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  1. Update! Clean and painted parts: Oil filler pipe, the cap is new:) Ready to fit on the engine. The UZI gun bracket. Has to be fitted in the drivers door. Painted & clear lack. We will get there :beer: Oké, all the best! Jan
  2. Thank you, I do love my Land-Rover. Espacially the restoring part. Thanks! For cleaning such dirty parts I put them in a bucket with soap and warm water. For about 15 minutes. Then take them out, wipe most stuff away with a towel, after that, again in the bucket with fresh warm soapy water. And repait this process couple of times. Most stuff will come of. Stuff still on there I scrape off with a knive or something like that. It takes some time, but I would like to have a tidy Landy after all. And not a mudbuster covered in grease and oil:blush:. All the best, Jan
  3. I see, you're right. I always use 'tinypic' for uploading pictures and after that I can put them on forums. First time This happens, I will find out. Thanks for the notice, Jan
  4. Update, Removed the rotten radiator, ventilator and waterpump. At the moment the rockercover, oil filler pipe and 24V generator are also gone. All will be cleaned and repainted. Pictures: When I start rebuilding the engine, I will put on new V-belts. Just to compare, here the thermostat housing and heatervalve, before and after: Rocker cover, before cleaning. After: All the best, Jan
  5. Goodday .303Fan, Love the lightweights, really boxshaped, but oke:) My dad has owned 2 lightweights in the past. One of them he fully restored: Still looking for that rack to put on the bumper. Sometimes they pop up on the web, for not that much money. This winter I will restore it so far it can ride and make it 100% technical all right. So installing a new waterpump, thermostat, radiator, filters, gaskets, fluids and new springs. At the moment I'm living with my parents, so I don't have my own garage where I can tear her apart for a full restoration. But when I grow older and have my own place/garage I will do a full restoration. Verry sad to here that they scrapped all the stuff you'd said. But with the 109' roofrack you mean this one?: All the best, Jan
  6. Nice truck! I'm going to follow this topic. Jan
  7. Dear all, Allready long time guesst on this forum, watching how other people doing nice restorations. But would like to share my restoration on my first car. The car I own is a: Land-Rover 109' SIII Diesel Made for the Dutch military. End of last year I bought her, verry happy! Always been a huge fan of the lovely British Land-Rover and finally own one. The Dutch army owned Land-Rovers in a few different designs. The moment I bought my Land-Rover I didn't know much about the type of cars the army owned. Did some research on the internet and found out mine was a bit different. The car I own is a : ''Commando & scout car'' Only 250 were made in this version. This is how she should look like: Quite impressive. And this how my car looked like the moment I went visiting it before buying: Quite different he, But if you compare the bonnet brackets and brackets on the rear-tub you see some agreements. My goal is to bring her back to the original state! So complete with gun pedestal, aerial, spare wheel carrier, etc. etc. At he moment I'm stripping the front. Need to replace al the fluids, filters and lots more. So she isn't pretty anymore:blush: Lot's of grease, oil, tectyl and rust. Ok here pictures! This is her home for this winter, nice and dry! Removed the first wing. New rear leaf springs. Because one top leaf was broken. Both wings removed. Grille pannel removed. Not bad for a almost 40 year old lady:) Inside, still looking 'fresh' My MAG pedestal, very lucky with it, these things are so rare. Also did manage to find a original spare wheel carrier. Ok guys, hope you like it and do understand my texting. I'm for The Netherlands, so my English isn't always 100% faultless I guess. Sorry for that. If you have anny questions, feel free to comment! All the best, Jan
  8. Dear all, My name is Jan, 21 years old and living in the Netherlands. At the moment I'm almost done with school. Last year I bought my first car, a 1977 Land Rover SIII 109 diesel. It's a Ex. Dutch military vehicle, but not a regular one. It's one out of 250 Commando vehicels. Allready did couple of jobs on the car, and try to make it 100% technical allright. So I can drive this summer! I will post on this forum my restoration progress. This is my car: All the best, Jan
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