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  1. Looks great, i like the bronze green colour.
  2. Did see a dutch ad they are priced from 94.000 euros for the basic version. Who would buy that? You can get my house for that price.
  3. Iveco Massif is stil a bit of landrover....😕
  4. Oh yeah it's really awfull.. looks like some japanese toy jeep.
  5. How did you the signalling on the road, brake lights, direction indication?
  6. Nice. I had an 53 Minerva, sold helas.
  7. Well done. Nice to see the old beast on the move.
  8. Well i have an old book for volkswagen from the late 40s. They gave tips how to mix a lot of stuff trough your petrol to save money. Ethanol was one of the less harmfull. Some of that would be an ecological crime today ;-).
  9. Nice job, i did see one rusting at a monument in france, birds nesting in the square lampbox on the wing 😉
  10. I ran into to this one, anyone seen this before? Lenght about 6 cm cast metal probably aluminium. Nice detailed for such a small model. No makers marks.
  11. Nice i had mice in an 5hp engine that i found under a tarpaulin in a garden, they jumped out when i was picking it up. 😊.
  12. "Modern" carburator Landrover or Volvo?
  13. Well you have bit of work left.... good luck.
  14. Here maybe you have seen it already
  15. Looks like painted pur foam...😀
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