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  1. Thank you for the information, must find time for a bit more research
  2. Thank you for that information, I never found that in my search.
  3. Not sure if this is an emergency compressor for a U boat, I have been assured it is . Quite where the person who told me it is got his information from I know not. I cannot find any information about it , did U boats have emergency compressors? It is German , wartime, and I have been told the colour is right for German navy . Can anyone tell me more , as can be seen the engine clips on to the compressor , for ease of movement I presume. Look forward to any info.
  4. Well I am probably wrong but that looks like the wheels on my McConnell circular saw, when I was looking for tyres it seemed the only thing that used that size was a Fairey Swordfish. I never did find the tyres.
  5. Kenham

    900x22 tyres

    Thank you all for your replies , very interesting. The only thing I found that used them was a Humber Hexanaut, I thought there must be something else. Not sure what to do with them yet as I could use them if I had wheels , I suppose that's why they have never been used as nobody else has wheels. Ken
  6. Kenham

    900x22 tyres

    Hello, can anyone tell me what vehicle used 900x22 tyres. I have two brand new Dunlop trak grip 900x22 tyres but I have no idea what vehicle would of used them. I have never seen a split rim 22inch wheel as far as I can remember. Ken
  7. Hello all ,my name is Ken, thanks for the warm welcome to such an interesting site. I have been lost for hours reading about the Dennis and Halley restorations, such dedication, such good work. Ken
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