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  1. Thanks, just need a manual Richard
  2. Just looking at a Land Rover, did the MoD have a manual on changing the hard top to soft top? If not I assume they only bought as needed, hard top or soft top? Richard
  3. Thanks, now you explained it I have a copy. and the offer of help Richard
  4. Thanks, was looking for something like a rounded piece. I assume the number of pieces referred to are the longer ones than I have supplied
  5. Will try and find a copy, many thanks
  6. Saw it again same market plus
  7. Clive Had thought you would respond Will hunt for the file in my system Richard
  8. Thanks Have been donated 129 Clansman manuals, no titles only reference so looking
  9. I have just purchased from Witham this test equipment, and as usual looking for help. Is there a power supply in the unit needing charging? What is the manual for using it? Thanks in advance Richard
  10. Sorry for delay work getting in the way of fun. Pictures attached, I do enjoy having items with units etc on them to follow up. The one thing a quick look at there does not seem to be an end piece i.e. the top of the mast. Any clues? Thanks Richard
  11. I asked and got mine back, strange
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