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  1. 253cmg

    Dodge D15T

    Hi Pete, I am in Suffolk, I may put some pics and details on a blog. The replacement engine came out of a Fire engine complete with the manifolds and ancillaries, I am in the process of rebuilding the engine at the moment, I will try and get the pictures next weekend if all goes to plan. Kevin
  2. 253cmg

    Dodge D15T

    Hi Pete, I am currently in the process of restoring a Dodge T110L, I have ended up importing a replacement engine from the states, (unfortunately this also requires rebuilding but that's another story) this engine had some sort of governor on the carb which may be what you are missing, I will take Some photos over the next couple of weeks and post on here. Kevin
  3. Hi Tom, If you speak to your shipping agent they should be able to offer you insurance. Kevin
  4. 253cmg

    Old style square nuts

    Thanks for that John,
  5. I am looking at having some old style square profile nuts made, with a metric thread so that aesthetically they will look correct. I will be having some 8 & 10mm made, is there any interest from anyone else? I have been given a price of approx £1.40 each, I appreciate that's expensive but it does give another option for people that want the 'authentic' appearance. Kevin
  6. 253cmg

    10.50 x 16 Tyres

    Hi Retreiver and Mark, I have pm'd you both.
  7. 253cmg

    10.50 x 16 Tyres

    Does anyone have any 10.50 x 16 tyres available? Thanks Kevin
  8. 253cmg

    Chevy G506 cab

    Hi Tim, have you tried Wildenberg in Holland? Kevin
  9. 253cmg

    1945 Bedford QL

    Bedford QL, the interior has been converted to living accommodation, hot/cold water, toilet/shower, approx 90ltr water tank, gas hob/oven, wardrobe/storage. This vehicle has been converted to diesel using a cummins 6BT naturally aspirated. The vehicle was totally stripped/sand blasted and painted about 6yrs ago together with all new canvas canopy and other items, it has had a new radiator and starter motor this year. She is a reliable old girl with regular trips to W&P/Normandy Asking £14000 ono Contact Kevin on 07947411227 or 01394448806
  10. 253cmg

    Bedford MWD restoration

    Your truck looks fantastic Jeremy, as others have said it's a real credit to you and your hard work, I hope you get all the pleasure using it that you hope for! Your thread has been great with all the details of progress and must have inspired others. Kevin
  11. 253cmg

    Bedford QL

    Hi, have you tried Allied Forces for the canvas items? Kevin
  12. 253cmg

    Bedford MW spares

    Hi Dave, located in Suffolk. I have pm'd you Kevin
  13. 253cmg

    Bedford MW spares

    Hi all, I am desperately looking/in need of the following, any leads or offers would be greatly appreciated, Kevin Fuel tanks ( happy to consider something that needs repairing ) Fuel tank taps, change over valves etc Pair of seats Anything else MW you may no longer have a use or need for
  14. This is a repro battle dress, like new, I don't know who the maker was but it is a nice uniform. Inside leg of trousers measures 35 1/2" waist is 36" Asking £65 the set plus p&p Can take to 1940's weekend at the North Norfolk Railway next weekend
  15. Hi Adrian, thanks for your time, tour and tea today, accompanied by some good folk, plus a good excuse to take the MW out! Kevin