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  1. Oxford spectator

    Spotted today....

    It in Japan, hence 'Japanese collector'
  2. Oxford spectator

    Spotted today....

    It seems a Japanese collector has got a hold of a Morris CS8- anybody happen to know who owned it?
  3. Oxford spectator

    whatever happened to.....

    I believe the owner is still fighting the case in court. The tank is stored within some German barracks.
  4. Oxford spectator

    Spotted today....

    Those belong to the Weald Foundation. They are heading off to Bovington to be displayed at Tankfest.
  5. Oxford spectator

    Nice collection of Tracked AFV's up for auction

  6. Whatever happened to the Beaverette Armoured Car Mk IV that used to reside in the museum. Is anyone aware of its whereabouts?
  7. Oxford spectator

    New Museum in Jordan opening 2018

    For those interested i have came across a video of one of the architects on a walk around with a kid, some interesting kit in the background for the observant
  8. Oxford spectator

    Dorking covenanter recovery

    What has happened with this Covenanter dig? I am surprised this thread has not been looked at in a while.
  9. So i stumbled across a photo (which i have linked below this comment) Which shows an aged Chieftain in Berlin camouflage. The photo was taken in 2015 at what appears to be a farm in Garlieston, Scotland. According to the comments this was then apparently moved to Dumfries & Galloway. I don't suppose anyone knows any info on its history, and if it is still there?
  10. Oxford spectator

    buried and abandoned tanks

    Well done on your find. What will you be doing with the pair? are the Vineyard keeping them, or are you going to be restoring them into working order.
  11. I think it is still visible, its just the signage has not been placed around the exhibits. Also whilst i am here, (to anyone in the know who happens by this comment) how did Bovington's attempts to borrow Samur's running Tiger 2 for Tiger day go?
  12. My source of information comes from the following website http://preservedtanks.com/Profile.aspx?UniqueID=191&Select=4 as well as bits of i have read elsewhere. Which if you can read stated the tank was initially sat outside Gamecock barracks until being taken to the Imperial War Museum in London, and subsequently to Duxford (Then Wheatcroft) I don't know how reliable said website is mind you, but this seem to be the only one that provides information as to where it has been. I am hoping some user on here could shed some light as to why the tank ended up in private collectors hands when it seemingly had never been so in the past.
  13. Sorry i could not fit the question into the above title. How did the Wheatcroft collection go about acquiring the Alkett/Rhinemetall-Borsig - 10.5cm leFH 18/40/2 auf Geschuetzwagen III/IV from the Imperial war museum group? From what i gather the Museum had sent it off to be restored by the Wheatcroft collection, however since that point the German SPG prototype has not been seen at the museum, instead now seemingly being owned by the Wheatcroft collection. Could anyone shed light as to why the museum never bought it back?
  14. The elefant is on the move in the US so i assume it will probably be at the museum in December