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  1. I thought I would ask again if any one has information on this company I know Wally Duggan is going through boxes and hope some one can help Richard
  2. Yup memory playing up, got to dig out beret for a function
  3. Looks a good situation, the Left hand side has some thing that could hole a shovel blade, what'the semi circle for on the right of the marked picture?
  4. My next door neighbour works, she's about 5ft 6 and my son at 19 is 6ft 7 and he's scared of her, the daft thing is she's a great person and can't understand it, we have said don't tell him as its a good threat
  5. And how did you get them to help, mine will not do a thing
  6. I was thinking of the badge on my beret and that is different from the one on the paper but I always stand to be corrected
  7. Gents thanks for the answers I was curios why the image was reversed the paper was in the oven for a MK 5 stove, I have no idea and need to lokk when they came in and out of service Having looked again at the crown that's for a male monarch not a female, so that may mean before 1952 I think, would that be normal?
  8. I have just bought some bits and pieces for the 9x9 tent, they have unit markings on them and I wonder if anyone can help in identifying them, I suspect that anything saying "b Coy" or similar is not any help. The paper I think has the unit crest mirrored, which I think strange. All keep safe in these times Richard
  9. That year is when I joined the reserve's
  10. I think we need to clarify the term "concentration camp", also after reading the article wondering where the one near Inverkithing is as live in Fife
  11. The cooker arrives this week, I have got a couple of questions What would the fire extinguisher be it fits in the side compartment shown on the manuals, I think dry powder but what size. The fuel is LPG and the regulator is to be 1 kg per cm Square regulator, looking on the calor gas website there could be a number of different bottles suitable, any clues please
  12. Came across this today, interesting reading https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/hitlers-british-concentration-camp-revealed-brutal-nazi-concentration-camp-sylt-on-alderney-has-been-studied-for-the-first-time-since-wwii-exposing-a-tunnel-used-to-sneak-women-in-for-a-german-brothel-the-ss-kitchen-and-a-prisoner-toilet-block/ar-BB11VZ4E?ocid=spartanntp
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