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  1. It looks like it is missing it's covers.
  2. Did find these british tools yesterday. The left one has special hooks on it for the connectors of Murph B40 radios. Could the right one be from an ww1 toolkit? Apart form the broad arrow no markings on it.
  3. Maybe but i found this ?? https://www.optical-toys.com/files/Dokumente/AAA - Einzeldokumente/Patentnummern Deutschland.pdf
  4. A question, stocking the shells on the ground like on the picture will that not cause problems for/in the gun?
  5. You have the bomb squad in action on every place you park 😀
  6. A nice piece made by Oigee from Berlin with some wear. A model with lots of zinc parts, so from later in the war (brass was getting rare). The leather case has something written inside but i can't read it. The case strap is broken as is the latch, both can be repaired i think. The binoculars strap is ok and it works still fine. One eyepiece rim is missing. Price 50euro + postage.
  7. No one has any info? Did i find something rare again?
  8. Ran into this picture with no info. Seems to be the thing.
  9. Hello, i did find this Glauser stereoscope on a belgian fleamarket this morning. It seems to have it's base plate missing. It has 2 detachable viewer parts with mirrors. There is a headrest with the rest of a leather upholstery. I did some searching on the web but i can find only Glauser compasses ans some surveying equipment. Does anyone have some info on this object. It's marked W.D. No. B729, 1940. Regards Fer
  10. I asked on the french citroen truck site. They say it could be an 1952 civil registration from calvados.
  11. might also be a french civil license plate ?
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