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  1. The web site is still up but phone number not working, have to be at Spurn point so will see if any info on the doors
  2. I am heading past there next week will have a nosy
  3. Put the date on here and a location in case some of us can manage to get there to support, as a Fifer bit difficult for me but you have my support and on the planning site
  4. I know of one locally thanks for the suggestion Richard
  5. Many thanks will be doing a bit more digging
  6. Eddie It seems to work but will be checking latter Thanks Richard
  7. SMVG Group emailed this The club has been advised of five ex-military vehicle based timber cranes situated in the Borders which are for Sale. There is: An AEC Matador believed to be complete with original engine. Four Ford Thames E4 trucks from the 1950’s, three retrofitted with a variety of diesel engines and the fourth being minus an engine. For pictures of the vehicles see the club website Sales / Wants page at http://www.scottishmvg.org/sales-and-wants . All been worked hard but could be used either to form the basis of full restoration projects or as donor vehicles for the provision of main assemblies and parts. The current owner, who is open to offers, would like to see them preserved or at least made good use of rather than being cut up which is their likely end if they cannot be disposed of before the month of May. Serious enquiries and to arrange weekend viewing should be addressed to Mr Bruce Redburn who can best be contacted by e-mail at brucebordersweep@hotmail.co.uk or failing that by phoning 077667 15560
  8. You are not far from me if you want to look at my 110 Tithounous?, need to give it a run one weekend
  9. Many thanks, just lucky i was in the other room and spotted it
  10. Wakefield ASDA today refuelling, I am not sure what it is
  11. Just seen this, stupid question but during that period would they secure loads?
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