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  1. Surveyor


    I was going to get pictures of the garden in full as there seems to be an interest so will get a better picture
  2. Surveyor


    Agreed there was the one in a cemetery think its posted on this forum somewhere, would be good just to record for future generations
  3. Surveyor


    I haven't seen the nurse one that would be interesting, it was the poppies in the fore ground which made it for me. Maybe this thread could be a place for the photographs of similar
  4. Surveyor


    I know its not remembrance but was passing this garden and the angle I took the picture I thought was symbolic
  5. For those interested its an M4, lengths seem different depending on which part is to be fixed
  6. Barry, my Modified stoves all have that burner
  7. Before I go out and try and set fire to one, does any one know if these are meant to be fore resistant. Also has anyone sourced some one who can reproduce these labels for renovation projects Thanks Richard
  8. If the weather is good will get the 4 No2 modified stoves out to see the burner head
  9. Just bought another one different manufacturer, needs a bit of cleaning need to find a spare heat spreader plate, think i can see DBG under the matt paint but not sure
  10. It could refer to all vehicles there and what you are after, they have some nice looking ones when there on Monday but i was picking kit up and did not look at any apart from driving by. I would say the staff are extremely helpful especially as i couldn't get there when looking at a land rover and they did a photographic survey of the parts not shown in the sales catalogue.
  11. I think that has been on before the pictures of the kit in the lockers make me think so
  12. Do you know if there are latter years books
  13. Clive Thanks for the information I have printed this thread off to go in my stove file Richard
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