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  1. 8 minutes ago, ferretfixer said:


    I have no concern's whatsoever of Nelz being a violent Man at all. In Fact when I lambasted Him on the Phone. On the last occasion I was actually able to speak to him! He was most flustered & embarrassed! Let's just hope IF he is present. That the Statement of Legal action being directed against Him. Will 'Galvanise' him into doig the right thing?....

    If i go in and he's not there will mention this thread which may help, I don't know how many people on he forum but that figure may help

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  2. 24 minutes ago, ferretfixer said:

    Good Man yourself.

    In the unlikely event of Nelz being in his unit. If He is, you might mention to him. That the net is closing in on Him. & that unless He comes up with the goods or a full refund as He has offered in the past.

    Then there will be no option but legal proceeding to be served upon him.....

    Thanks for your kind assistance Sir! ūüėȬ†

    I will make a judgement call if i am going in but thanks for the back up

  3. I can't say I'm have seen one on the road for a long time, took an RN one from Dundee to Bisley and remember it over heating at the M3 no oil bought 2 bottle and couldn't get my money back, the fuel card was only for fuel no oil, the other thing I remember was they always felt unstable in strong winds

  4. 1 hour ago, Tomo.T said:

    Replying to Surveyor, above.  I presume that is the 'class' of the pick , rather like an 8 lb sledge hammer there is also a 6 which might have identified the individual maker ?


    Could the number be the quality assurance checker

  5. Hello and I remember driving the passenger version Sherpa, used to be a bit embarrassing if 2 passenger's were in the front and the nearest one to me as the driver was a female who I had never met, as when changing gears my hand was against her thigh, always made no comment or observation think they knew was the design of the vehicle.

    There were two versions an Sherpa and a wider wheel base and cant remember the name of it

  6. I am looking to get one of these including the oven, does any one have experience with them and or have instructions on cooking  with them

    The idea is to us the food, and yes going to talk with the EHO regarding the requirements 

    Second question knowing the MoD is there a cook book to give cooking suggestions



  7. I have received the following email and thought should post it

    Scottish Military Vehicle Group

    During World War II, Royal Navy and merchant mariners served on the Russian Arctic convoys, which sailed from Loch Ewe in Scotland to the Arctic ports of Murmansk and Archangel in northern Russia.

    They provided Russia with much-needed materials and armaments to help them continue the fight against the Germans on the Eastern Front, providing the Allies with the opportunity to launch D-Day. 

    Sir Winston Churchill, described the Russian Arctic convoys as ‚Äėthe worst journey in the world‚Äô.¬†In total, 104 Allied merchant ships with the¬†Arctic¬†convoys were sunk, along with 18 warships; 829 merchant mariners and 1,944 Navy personnel were killed. Russia lost 30 merchant ships and an unknown number of personnel.

    At 11am on Saturday 16 May 2020, there will be a 75th anniversary memorial event to mark the end of the Russian Arctic convoys and the end of World War II.This will be held at Inverasdale, by the shores of Loch Ewe.

    A UK-wide initiative has been launched to trace surviving veterans of the Russian Arctic convoys, who will be invited to attend, some have already intimated that they will be attending. The event is an opportunity to recognise their sacrifice and that of their comrades.

    Special guests will be Joanie Whiteford, Lord Lieutenant of Ross Shire and Cromarty, representing Her Majesty the Queen and Celia Sandys, granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill. They will be joined by Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Consuls representing those nations whose nationals served on the Russian Arctic convoys, together with other dignitaries and representatives from our own armed forces and armed forces associations. Family members of surviving veterans and those who sadly are no longer with us, together with members of the public will also be there.

    This memorial event is not for profit, an opportunity to make sure that these brave men are not forgotten.

    The SMVG has been asked by the Russian Arctic Convoy Project and Museum if it would be feasible to  have a number of period vehicles in attendance at the event, and where possible personnel in period uniform. 

    Our participation is very much in the planning stage, but it on the understanding that there would be recompense for fuel costs, and there would be provision of meals and possibly accommodation. 

    The main event is on Saturday 16th May, and given the distance involved I would think anyone taking part would need to travel to Loch Ewe on Friday 15th. 

    At this stage, what I need to know is who would be interested in taking part in this event. I know, given the distance involved, it will not be everyone's cup of tea, but it might be an opportunity to see this remarkable location and support a worthwhile cause in the process.

    The Arctic convoys must have been one of the most dangerous duties of the war and the men who endured the hardships are indeed worthy of recognition and remembrance. 

    Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested in taking part. Reply to me at  secretary@scottishmvg.org    or give me a ring on 07712576932

  8. 17 minutes ago, fv1609 said:

    Yes well found, it was nice to find the associated Plessey manuals also on site.

    As I started to get the kit I did a lot of hunting, I don't always twig the references as the start of my thread, when you get a part of the name and hunt but cant find it and some one like you Clive says XXXXX which then jogs a memory especially the front covers helps track things down

  9. Pete

    Many thanks, I was not thinking of that, I was going to try and get a rattle can the closest RAL for what I am looking at is 1019 its a tad lighter but I think its that close no one will know especially for the light most are in a much worse condition


  10. Daft question I have been given a paint which is slightly lighter that the paint I want to match, it has a RAL of 1019, how would I darken it in RAL stages if that's the correct phrase.

    Also for others how to lighten



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