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  1. Citroman

    Binoculars WW1 ?

    A collector confirmed it to be German ww1. from the 37th infantry regiment. They were in the "kronprinz" army.
  2. Citroman

    WW1 finds and discoveries

    Chassis looks in good condtion.
  3. Citroman

    WW1 finds and discoveries

    Are you sure? Gaggenau was Benz if i am correct the fusion with Daimler was later?
  4. Citroman

    Binoculars WW1 ?

    I found these binoculars this afternoon. Am i right in thinking they might be WW1. I guess they must be Belgian or French. Does anyone recognize the markings on it? 37.R.9.3 What do you think of t?
  5. Citroman

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    You guys did a great job bringing this fine beast back to life....
  6. Citroman

    Old Photo

    ww1 intendance truck. They had mobile shops behind the frontlines. I don't know if the 1923 date correct.
  7. Citroman

    Dewald chain drive truck

    Nice one Marcel, Is it an militairy vehicle? Seen the protection bar in front of the grille and the tow hooks on the chassis?
  8. Citroman

    Strange tracked Toy find

    Good shot, that must be it. They only have adapted the rear bed. Thank you.
  9. Citroman

    Strange tracked Toy find

    Hi Andy, There is a hole but no connections for batteries, no cables nothing. At the rear there is a metal screen but no electric motor is visible?? The cnc marking is painted on. The louvres between the wheels are really open..
  10. Citroman

    Strange tracked Toy find

    I found this great tracked vehicle on a Belgian fleamarket today. Any know this. It's very well made the metal tracks run very smooth. It has a battery opening but there is nothing in there. I am even not shure it has an engine. There is no makers mark what so ever. it's 30 cms long and rather heavy. I can find nothing on the internet. It even might be a handmade toy prototype? What do you think of it.
  11. Citroman

    Austin twin shaft

    The engine seems less noisy than the complete truck.
  12. Citroman

    chain drive

    Have seen this construction before looks like the rear axle of a Stanley steamer.
  13. Citroman

    Radio vehicles?

    The wheeled beast is a Panhard.
  14. Citroman

    Radio vehicles?

    Found this picture af abandonned french army vehicles in 1940. What could be the pylons on the Citroen halftracks? Radio antennas? But they look a bit after thought adaptions. And weren't radio vehicles closed usually? What do you think.
  15. Citroman

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    I had the same kind of problem on my 1925 citroen, it started and idled well but as you thouched the accellerator it died off. Here it turned out that the markings on the flywheel were completely wrong. So instead of 7 degrees pre igniton it was 12 degrees late... Nice to the beast running after such a long time.