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  1. Thanks, now you explained it I have a copy. and the offer of help Richard
  2. Thanks, was looking for something like a rounded piece. I assume the number of pieces referred to are the longer ones than I have supplied
  3. Clive Had thought you would respond Will hunt for the file in my system Richard
  4. Thanks Have been donated 129 Clansman manuals, no titles only reference so looking
  5. I have just purchased from Witham this test equipment, and as usual looking for help. Is there a power supply in the unit needing charging? What is the manual for using it? Thanks in advance Richard
  6. Sorry for delay work getting in the way of fun. Pictures attached, I do enjoy having items with units etc on them to follow up. The one thing a quick look at there does not seem to be an end piece i.e. the top of the mast. Any clues? Thanks Richard
  7. I asked and got mine back, strange
  8. MoD Release certificate?
  9. I have not read the article but it was always told if you acknowledge source you are okay. If this is not the case just think of all the students writing thesis and now face difficulty
  10. Wish I could speak and write French the way you speak English
  11. Skip There are 2 alternators under the bonnet, will find out better when I get the beast back as in garage at the moment undergoing repairs Think I have the training manual you have mentioned but will look for these manuals, must start filing them so I can find them Richard
  12. Thanks for a great explanation, I think I have all the parts bar cables to start fitting out, the cables are being collected next week hopefully along with a collection of manuals. I am learning from point zero so every scrap of information is like gold dust. The Land Rover as far as I called tell was FFR, there is a dexion frame, mounting for both ATU box on wings and candle stick on sided Richard
  13. Is the material ridgid, this could influence what it's used for
  14. Just picked up these 2 boxes, noted different ports and cables. Can any clarify if they are same box but different versions. Think the one for the Land Rover has the larger cables and ports Thanks
  15. Ian Kit should arrive Tuesday, will post photos etc when received As always learning Richard
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