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  1. Tony Many years ago now reminded used one to clean and one to waterproof great on 58 patter combat jackets Richard
  2. Thanks, as usual to close to the problem to see an answer, the paint appears very friable so may come off, will have a go at weekend and see what happens
  3. The covers were sold as canvas for Penman Trailers, Compton 2000 who make them make both types for a Penman, "Plastic" or canvas. I have a brand new one direct from them but got these as they were used. Thinking of the rinse cycle in the washing machine for a first go
  4. I have just bought 2 trailer covers for a Penman trailer. The questions I have is what's best to clean them, paint and what looks like ink. I am hoping they could go in the washing machine then treat the ink. To water proof heading to Towsure to get fabric water proof material Thanks in advance
  5. Yup can just imagine the comments lol
  6. Still looking for the operation manual
  7. It's good to have an understanding grand daughter
  8. I have just been going through the manual and comparing it with the mast I have bought, some parts are missing but hope to source them. The question I have what is the throwing line made of, 3mm braided? or made up with what's available, also I assume this is weighted and what would be the weight? Also looking for information on the whip aerial and the wire antenna page 2.pdf
  9. Strange I have had n issues with Withams, they even went and took a photograph for me showing a stencil in better detail. Always friendly and attenative
  10. Reading this reminded me that my Father is a member of a family history society. Hunted online and this one may be closest, they are used to tracking family members down All the best http://northayrshirefhs.org.uk/pubs.html Richard
  11. Fantastic, every time you put an image up I have a look. still getting to grips on how to rotate it, usually second view is the underside Richard
  12. All things are relative, the one just described sounds in better condition than the one pictured, you know your local market
  13. Just thought I would update this as recently received most of the AC61590 series documents for the Clansman and at the stage of trying to start wiring the setup. I have noticed that it appears in this document and supplements the short numbers e.g. 102 are the same through out, a great bonus for a learner like me. There are some supplements missing and when get time will post another thread, the missing ones could still be restricted is the only thing
  14. Manged to get the kit and have most of it in the back only cabling to do After I started found out needed 1 more 3 way distribution box and a side Dexion rack, these now obtained but still to be fitted. Have to say quite pleased with myself as no training on these
  15. If it's like the records on my land rover they get serviced every six months in storage until "cast"
  16. I think this is going to be one of those if see will look and check
  17. David You brought back nightmares with the Navy VUR, every stop mileage and time recorded, horrible if you were doing a stop start day
  18. Thanks, thought I ha replied but no signs. I remember about 20 years ago on the first occasion of towing had to write a number on a plate, must have been a Sankey. Assume the towing vehicle would have a plate to go over this one
  19. I have been working on and off on the penman trailer, just noticed a set of numbers which first thought were a registration number but wrong format, found the original picture. looked on the RLC website but nothing there. Any clue?
  20. Can I ask if this includes aircraft?
  21. This is a bit disturbing: pyright Orkney Library Archives/ScapaFlowWrecks.com Image caption The German battleship Markgraf was among those scuttled in 1919 Four World War One battleships sunk in Scapa Flow in Orkney in 1919 are being sold on eBay - with an asking price of just over £800,000. The vessels, which were part of the German High Seas fleet, were deliberately scuttled 100 years ago. When the listing first appeared on online auction site eBay, some assumed the advert was a hoax. But the seller explained that they had been bought from a defunct salvage company. The vessels will now be sold to the highest bidder. The day the entire German fleet surrendered The ships - the Markgraf, Karlsruhe, Konig and Kronprinz Wilhelm - are scheduled monuments, which recreational divers are not supposed to enter. But Drew Crawford, agent for retired Tayside diving contractor Tommy Clark, said the owner of the wrecks would be allowed to access them. They cannot be removed from the seabed. Image copyright Ebay Image caption The listing describes the ships as "pre-owned" and says the buyer must collect Mr Crawford told BBC Radio Orkney it might be possible to obtain licences to retrieve artefacts from the ships, although the commercial salvage of the wrecks themselves would no longer be allowed. He said: "The wrecks ended up under the ownership of Scapa Flow Salvage. "That company went into receivership and they were put out for tender at the time, and Mr Clark purchased them from the receiver. "There's a sense of pride associated with these absolutely iconic vessels, but ultimately he's come to a time in his life where he's not going to do anything further with them, so it's a case of passing the baton on to the next owner." Image copyright UHI Archaeology Institute Image caption Markgraf lies on the seabed The fleet had been interned in Scapa Flow after surrendering in the Firth of Forth. Admiral Ludwig von Reuter ordered the deliberate sinking of his ships in WW1 because he feared either the resumption of hostilities if treaty negotiations in Paris broke down, or the seizing of the fleet by the Allies as war reparations. During the 1920s and 30s a number of the vessels were lifted from the sea bed by commercial contractors, and broken up. Some historians argue that saved Orkney from the worst effects of the post-war recession. 'A lot of interest' And the presence of the wrecks in Scapa Flow has made the area a destination of choice for divers, keen to see the remains on the sea bed. Mr Crawford said: "We anticipated that there's a very small number of people that would be interested in such a purchase, and would have the funds for such a purchase. And that it was necessary to cast the net as wide as possible. "We've had a lot of interest. A lot of people from overseas have been in contact. We've been pleasantly surprised at the number of people who've been in touch, and the interest that we've had to date." The anniversary of the scuttling is being marked with a series of events across Orkney - including conferences, exhibitions, specially written plays, and a commemorative service at Lyness cemetery in Hoy, where a number of German sailors shot by the Royal Navy during the scuttle are buried.
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