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  1. Did some research following makes had models with round radiators: Dion-Bouton, Schneider, Krieger and Berliet. But they often had Solex radiators with a 3 arm reinforcement in front. The other makes Chenard et Walcker and Delaunay-Belville. They made big cars but i don't know if they also made trucks in this period...
  2. I can think of some kind words the officer has for his men.... 😉
  3. Did this see nice postcard with Fokker? being towed through a french village.
  4. paddle to fit on a track of an amfibious vehicle???
  5. Strange indeed, i had an old Michlin wheel that was reinforced with discs rivited on there but this was completely corroded. I gave it to a friend who did hang it on his wall as decoration ;-) Good luck with the rebuild.
  6. Other question doesn't this type of wheel collect dirt inside?
  7. Dutch airforce had a lot of german, french and british planes that had to land overhere in ww1. They just took all in 😉
  8. Would not be nice to drive these slick wheels on muddy roads.
  9. There was one in an closed down museum in Les Riceys.
  10. Nice for the autobahn...
  11. Nothing new, it was already tested in WW1 on Delahaye and Latil trucks.😉
  12. Did see a lot of those in the past, as there were several US army material depots around in the area.
  13. This an free classified ad site from ebay. Only available in Germany as far as a know. For the ad i can't garantee if i's real or fake.
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