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  1. Your domed brass nut looks a much like a Michelin wheelnut.
  2. Send a mail here they must know. https://vintage-headlamp-restoration.co.uk/
  3. Citroman

    Karrier WDS

    Looks impressive.
  4. Hi Ben, that was a good bargain, these are very nice carburettors, my Citroen 5HP has a similar one. Also with barrel throttle. The venturis are just bolted in so you change them to the right size. This belgian collector has a lot of old parts for sale as he is selling the lot of his collection. He only speaks french but Google translate is a good help. http://levidegarage.wifeo.com/ Regards Fer
  5. Light bulbs are usually measured in millimeters of base diameter. If the lamp has a bayonet fitting it will have a Ba prefix. So it could be like this: Ba 15 24V. If i see the bulb on the picture it looks like that for a fog lamp or long beam. If it has bayonet check if it is a 2 or 3 pin version. The one on the picture looks to have a spring clamp??? Good luck.
  6. Well it survived ww 1 and more so it can't be that bad. 😉
  7. Under the paint you wouldn't see wood rot?
  8. My 5hp has a helicodial one. (1925). But i have some rear axles that have the chevron ones in it.
  9. Belgian did swap frontwings to LR some times if they hadn't minerva ones available. Minerva club https://minervatt.be/
  10. Yes the smaller cars had this too. Even the 5HP cloverleaf. Later it was abandoned for cars. The Citroen Engrenages (pignons) company still exsists if i am correct .
  11. Front wings are not Minerva... 😉 I had one too.
  12. The car might be an McLaughlin/Buick a canadian make that became GM canada.
  13. I did see radiators turn up several times at the Reims oldtimershow. And yes they are large beasts completly in brass tubing.
  14. The Kegresses are interesting machines. Do have a look at the camions citroen site too. http://les-camions-citroen.easyforumpro.com/forum Minerva had this kind of radiator too. It was also used by the military. If it got pierced in battle you could plug a part of. p.s. As your car is a B2 so why not change the name in TonyB2 😉 Regards Fer
  15. Aha nice to see some pictures. So i can see what the wooden base looks like. The vendor didn't have that with it but it has 2 mirror heads.
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