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  1. Surveyor

    Ural 4320.

    More on the restoration would be good
  2. Surveyor

    Ural 4320.

    Keep us posted and pictures help
  3. Surveyor

    Unknown early chassis

    The wheels don't look right for a railway carraige
  4. Surveyor

    Dallas Dig Out 2019

  5. Surveyor

    Dallas Dig Out 2019

    Any dates for latter in the year
  6. Surveyor

    Mystery Object No. 203

    I don't think the picture is at the normal veiwing angle
  7. Surveyor

    W D Broad Arrow

    That's a good article answers a question which was why an arrow
  8. Surveyor

    WW2 British Vehicle Bridge Plates

    Many thanks
  9. Surveyor

    WW2 British Vehicle Bridge Plates

    Shame links no longer working
  10. Surveyor

    WW2 British Vehicle Bridge Plates

    Having just come across this thread when looking for something else. Are bridge plates still in use or when stopped being used, if so what is now used
  11. Surveyor

    Mystery Carrier

    There is a thread on the forum could not get link to paste
  12. Surveyor

    Mystery Carrier

  13. Surveyor

    Spitfire found in Norwegian peat bog

    According to the Daily Mail they want to get it flying https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/long-lost-wwii-mk1-spitfire-flown-by-‘great-escape’-pilot-and-shot-down-on-daring-raid-to-snare-german-battleship-is-recovered-from-norwegian-mountainside-and-may-fly-again/ar-BBQbd41?ocid=spartanntp
  14. Surveyor

    Blinged Ferret Again

    Wonder if who bought it is keeping it as is?
  15. Surveyor

    New toy

    Looks good, waiting to see more
  16. Surveyor

    German Navy Surrender 1918

    Interesting article https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-46273928
  17. Surveyor

    Spotted today....

    But a least not scrapped
  18. Surveyor

    1944 leather jerkin

    Tony Thanks
  19. Surveyor

    1944 leather jerkin

    Ask at a local stable, think leather is still used for saddles,
  20. Surveyor

    new home required

    Same for field engineering mine clearance
  21. Surveyor

    New Use for a Land Rover

    If see it again will see if I can get MoD registration, just being curious
  22. Surveyor

    New Use for a Land Rover

    I was at a Farmers market near St Monan's and spotted this vehicle which has been adapted, purist's may go ARRGGGHH, but at least it is still working.
  23. Surveyor

    Engine Paint colour

    Obvious now you say it, thanks
  24. Surveyor

    Engine Paint colour

    I will admit curiousity, why paint engines eau-de-nil? Was it due to low light?
  25. BBC article on Muslims in WW1 also we can remember those of all religions in all conflicts