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  1. I have seen a site that mentioned Australians brought these back from europe but where religated to training and then disposed see site http://www.oldcmp.net/guy_1.html . I was wondering what gun and limber they would have had with them when they brought these British pattern vehicles back to OZ
  2. Digging up this old thread as I am out in Australia shortly so can get way more info on it and photos to build a model of one. From research so far to prepare myself when I am out there 25pdr gun - Can pick this up from Milicast as UK073 Limber - Was this the same as the British version towed behind say a Morris Quad. Can get this as Milicast UK249 The cab is a Ford No 13 which gives a start will also measure when out there the chassis length and other required measurements
  3. Got a question seen another in the UK being displayed at Dunsfold wings and wheels 2011 and 2014. My question is who owns DSK102 as it would be nice to keep in touch with someone who has the same vehicle in the UK as from findings it seems a rare thing on the scenes here
  4. Hi Im doing research into this vehicle which I would like to obtain detailed photos of one from the outside and definatly its wartime interior for reference for a project im doing. Is there somewhere in the States to contact for military records on a specific vehicle if I had details on it to obtain a complete history on the Ford to make the project more authentic. Would there be any photographic evidence of the Ford Deluxe vehicles on record for each car and other paperwork associated with the specific vehicle avalible to obtain copies from somewhere in the States to be sent to the UK
  5. Have had the above in my aviation collection for ages but have never found out what they really are. Bought these in a charity shop when I missed out on an awesome Russian hat loaded with badges. Can someone identify what they are and what rank it its. I assumed from the badge on there it was wings so assumed aviation of some kind but may be wrong and they look older than ww2 maybe Cold War or even later but they still look cool whatever they turn out to be
  6. So are they just souvenirs or just something then out for a commemoration of some event or anniversary or something
  7. Been down to Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker to there cold war event and purchased some badges from a table in one of the sheds someone was selling the first where Aeroflot badges from certain periods with helicopters on them the 2nd i have no clue about and pictures below may help identifying them for information. For £10 for the pair is a steal and they look quite nice the aviation ones perked by interest for my collection and he happen to mention these at the same price so i thought id grab them as they looked nice and interesting but have no idea what they are, what they say or where on the uniform theyd go Heres the pouch they came in and here are the badges
  8. Got a nice model im painting and came across this photo on wikipedia in 1942 on exercise in Australia and was curious as most iv seen are sand but the pic shows camo.So my question is what is the camo it sports or if it was painted in green/brown camo after returning from North Africa
  9. Got a question about this vehicle seen by the gate for the national military vehicle museum south Australia and was wondering what it is or if its actually a real thing or someone's just kit bashed some spare parts together
  10. So from research and the lovely info provided here my assumptions are its a Ford F8 with no 13 cab and Australian built body. It pulls British equipment as found behind the Morris quad which makes sense built under licence and such. My question is to further the research was the Australian body given a name or was it just the Ford F8 tractor
  11. Cheers Niels. Is it the same Cab 13 version that the Australians employed on there wireless trucks or is this Ford slightly different to the Chevrolet one or are they identically the same just re badged depending on who produced the CMP
  12. Hi Seen one of these vehicles at the national military vehicle museum in south Australia (see pic below) and was wondering about any more info on the vehicle and body. I'm interested in kit bashing some plastic models to make the tractor as it fascinated me being a different sort of CMP. Was this an Aussie only body built or did other nations use it and the stuff it's towing I know the British Morris tractor also towed the same equipment. It's labled with 42 markings but no sign of any unit markings which kinda stumps me which unit it was with Cheers James
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