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  1. Yes thats the other one lol reminds me when I did swimmer of the watch do like the imogy
  2. Having been range qualified I was looking at Witham and this flag was stated as being a range flag, I do not remember this one for either land or sea, any clues, it looks more like the one for the beech where it says safe to swim but stand to be corrected
  3. Reading I think Paul Brickhalls book i seem to recall they designed a bomb site which they reckoned as more accurate than the Americans, a challenge was issued by them but nothing cam of it
  4. At Whttps://whitelabel-2.globalauctionplatform.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/wca/catalogue-id-witham1-10000/lot-6e6d8ad9-38e6-42e3-92ee-ab1b00d0e8ceitham
  5. Wonder what the range of the guns would have to be to reach the ship from dry land, the calculations to hit a moving target at that distance must have been interesting
  6. Saw this and though the images were good https://www.msn.com/en-gb/entertainment/news/famous-world-war-i-battleship-discovered-at-the-bottom-of-the-atlantic/ar-BBXP2i6?ocid=spartanntp
  7. Ruxy, these days you need to be an approved contractor to work on roads or adjacent to them hence the fees
  8. Can Transport as far as Fife if that helps, pass Catterick Thursday or Friday every week usually
  9. BBC have just announced this Veteran who escaped Dunkirk https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-50645045
  10. No worries, just been comparing pictures, I am lead to believe mine was commanders radio set up hence the DMU and battery box, will look through the manuals to see if i can find a set up for yours
  11. Still to wire it up but pleased with the look. I work in Wakefield and pass Northallerton every week if you need a chat,
  12. I have the attached alternator for the Land Rover 24 Volts can any one point me in the direction of a maintenance manual, Many thanks Richard
  13. I seem to recall a large number of areas on the Admiralty Charts showing munition dumps
  14. It looks like there is a mark partly off shot is this a company or registration, I know some of my kit has vehicle reg on it
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