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  1. Numbers from the salavaging companies / dumps like Slough?
  2. Park the castor wheels in a piece of U-iron.
  3. Maybe a dumb idea but laying the springs on the floor and lower the chassis on to them with a jack?
  4. Nice job. Are those "assitance" coil springs original or put on later?
  5. Did see this on ebay a militairy garage and a lot of trucks in a barracks courtyard. Vendor says Belgium of France?
  6. Daimler with a slight steering problem...
  7. It's a typical accessoiry from the 30s-50s. As it still has the label on it, it looks NOS, shame the glass is cracked. 😉 Here two in an Opel fire engine
  8. Ah yes they had also those coil springs.
  9. If i see the extra coil springs i would say a Mannesmann-Mulag.
  10. My friends are restoring two of those landrovers at the moment. They managed even to find a NOS Rolls-Royce engine.
  11. Overhere at the coalmine they made bicycle tires from gas hoses during the war as no new tires were available. They coupled the hoses together with a piece of wood in the hose that they fixed with 2 little bolts throug it sideways. Needles to say they weren't a comfortable ride but then it was better than on bare rims. 😉
  12. Must very rare to have one in the netherlands. Interesting machines. Don't know what happend to it, maybe it dissapeared in the war. All pictures were from 1938/39.
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