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  1. At last back on the trailer, I have attached the before and after pictures, Penman very kindly sold me the handle at a good price.

    Yes I know its nothing compared with some of the restoration on here, but as only started learning mechanics in last couple of years.

    Small victories for some one but for me a vast learning curve



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  2. 10 hours ago, MatchFuzee said:


    I seem to recall the geography department had these at the University of Dundee, my father explained that you always had the shadows in one direction and now I cant remember the details

  3. 32 minutes ago, Ian L said:

    Hi Guy.

    That's good mate that's a start,      that's sort of what I'm looking for as I cant find anything on 'Wicki'

    There must be a booklet around showing how these were used & laid out on a landing strip ? thay would have to be spaced at an exact distance otherwise the pilot would not know the length of the runway at night.

    Daft suggestion, the torches at Up Helly Ah are made of a canvas, they burn for a long time, try one of the halls to see what they use, yes not helping re spaces etc but may help with the wick

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