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  1. Does anybody know where I can lay my hands on a workshop manual for a Leyland DAF 8x6 DROPS? Cheers, Steve.
  2. Thought I'd add this pic to the thread of a Foden gun tractor lurking in Melksham.
  3. Found this photo on the web of a Scammell IMMLC prototype out on the roads of Blighty frightening the car drivers. Anybody recognise the location? And a nice shot of an 8x6 prototype
  4. Hi Rick, I have a 1978 Tasker tandem axle lowloader for sale if you are interested. Tested until the end of October, tubeless tyres all over 50% tread, very good floor renewed two years ago, gross weight 28800kg. Has a donkey engine for the hydraulics or can be powered off the unit. Looking for £3900. Give me a shout on 07771343732 if interested. Steve.
  5. Hi, I thought I'd better come clean and admit that I am the idiot that has bought the blue S26 IMMLC. It's chassis number is SBSM7RSCYSAE79009, and it's military reg. no. was 42KC24. It is fitted with a Rolls/Perkins Eagle 350 and a ZF 6HP600 auto gearbox. It has the wide track Kirkstall D66 axles and 24R20.5 tyres. It measures 2.90m wide over the extended cab wings. If I understand the chassis code correctly, then it was built in January 1984 and was the 9th military S26 built by Scammell. The control box for the Multi-lift Mk4 LHS is still in the cab situated behind the drivers seat. At some point in it's life, probably 2003 when it was registered, it was fitted with an agricultural manure spreader body, which was driven by a separate engine, and the fuel tank was moved to the other side of the chassis where the battery box was originally located. The battery box was then moved rearwards along the chassis. Here, are a few more photos. Not the best but the light was against me.
  6. Yes, from the combined July & October 2015 issue, and was in John Fadelle's Scammel history part 36.
  7. Thought you might like to see a photo of a Mk2 LHS IMMLC Photo: Scammell Register And a Mk4 LHS equiped IMMLC pulling a wheelie Photo: Scammell Register Regards Steve
  8. Hi everybody. New to the forum having recently acquired a Scammell S26, so bear with me when I ask stupid questions. Regards Steve
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