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  1. I did find one like that in a forrest in france near my uncles house...thinks its still there.
  2. Did see this ad on Ebay germany maybe interesting for someone. https://www.ebay.de/itm/4-Rader-Beutefahrzeug-US-Army-War-Department-Wehrmacht-2-WK/223526884368?hash=item340b3d9410:g:T6sAAOSwyZhcpSRE
  3. Must be at Overloon i think, they really have a lot of stuff.
  4. They seem to have done some more tuning...i don't know if it's the same tractor but it's the same airport firebrigade.
  5. I have found a picture of one being used on Schiphol national airport in Amsterdam after the war. It looks like it was from the fire service...
  6. Or the name of the dog?
  7. French postal service is expensive.... any experience with those? https://jeepest.com/fr/
  8. Nicely made seat, it look s a bit if came from a church...😉
  9. You say the tappets are metric, they might have been have replaced in france during the war?
  10. Or an old school repair with an u-shaped plate bolted in?
  11. Why do british vehicles often have only one headlamp?
  12. Are the pipes smooth, no rust pitting?
  13. The joke in Belgium over the poor road ability of the iltis was that they were really made for winding off-road tracks...
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