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  1. Do you have any information regarding the tabs, I have 2 and am about to try and clean them up before painting
  2. Could it be up side down and used to protect such items as lights
  3. many thanks, trouble is the bits I am looking for are the ones that easily go missing Richard
  4. Having trawled through the forum as best I can, most of the links appears to be out of date, does any one know where I can get spare parts for the MK 2, 3 and 12 stoves, in particular I am looking for the filling funnels
  5. Surveyor


    Hermes were about £5 for a 5kg parcel if that helps, remember to email Witham's the parcel labels, also give them a day from organising to collection, parcel could be held at opposite end of site
  6. Surveyor


    W ithams don't charge to pick up, standard rate to pack
  7. Surveyor


    I get them to pack it then organise Hermes to collect
  8. If they want one for display or restore they may over look the vines, also how far into the vines are they, as access to the spot may be a distance through the vines
  9. Unfortunately Drop Zone sold out, may have sourced 2, which will get me started
  10. Many thanks, bought from them in the past great service. I seem to have all the standard issued parts for the stove and an FOI has given me the manuals for the MK12, just need to check them and clean then try to fire up
  11. David thanks, will try and source them, do you recall what would have gone with the Mk 2 stove, all information is helpfull
  12. I noted Witham was selling a MK12 Stove complete with mess tin and was wondering what tins etc. would normally be associated with the MK 2, 3 and 12 stoves, also does anyone know where to source them?
  13. Does any one have a setting out diagram for the Duckboards to go in a Penman GS Trailer, I think the timbers are 25 X 12.5mm with 2 corners rounded
  14. Understand, how about laws of salvage? similar to those at sea
  15. All the best, fingers crossed they are still in a condition to save.
  16. I had noticed what looked like a ramp to the left of the picture but wasn't sure if an access for personnel
  17. Does it look as though its in chalk looking at the ground behind. Thinking about digging it means that the ground may be stable when digging
  18. Saw this on the BBC web page regarding using a Sea King as a glamping venue http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-37796466
  19. One aspect not often thought about, we used the version sent out to the fleet and listened to the shipping forecast as well
  20. I suppose this then asks the question what recommendations for storing a diesel engine over the winter when no intention to run it till spring
  21. Oh, never thought that way, I assume you know a bit about this as I don't, is it common that all buried tanks etc. still are "owned" by the country they were used by?
  22. Did they record the position and condition of the tank?
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