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  1. 5 hours ago, MatchFuzee said:

    There are a number of possible solutions if you search "removing paint from fabric" and "removing ink from fabric". I'm not recommending any of them but if do decide to try one or more of them, only do a test area first. 

    Thanks, as usual to close to the problem to see an answer, the paint appears very friable so may come off, will have a go at weekend and see what happens

  2. 12 hours ago, johnwardle said:

    Are you sure that they are Penman covers and not Sankey wide track ones? All the Penman covers that I have seen are a vinyl material like Land Rover Wolf canopies.

    The covers were sold as canvas for Penman Trailers, Compton 2000 who make them make both types for a Penman, "Plastic" or canvas. I have a brand new one direct from them but got these as they were used.

    Thinking of the rinse cycle in the washing machine for a first go

  3. I have just bought 2 trailer covers for a Penman trailer.

    The questions I have is what's best to clean them, paint and what looks like ink.

    I am hoping they could go in the washing machine then treat the ink.

    To water proof heading to Towsure to get fabric water proof material

    Thanks in advance





  4. 1 hour ago, Ron said:

    Hey Duke/ Ferg

    I'm sure she would have thanked me for a 30 mile ride in this in her prom frock!! And as for swinging her high heels over the side of the carrier😣 Ron


    Yup can just imagine the comments lol

  5. I have just been going through the manual and comparing it with the mast I have bought, some parts are missing but hope to source them.

    The question I have what is the throwing line made of, 3mm braided? or made up with what's available, also I assume this is weighted and what would be the weight?

    Also looking for information on the whip aerial and the wire antenna



    page 2.pdf

  6. 13 hours ago, SimonBrown said:

    Part of Robin's cunning plan is to refer to another Carawagon example. Trouble is, its on another continent...


    Robin asked me to see if I could scan another Carawagon here in the UK. He put me in touch with the owner and I nipped along to scan it.

     Not only could I scan it, but with scale bars and reference I reckoned I could get a 3D model about as accurate as it could be.

    Which is what we have here:

    Carawagon in 3D

    The total estimated error is ±0.3mm overall. Which is far better than the original manufacturing tolerances I reckon. To that extent I think the scanned Carawagon wheelbase is 10mm out...my next visit will check that.

    There is more work as I need to sort the model with roof raised and to shoot more images of the front camo net. But the principle is proved.

    Then I can start pulling the ortho photos off each view. These are massive images at a scale of 1:1 so any measurement you like can be taken. I will post up some lower res examples in a bit to give folks an idea what I mean.

    Its a tough project, but rather touched Robin asked me to get involved. 

    Fantastic, every time you put an image up I have a look. still getting to grips on how to rotate it, usually second view is the underside


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  7. 3 hours ago, signalcorps said:

    Well I do not know in England but here a complete artillery tractor except the radiator, civil war era with revolving engine and with original registration that can be reactivated is not something that appears every day .
    The last Pavesi TL31 sold here was sold for much more than double.
    Now decide if "ridiculous" is expensive or cheap...

    All things are relative, the one just described sounds in better condition than the one pictured, you know your local market

  8. Just thought I would update this as recently received most of the AC61590 series documents for the Clansman and at the stage of trying to start wiring the setup.

    I have noticed that it appears in this document and supplements the short numbers e.g. 102 are the same through out, a great bonus for a learner like me.

    There are some supplements missing and when get time will post another thread, the missing ones could still be restricted is the only thing

  9. Manged to get the kit and have most of it in the back only cabling to do

    After I started found out needed 1 more 3 way distribution box and a side Dexion rack, these now obtained but still to be fitted.

    Have to say quite pleased with myself as no training on these


  10. On 6/24/2019 at 8:25 AM, sirhc said:

    I can’t see why they would be more prone to ‘falling apart’ than any other armoured vehicle. The MoD keeps a lot of vehicles, including Challenger 2, in storage and I’m pretty sure they don’t have to go around picking up bits that keep falling off?

    If it's like the records on my land rover they get serviced every six months in storage until "cast" 

  11. Thanks, thought I ha replied but no signs.

    I remember about 20 years ago on the first occasion of towing had to write a number on a plate, must have been a Sankey.

    Assume the towing vehicle would have a plate to go over this one

  12. I have been working on and off on the penman trailer, just noticed a set of numbers which first thought were a registration number but wrong format, found the original picture. looked on the RLC website but nothing there.

    Any clue?



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