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  1. Surveyor

    Unaccompanied towing

    Thanks, it just something mulling about my head
  2. Surveyor

    Unaccompanied towing

    I have asked on the forum re towing under SORN and have had good advice, this is for my information prior to considering buying an A frame towing bar Thanks
  3. Surveyor

    Unaccompanied towing

    Just been asked to tow a land rover with no driver, boot done this before. Questions, I assume an a frame to do this, how and where do I attach the frame to the towed vehicle Is there a document to help Thanks Richard
  4. Surveyor

    Nigerian Vehicles

    Not sure if right place, I have a friend who working in Nigeria, does anyone have information on land rover or equivalent being used there. Would love to help him as he may want to import one to UK when he finishes contract
  5. Surveyor

    Message Pads

    Does any one have a copy of Army message pad from about 1983, for use in the field, i.e. Land Rover, a coy of one would be appreciated, if you have an original size of it as well would help Richard
  6. Surveyor

    Number plates

    Just seen a MAN lorry with white band around, photographs of my Land Rover show similar from 30 years ago, the rear had scratch marks so assumed it was aluminium
  7. Surveyor

    Trade Plates.

    Do you mean they seem to go faster than the speed limit?
  8. Surveyor

    Number plates

    Call Chestnut to discuss found cheaper than ordering on website
  9. Surveyor

    Number plates

    I used cheshunt, good rate and turn around,
  10. Ruxy Reading the RAC guidance its confusing https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/advice/legal/parking-on-the-pavement/
  11. I understood the reason you were not allowed to park on the pavement was so the visually impaired didn't walk into obstructions. Strangely in my travels there are several towns saying park on pavement
  12. Interesting what people leave behind https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/motorist-sparks-outrage-after-he-parks-a-military-tank-on-a-residential-street-in-manchester-for-months/ar-BBTdtlJ?ocid=spartanntp
  13. Surveyor

    RE: British Rations

    I seem to recall the chocolate wrappers had Arabic writing on them, there used to be a joke they were left over from Suez, especially if they hadn't been stored correctly
  14. Surveyor

    8 Cylinder Torpedo Engine - Restoration

    Thanks, wish was heading that way, going north instead, may be next year