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  1. Towing when under SORN

    That may make things easier to do, wonder if my mechanic has a spectacle trailer I can borrow, yes I know need to watch weight Thanks
  2. Towing when under SORN

    Now you've said it yes, so I assume 2 wheels off the road makes it a trailer
  3. Towing when under SORN

    Just heading up the road past Inverkeithing and over took a scarp car lorry, it had a full load on the bed and was towing one which front end was undrivable, did have the plates of the lorry on it, so that makes me wonder if we have some one know if they have an exemption for this
  4. Towing when under SORN

    2 inches of snow where I am in Fife and the cold wind, good thing was once paths clear of snow they dried out
  5. Towing when under SORN

    Yes just getting there
  6. Towing when under SORN

    Still cant get hold of mechanic, the part he turned is in the photograph, yes learning I know, the "Nut" is 41mm if that helps Mechanical idiot
  7. Towing when under SORN

    Thanks, the coffee and bacon butties are ready, lol will call him tomorrow as he is doing Mother's day
  8. Towing when under SORN

    Yes as my drive is slightly up hill had to persude recovery to back up drive, he was great and thanked his company
  9. Towing when under SORN

    Ruxy Heres the link, all the information I have is on the 2 threads, didn't think I get as much on this thread, thr description is from my Mechanic who is a good one Richard
  10. Towing when under SORN

    Many thanks, just need to get time and help from the mechanic
  11. Towing when under SORN

    Thanks for advice once I get to bottom will advise, but funds needed
  12. Towing when under SORN

    Errrrr, I am sorry cant answer, the breakdown and recovery crew think it might be the oil pump that failed to give the enging freezing
  13. Towing when under SORN

    Any help for this mechanical idiot is gratefully recieved