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  1. Jeepstar

    Jeep trailer lunette wanted

    Hi Phil, I think Dallas Autoparts at Hermitage, Newbury had an original one complete. Hope that helps. Andy.
  2. Jeepstar

    Motorcycle transport trailer wanted

    Thanks for the input, I was thinking of a three bike trailer to give more room for tie downs. I can understand a long ramp as the skid plate could ground. Not keen on tilt trailer. Andy
  3. Looking for a trailer to transport my Harley on. Any ideas what type required and do you have one for sale?
  4. Jeepstar

    SAE 50 oil ?

    Thanks Ron, If anyone would know I knew it would be you! Do you also use it in the transmission? As Harley instructs use of same oil? thanks Andy
  5. Jeepstar

    SAE 50 oil ?

    Need to change the oil on the Harley, which specs sae50. Which oil would you recommend?
  6. Jeepstar

    Dallas Dig Out 2019

    The 2019 dates are: January 6th April 7th July 7th October 20th Gate opens 7am for set up, finishing at 1pm. Pitch £8. Entrance £1. Refreshment van.
  7. Dallas Dig Out, Sunday 6th January 2019.
  8. Jeepstar

    Number plate size

    Hi Ron, nice frame, if only the MVT calendar was something like this..... Cheers the day up. Andy
  9. Jeepstar

    Number plate size

    What size number plate (and shape) should I get for the Harley? Any suggestions attaching and where to obtain one?
  10. Jeepstar

    Insurance for Harley

    Ho Steve and John, thanks for the replies, totally agree with you both about originality, I'd rather run with a worn rundown piece of kit that has history than a new shiny piece of tin with no history. My friend in France has an original Jeep that he has let time take its toll, and it gets more looks than one that is factory finished. He's written on the side if it 'rust in peace' . I think I'll start looking for an M20 though I'm in no hurry. All the best and hope to see you at the shows, andy
  11. Jeepstar

    Insurance for Harley

    Hello Steve and Ron, are you saying the M20 would be the next buy after the Harley? As being the most robust and value for money? Obviously being made in large quantities and having a postwar production does mean it being harder to find a wartime model that is relatively complete of postwar parts. Or am I being picky? BTW Ron I am I the MVT but am a total novice to bikes. I need educating? Regards Andy
  12. Jeepstar

    Insurance for Harley

    Is the M20 reliable? Your Indian is sumwhat a rarity, I see there is one for sale on Milweb. regards Andy
  13. Jeepstar

    Insurance for Harley

    Hi Steve, thanks for replying much appreciated. No I don't have any other bikes, this is the first of I hope many - provided the wife doesn't find out. I phoned one insurance company that used to insure the Jeep with, they wanted £311 for laid up policy and £230 for third party fire and theft! Nuts or what? I spoke to my insurance company I'm using for the Jeep and they offered £80 till renewal in March which seemed sensible seeing I'm new to biking. Anyway I might go with them. BTW if I was thinking of buying a British wartime service bike, what would be your choosing? Regards Andy
  14. Jeepstar

    Insurance for Harley

    I'm looking to insure a Harley WLA and would like some feedback as to best/cost effective insurance? Any feedback welcomed
  15. Jeepstar

    Dallas Dig Out, Newbury, Berks.

    I know, seems it gets earlier each time. Must take a torch! It must be worth it if you do 300 mile round trip. I bought a Jeep steering wheel last time £45.