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  1. Fab, many thanks! I will be investigating this weekend 🙂
  2. Hiya, thanks very much for the tip! As an (extremely!) new cvrt owner, could you give me some guidance on where physically it is in the engine bay?
  3. Afternoon all, Soooo. My first problem to be solved and I'm definitely in need of some guidance from you all! I was driving the Sabre around a field having recently put about 40 litres of fuel in. She conked out at low speed and then wouldn't restart but the issue is curious and I don't know what to look at, so here's the description of what's happening: She cranks over on the starter fine and then on gentle application of the throttle, she catches and revs. As soon as I let go of the starter button, she cuts out. Hold the starter in for 2 secs and she revs normally off the throttle. Obviously, I have only tried that once as I don't want to burn it out but given that she turns over and catches and the throttle seems to be working, I'm not sure what to look at. Can anyone help please?
  4. Mk 7 helmet so it takes the intercom headset underneath. Seemed like the best value for money!
  5. Thanks v much, I am trying to learn as much as I can to stay safe and keep her running! So all of the checks and stuff that I need to do come as welcome advice!! So I need to check the wheel hubs regularly for oil leaks. Will get my manual this weekend and make sure I add it to my checklist, thanks v much. Any other advice most welcome. I can't take any credit for the rebuild, MVS did it and I only bought it from them 🙂 I bought some headsets and have a helmet to stop me banging my head on the mantlet!
  6. Thanks for the wonderful welcome everyone! I’ve been practicing driving around a field until the V5 arrives and am very slowly learning a few of her foibles! I’ve ordered a few manuals so will spend some quality time going over those over Easter. The engine is running beautifully which is nice! I’ll be looking to see what I can get working in the turret next so will beer looking for some help on the sights and how to clean/refurb them. I’ll also be looking to get some of the CES in the near future too so any uses on where the best spares etc are to be found would be awesome. Here are some pics of the restoration. Will update with ref number and a bit of history as soon as I have it. Hope you’re all keeping well!
  7. yeah good call... how long and wide are the flash hider fins?
  8. Thanks Chris, nice to meet you! What happened to yours?
  9. Thanks very much! Have literally just now been sitting in and practising driving 🙂
  10. Hi Robin, I got a Sabre in the end 😀 Mechanically just been rebuilt by MVS but plenty of bits to get for her and a lot of practice and learning in terms of maintenance and driving!
  11. Hey @diesel1 would you be able to share any hints and tips on how you made it, especially for the fins on the end of the barrel? Would appreciate it hugely!
  12. Morning all, My name is Alex and I live in north Essex, not too far from Saffron Waldon. Day job is in technology but I'd rather be skinning my knuckles fiddling with vehicles! I joined a little while ago to get some insights (which have been brilliant!) into buying a historic military vehicle. It was always a dream to own a tank and I've had CVRTs at the top of the list for some time now. I did my H licence at the back end of last year and yesterday took delivery of my CVRT Sabre. I couldn't be more excited (if a little bit daunted by how little I know!) but I'm really looking forward to making some new friends here and learning a load of useful stuff. Cheers, Alex
  13. Hiya, Have you got any of these left by chance? I'd be interested in 6 steel ones with the plastic heads if you do. Cheers, Alex
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