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  1. Surveyor

    Dallas Dig Out, Newbury, Berks.

    Are their dates for next year and see what I can do
  2. Surveyor

    OGEL again

    Could be interesting, I had bird droppings on my number plate, changed 5 to 9,
  3. Surveyor

    OGEL again

    Ah makes sense, will do some more digging
  4. Surveyor

    OGEL again

    Thanks, plan B for next year then
  5. Surveyor

    OGEL again

    Does that mean ex mod land Rover from the 1980 will require the paper work
  6. Surveyor

    Spotted today....

    Looks good, better than spare parts day at Ripon
  7. I am trying to get the bolt caps for a Penman trailer, when talking to them they advised the original supplier has stopped making them, I have some so trying to match them up. Thanks in advance Richard
  8. Surveyor

    2 Jeeps at Brightwells

    That clarifies my earlier question thanks
  9. Surveyor

    British Army 12 x 12 Tent

    Laurance Thanks for information and offer, as far as I can tell the only missing parts are the pegs for the perimeter sheets Richard
  10. Surveyor

    British Army Stoves

    There but for the grace of who ever was watching over you
  11. Surveyor

    Contract FVE-22A-304

    I have just got the Copy of Land Rover Coil Springs and the information I was looking for is in there, still to read the book. First impressions are that it is well set out for those who are looking for this kind of information
  12. Surveyor

    2 Jeeps at Brightwells

    How much of the original has to be there to verify the age?
  13. Surveyor

    Scammell Register road run 7th October

    Shame to far South and for me short notice. Make sure plenty pictures after on here please
  14. Surveyor

    British Army Stoves

    Chris Looks as though that something could go wrong very easily Thanks Richard