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  1. No worries, but no harm in looking, have to say reminds me need to get a tyre for mine
  2. Beartown Tyres are in Congleton, Cheshire they seem reasonable prices and attend the Land Rover shows ph 07973 271 706
  3. At Witham, presently 125 plus the tax https://whitelabel-2.globalauctionplatform.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/wca/catalogue-id-witham1-10000/lot-c396d121-44c3-46b6-bfe3-aae3011d7721
  4. Daft suggestion, the torches at Up Helly Ah are made of a canvas, they burn for a long time, try one of the halls to see what they use, yes not helping re spaces etc but may help with the wick
  5. Not far from me and I never knew it was in existence, will be off to see when I get a chance
  6. Out of curiosity how long do these scans take, I appreciate depends on size of subject and environment dry land or underwater.
  7. Surveyor

    B17 crash

    Sympathy for those lost
  8. I seem to remember at Bisley 20 years ago the Royal Ordnance demonstrated a rifle similar to the bottom picture, we were about 200 yards away from a plywood target and the round they used went straight through and clean cut, the plywood, standard issue target
  9. Just been in touch with Clarks turns out not one of theirs
  10. Thanks, after reading the article not sure this marker is where it states on the link, looking at the plan its adjacent to the air shaft
  11. Was in London the other day and next to the Tower of London saw what i assume is a marker stone, due to all the works around there i doubt if its in the original position. Any help what it would be for?
  12. Willys Jeep on trailer heading between Hull and York this morning, due to traffic couldn't get a good look
  13. Wasn't there a bridge layer at Bovington?
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