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  1. WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Nice job, they look the same like the 2cv steering connectors.
  2. Altimeter US

    Did find this today. A fine Taylor barometer/altimeter. The ex-owner did glue a paper on the back with meters/feet conversions. As it was -2 degrees celcius on the market and i did want to have peak under the paper. The glue cracked due to the cold and revealed U.S. stamped on the back of the housing. Nice... What would it have been used for?
  3. WW1 finds and discoveries

    Nice one.
  4. WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    It is getting rather impressive...
  5. Zil 131 rattle

    Is the fan ok?
  6. WW1 finds and discoveries

    I said already the Opel from the museum doesn't have it's original bar. Only the shape is ok not the material. And yes it is slighty more modern with the extra springs. On the row with parked lorrys you see both versions.
  7. Radar Truck ?

    What about a tramway electric line maintenance truck?
  8. WW1 finds and discoveries

    Here an surviving Opel again in the weird colour scheme that Sinsheim uses often on restored vehicles. The protection bar is not original but the shape is. They have great french observation balloon whinch truck. Perfect restored but painted in bordeaux red with yellow accents....
  9. WW1 finds and discoveries

    With specific protection bar i think it is an Opel. See at the left row. At the right are different models with extra coil springs under the normal ones like the Mannesmann Mulag had.
  10. WW1 finds and discoveries

    Don't think so, daimler had cardan drive this one has chains. Looks like the grill protection bar goes around the headlights.
  11. WW1 finds and discoveries

    Did find this binoculars on an belgian fleamarket. Was attracted to it by the engraved Touring Club de France. it was to remind that they were offered to the army in WW1. You also see engraved MG on the top. Which i first imagined being the owners initials but it turned out to be Ministere de Guerre. So next time you see old binoculars check those engravings.
  12. Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Same lock system as the Citroen 2cv then... ;-)
  13. 1914 Dennis Lorry

    The salt has to be dissolved in the vinigar. After that you put the brass in and see the oxydation being eaten away in bubbles. (i dont know the mixture) I did put about 2 spoons in 250cc of vinigar. The brass looks like red copper as it comes out but a quick clean with brasso makes it nice golden again. This week i cleaned an old art deco lamp that someone had hanging outside. The parts were about 15 miniutes in the solution, than rinced under a running tap, dried and polished on the polishing wheel, shiny like new... Good luck.
  14. WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Small airdrills are easy for use in small places.
  15. WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Nice work. like your direction indicators...