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  1. Please also watch out in case Building Regulations are needed, a point which is some times forgotten, also if like another one you may need licensing.

    Past and present life I am afraid

    1. paulob1


      i have a full team working on it.  The building will need building regs and I think an ecology report and a transport report and a drainage report...all good though...

      we have planning policy on our side so we are very keen at the moment.


      thanks for the input...

    2. Surveyor


      If you need help re building regs give me a shout

    3. Surveyor


      If you need help re building regs give me a shout, just be careful re definitions, also if your building are historic there are some get out clauses in the Building Regulations

  2. Has any one any experience of trying to get the bubble that forms in the liquid out of one of these? Also what is the liquid?
  3. Catching Up

    Missed that, thanks for pointing it out
  4. Dorking covenanter recovery

    Saw the first episode, not 100% convinced re presentation, lets see how it goes
  5. Catching Up

    Not sure what else to call this, on the old set up there was an indication of all posts since last log on, I may be missing that but as I was not on for a day I had to hunt until the list said last week. Can there be something added to the time bar saying last log in?
  6. The way I had to do the Land Rover was insure on the chassis number, get and MoT, send the original form and MoT to the DVLA, along with the appropriate fee. Also I asked for the form back and did receive it I found any issues a quick phone call and they helped brilliantly
  7. Welcome back!

    Welcome back as well, kids saying suffering from withdrawal symptoms
  8. Wolf Paint Schemes

    Now that's what I want
  9. Land Rover Pick Axe Spacer

    Thanks for the info, I have on the bolt what I think is the original spacer, I just need to get it off. The link to the part is what has been suggested as a price as well Richard
  10. Horsa glider items

    Apologies I was there in the summer and for some reason never took a picture of the display board
  11. Horsa glider items

    If you need pictures Bovington has one, its partly dismantled to show construction, I saw it this summer.
  12. Having just found out that my bolt to hold the pick axe has a damaged thread I need to dismantle the thing, before I attempt it can any one advise if the spacer is threaded on or push fit, if threaded suspect I may lose the spacer. Regards Mechanical idiot
  13. sterling smg

    This company may have a replica http://www.relics.org.uk/index.php
  14. Hi From Scotland.

    Welcome, where in Scotland, have a 110, engine went 2 weeks ago so not drivable at the moment