check, well off again to try for the MoT
  4. Has any one come across ion where you have a vehicle direct from the MoD, to get it registered for the first time you need an MoT. The test station has advised it will fail the MoT as it does not have a registration plate, therefore cant register it for a number plate. They suggested using display plates but feel this could lead to problems at a latter date
  5. Probably a stupid question but have you tried an foi with the MoD
  6. Thanks for the last link, very interesting, ties up with an article I read today to do with them being exempt from the USA emissions due to the age
  7. Guys Thanks for the help, the vehicle is in an EU country, I will be investigating all suggestions and report back for others, the web page shown is a good one and will be looking further, only issue with it is that I need to have concluded the sale, I am being cautious and will not part with money till I get the keys and documents
  8. Does anyone know who/where to go to get insurance for a foreign registered vehicle still abroad, plan is to bring it back to the UK and then register here. All the companies I have spoken to will not consider it or even issue a cover note
  9. Many thanks, will try and get more information, I have done an FOI to the MoD as I am the first civvy owner
  10. Having a Land Rover which was upgraded by the British Army, I understand it was called "Operation Tithonus" does any one have any information on this? Many Thanks
  11. I have just had delivery of the 4 aerials to be fitted to the Defender Land Rover, generally they appear in good condition apart from the paint appears to be delaminating, does any one have any ideas on cleaning the paint and repainting Thanks in advance
  12. I may have to recover a land rover from a EU country, I will be alone and thinking of an A Frame towing system, does any one have advise on how and where to connect the tow if no dolly. If I am going to use my land rover any idea where to hire a dolly to take the front wheels which has a NATO hitch compatible towing Many thanks in advance
  13. I have the original issued jack for the Land Rover, it has a turning mechanism to raise it, there is a bar which fits into the square socket and a ratchet handle, there appears to be a bit missing to connect the two, does any one have any suggestions. Would like to try and keep as much as possible as originally issued
  14. I have bought paint from Marcus Glenn, he is helpful you need advise, he seems to stock all NATO paint in cans and aerosols, I have matt green and black, green seems to match and I am still to use the black
  15. There is another one for saleHakenkupplung NATO hitch.pdf
  16. Having stripped out bits and found the FFR land rover still has the original wires from the wing Ariel to the cab including the fittings. I am purchasing the mountings and ariel to make the external appearance as a radio Land Rover. Has any one wired these arials to a civilian radio so I can listen to local radio stations when traveling? What are the pit falls, and has any one have good advice
  17. I have the Land rover official parts hand book for the 1986 defender, does any one know the difference from the Military one?
  18. I am aware of 2 different ones, was lucky to see a name on one and contacted the manufacture who supplied details, the only difference I the fitting onto the vehicle, proud or flush bolts FV987957 iss 05.pdf FV987957FI iss 01.pdf FV987958 iss 05.pdf FV987958FI iss 01.pdf
  19. You know as soon as people say something its amazing what kicks into your head, I have remembered some thing in the house similar Every one thanks for the information will try at the weekend Richard
  20. Thanks will try what you suggest, it quite hard, suspect its been there since decommissioned about 3 years ago
  21. Not sure what to do, the dash board has residue of sticky Tape, it will not come off with meth's suggestions/ Thanks
  22. As I open up bits and pieces I am trying to trace the wiring for the Ariel's and battery supply. Does any one have a wiring diagram
  23. I have been told over the weekend that my Land Rover Tithonuis may have been a command FFR, does any one know what kit would have been in it?
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