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  1. But i look for also engine seals for my Guy some one know where i can found? and maybe piston i must open engine for see why is bloc but before make this i would like have al seal if some one can help me. I dont find other people who repair the same and i m not english.
  2. No think more for moment i search always speedometer i just come back of mission in africa, i complete other trucks i have for moment with air filter, headlights, and tank for my C30 this more "simply" to find parts
  3. Very nice you are lucky i love this moto good luck for restauration.
  4. Just ask the good position for fire extinguisher is on the right of driver?
  5. hello i work a little on fordson and i search for complete the support and the protective bar in front of vehicle and also the protective hood for the engine in the cabin if any one have this thank you, because in french to find parts it's very hard help me please. The support and the protective barThe support and the protective barThe support and the protective bar
  6. i have one photo of plate of Guy number look like 0728123:undecided:
  7. this plate is under the window inside the cab at left i suppose it's serial number where i can found the serial on the frame?
  8. i have the serial number of the fordson;
  9. thank you i will make more photo of plaque of these vehicles, for the fordson if i understand well we can't found information? Thank you.
  10. Hi nobody can help me for know where i can find more information?
  11. The first is fordson WOT6 registration RAF 127964, the second Guy GS registration 572041 i think and the fird ford canada F60L i remember just begining 76 i must see .
  12. Hello i want know what is possible to find ( contract, unity,..?) with registration number on vehicule because i have 3 registration number on my GB vehicles and i want know more on this. Thanks for your answers. JB.
  13. yes i have the same box for the speedometre and i have the cable also he is attached at the box, the speedometre and the ladder of the emergency wheel are the only parts i haven't i search this. For the restoration i don't know it's many times i love military vehicule and i haven't see one restored in 4X4 GS i have the matricule english do you think you can know were he was before give to the french army ? 572041 May be he had make a little pass in german army because he have a white stripe on the hood i have see one but i don't remember where and on the front there are that: a sort of elephant And after it was in french army he have french WW2 matricule
  14. i have found this car in 2011 in a farm where he was hide just after the war and he had never used since this time.
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