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  1. Hi my interest is anything military from WW1 to 1970's. I currently own a type 3 WLA with about 7000 original miles on the clock which was civilianised when sold out of service. I have tried to maintain her originality by adding the military equipment back in an attempt to bring her as close to mil spec as possible. My other passion is collecting armourers tools and items for the repair of SMLE and to attempt to complete an original Australian armourers box, which is missing a lot of tools. cheers Steve
  2. Hi FF, I have just joined the forum and also have a armourers field tool box. It is an Australian version, missing alot of the tools and the legs. Is there any chance that you could take a couple of pictures and rough measurements of the legs so as i can copy them for mine. I am also still looking for a few of the tools to make it complete. any help would be appreciated. cheers Steve
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