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  1. Parts Form British Army Mk 12 Stove

    Thanks they were first port of call unfortunately nothing, still looking
  2. Printing Forum Article

    I have my article re Cam Shaft woes, I am trying to print this off fo the mechanic, I remember on the previous site this was done without the adverts i.e. les clutter, I cant seem to find that here Richard
  3. Land Rover 110 Cam Shaft Woes

    Just spoke to a local 4x4 garage reckons about £1k to fix, need to save up for that
  4. Land Rover 110 Cam Shaft Woes

    Richard Thanks always believe learn as you go, as I was 100 miles away and my son was shown but not sure when I called jim need to get idea not sure, would have preferred to been there to clarify, remember reading a book re submarines in second world war the CO had the engineer explain till the CO understood how the bits worked, same here. Richard
  5. Land Rover 110 Cam Shaft Woes

    Yes have parts manual both civie and MoD, and boxes, unfortunately I'm not covered, looking for tent to Acquire tomorrow
  6. Land Rover 110 Cam Shaft Woes

    Richard my standard but learning, is open bonnet yup an engine, i have just learnt to change oil and deisel, so if i explain thing as an idiot please understand I'm learning, i do feel in aw of people who get what looks unsalvagable then next looks brand new. On the front of the engine is a 41 mm "nut" Jim says he can crank that for 4 turns then stops, he says it is compressiing, he has taken the. Top of the engine off and checked pistons and i think push rods and can't see a problem there, hence assumption of con rod, I'm on a drive and no cover. Jim is a professional mechanic and i trust him Richard
  7. Land Rover 110 Cam Shaft Woes

    Richard I am a mechanical dunce you are probably right, just the sinking feeling in stomach when thinking that we need a garage to help and more than likely misheard on the telephone Richard
  8. Land Rover 110 Cam Shaft Woes

    Jim my mechanic has checked the and reckons the piston rods are okay, thinks the con rods may have gone
  9. Parts Form British Army Mk 12 Stove

    Clive My FOI was successful, strangely I got one saying no then another saying here it is. I have now 3 MK 12, 2 MK 2 and a MK3, only 1 MK 12 has been used. Also have 4 sets of pans. Most parts there but need to do an inventory on the likes of funnels and spanners, waiting for better weather. PM replied to
  10. Parts Form British Army Mk 12 Stove

    Clive picture attached, I have the manuals if you would like an electronic copy
  11. Parts Form British Army Mk 12 Stove

    Many thanks will try them,
  12. Does any one have a source for parts of the stove, in particular the burner "spreader" part 13 on the attached. Many thanks Richard Mk 12.pdf
  13. Printing Forum Article

    Yes when I pressed the print button before it took all the adverts out which was what I hoped today Thanks
  14. I seem to recall in the old Forum it was possible to print articles, I filled them for reference. I cant seem to find the same button as before, Can some one point me in the right place
  15. Royal Navy Truck

    Brings back memories of them running around Rosyth, thanks